Mournung Ronan



"muhahha we suer showd dose fukers!" sad the bro hard woma. "haha yes we did u notslut" sad tje red haied man ned tey all hi fivecd. "the virkd is vow a xtiab varaduse za ve have akvats cabted ut 2 ce!" said da gemrne woman! "nwo its time to desoy tha medlion yes?" asjd grape haired man. "no! bit yet. we shal wait 2 do dat!" sad the bron hared woma. "zat iz a very vood ivea!" sad tge gerbab wonab. tey all lauged evily 2gehter in teire huge xtian trone rom dat was in the midle of their hug xtian churc tbat was in tah midle of konograpaje! lady GAG was plying al thu th steets nd becus ppl wer dumb nd brinwashd they were HAPPY about it. madra nd sauke wur in tere specil top room in tha curch playin viodeo gams like infamus nd red ded rempations becis tey were stupid nd dint like good gams like halo. ten tha cuncil got a mesgae from the pesidont of the usnited tapes! "hwello mr pesidnt has teh us ben motsly savd?" askd the bron haif wiabeb "ues evry plac excpt 4 new yak nd callifornie becus thos were the onlu good placs in amrica nd i dint want tem so tey wer destoyed!" nd tha pesodent laffed. "muahahahha! yes!" the conul s lauged. "we r no on r tru pat 2 tha utoia we hav dremed uf!" he scremd nd the cyncil nodded in areebment. "weel bnow i got 2 go so ttyl" he sad "k by" sad the cncul nd they dned tha cpojvoresioned.

skuarke nd atni ned ekaj were cring over my hroible sad death. "We must go bak 2 kogokrakaenube" sad skura. "no! we can leve the body here!"! scremd atni, "shes right!" sad ekaj. "ten we shuld bury him!" sad sakura so tey did bury me. "oh rona u were tha grests husban dad nd king evr! ill miss u nd ur huge dik!" sad skura as she piut a sexy cunt shapd flowr on my grave. "yes he was a gr8 fukr" sad atni nd she put anoter pusy shapd flower on it. "oh dad u taugt me so well i miss u! worlds gr8est dad!" and he put a dik shapd fleer (not gat) on me grver. ten tey akll held hands nd magicaly but logclau nd sientlficaly mad a huge glowin statu of me woit my dick hard nd muslcs showin appre ovr my grave sinc we didn want sums tupid xtian cross we wntd sometin 2 honr my awsuness. he guys wept sum more at my grav nd ten skura sad "its time we went home! i dont tink well evr b able 2 cary on mayb we shuld jus tkill rselves becus suicid is 4 weak ppl nd we r weak witout him." sad skuyra. "well im not weak but its hard 2 liv with my amaing dad who tat me right!"! sad ekaj. "i want 2 di witoiut him ike skura!" nd the two sluts wept wile ekaj crid a bit. "ten its setled. wen we get bak to kogrkakarue we will kill r sel ves" sad skura. "agreed" said atni. "i gues" sad ekaj nd they walkd bak 2 konokagrueke.

bak tha dojo the grup finaly arvied nd tey were shokd and horifed at the wykoograked lookd now nd how evrery1 was a sheeple who followd nd confiemd. evry1was singin alon 2 modern shit misoc nd stuff nd there wer postrs up 4 tons of shitmovies nd evry1 was reding hary ioter all tree of tem began 2 cry at how horibe itwas. "Y DID THIS HAPPN! Y DOS EVRY1 HAE SHIT TAST DAT DOSNT COMPARE 2US? Y DID THOSE MSONTRS DO DIS!" svtemed sakura nd teh oter two hugded her as tey went in2 tha dogko nd borded up the place so no1 culd get in. "Well guys its tim" so tey pulld out a knife nd prepred 2 kill demslves.

"rooonann! ibbbbbaba!" i herd a voic in my hed. "wat hello who r u?" i culdt c tha fac but ten... THA COUGRS GHOSTS GHOST HED! "oh shit! wtf r u doin her!" i asjd, "ronnen ur not ded! just mostly dead but u ca be brught bak!" she sad. "how?" i askd. "tink hard abt how hot i am nd i will come from ur mind nd suk ur cock 2 brin u bak to life!" "how do u kno dat will work." "well it did b4 dint it?" "ur right!" i said "but wait r u in hevan" "um no duh u shuld kno that! aftr all its ben sientifuckly provd thgeres no hevn! in hyst livn in a difernt dimenons nd can cum thru in ur hed! no tink hard!" "oh of cours y wuld i ask such a queston evry1 nows thers no jeven! nbiw... THA COUGR WAS HOT THA GORUC WAS HOT!" i thot nd my dik began 2 rise thru tha grund! tha cugr floted thru her dimons in2 ours nd began 2 suk my dick so well she went down on tha who gting! she gav me the scund gr8set blowjob evr nd MY EYES OPEND! I WAS ALIV!" i flaoted up iyt if tha grond nd then floatd 2stand myself up. "cougr u reviod me!" i sad but she had did agin. "cougr! no!1 y r u dyin ahin!" i askd "becus i onli hav 3 livs nd dis is my alst it was 2 hard to suk ur cok but i did it enuf 2 bring u bac but now im dead 4EVER AND WILL NEVR CUM BAK NOT EV HAS A GHST HED SO GOOD HYE" nd she fel over ded. "RRGHHHHHH! MADRA! SUKSEE! COUNCILLLLLLLL/1!1!1111" i scrmed 2 the sky! "OM CUMING 4 U MOTHERFUKCRS!"


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