HEY GUYS! KATIES ON FFF NOW! DIS IS her profile!:: fuck all u fukin flamer u dont kno fuking shit assholes whatever i am keep writing becuas i can do whatevr i want whenver i want this is a gret story and i need mor reviwos anyway i luv all my fans and YHIS CHAOTER GOS OU2 U KATIE! I LUV U BABY! THX SO MUCH 4 THE IDEA 4 TALIANA! ITS AWSUME! i modeled her aftr u so shes real sexy lol. an if ANY OF YOU FUCKING FUCKERS FUCKING DISS KATIE I WILL FUCKING CUM AND GAT U FUCKERS. FUCKING FUCK!

CHAPyer 9" taliana

who r u i assed and she said her nam was taliana. she was taliana dn she was so fuking sexy she had a huge droppings wet pussy and higantic tits. god she was so fukin hot she looked like sakura except she had dark black hair and wor lethar and steel. she was so fyuking hoexy i knwq i qas going 2 hav 2 fcking fukdais bich. all of a sudden she had 4 breats asecond pair of tits pooped out from her shit onto her chaste it was so sexy and then she cam up 2 me she wa s 12 feet tall and so hot and said i will sit on u and she did and i was almst crushed but i wasnt so i was ok but she farterd it was so fuking hot and i culd feel da heat and juices of her cunt on me then she said excuse me i hav 2 take a dump and she did and got i was so hurt she didnt fuk me yet and i knew id hav 2 kill her aftar i fucked her huge gaping oussy. she cam bak out and spelled like cough syrup and i got high off her stinch and then i pilled out my figantic dick and she screamed and was scared so she ran around the room screaming in her realy deep voice tho her voice was still female it was like a slowded down version of her vouce but it was sexy even tho she was fraid of my big fat monster dick so i slapped her and she fell down and was knockd out and then she sort og woke up and i said let me stucj my big cock in2 u and she said "haha ok!" and i did. gut her was so fuking hot i kept fucking and fuking and fucking and she was moaning like the whorebitchslut she was waht a fuking cunty skank, she ovded my dick and then started 2 suk on it while i fucked her hard i fuked her so hrd when she orgasmyed the pussy juice flew eveyrwher nd flooded da cave. i was swimming in the deep pussy juice and she fell ovet tried from the sex i was pissed off i didnt get 2 cum but den HELP JAKE PLEASE HELP i hesrd many and

skuraka creaming! i swam over as fat as i culd and they were both droning and culdnt swim wat was i going 2 do would they die i didnt kno so i doved under and got them and they were ok so i gave them COR and they gaspd ""omg thank u so much ronan we luv u please fuk us please fuk uis" and i did fuk them but then i loked ovwr and saw and huge blast cum at me it was a biog black light ot was cumming at me TALUIABA HAF FIRED STARING DA FIGHT I JUMPED INTO THA JUICE AND WE FOUGHT SHE WAS SO STRONG AND FUKING BEUTIFULL AND SEXU. "RONAN HO W DAR U GO OVR 2 THEM ANF FUK THEM AND LEAF ME HERE I LOVE U U FUCKING ASSHLE WTF WE R MEANT 2 BE MOTHERFUCKING NOW B WITH ME HAHAHAHA1! she said but taliama i cant i luv u but i cant i said Noooooooo she said and her boobs exploded molk and in the wave of milk she dispreaed. i culdnt c her and we flooded out of tha cave and landed in the jungle we wur lust and TAKIAVA WUS GUN! now wat r we going 2 do we r lost said mandy and sakura at da same time i didnt kno wat 2 do we were lost and now and all and stuff and i didnt kno wat 2 do OK.

w walked around da jungle it was rianing and den taliaba came and yelled at us "wtf r u doing u assholes u dont kno anyting but i luv u ronan and i want 2 hav sex with you and i also luv mandy and sakura and want 2 hav sex with them HEEELP she said but she was just a ghost so we could do anyting ad she floatd away. den i heard i snake and saw it and thought it was oricimaru but it wasnt hahah. and then a big hole in the sky aopened it was MADARA HAHAHAHA I HAVE TALIANA AND I WILL KILL HER HAHAHAHA U MUST FIND ME AND HER AND WE WILL FIGHT 2 DA DETH! "no u fuking poser fucking wtf" i screamed into the sky but it was 2 late tha hole was gon and we were lost int he jungle and it was rainign wat would we do? i want sum cock said sakur a and mandy agreed so i gve it 2 them and then we went 2 sleep and woke up and it was day again and we had 2 find madara and tbhat fuking hot bitch taliava.


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