Teh Cuncils Underound Layer

WTF DID U GUYS HER WAT HAPPND AT BENKIS BDAY PARTY ND MY DAD ND STPEMOM R GETONG DEVORCED! im so hapy dat cunt dusnt derevse my dad whops so fuking awsum anywa red mor abt it on my twitr! /animejake



aftr my drem tat migt hav ben not a drem but culdve me nd tah cougr decide 2 find da council becus we wantd saruka bak. "well iu wondr were tey r" "I SENS TEM OVRR THGER!" the co8grs head floatd 2 tha fursoest so we walkd in2 it. at da beingin of the first their was a postr daped 2 a dree it sad "CUM IN JOIN DA KIBSUIS CORPATIONS TURNAMENT! ONLY TA STRONGST PPL ALOWD! NO PUSSES OR FAGS!" "o rona ud be god 4 dat! ud win i kno it!" "yeh i wuld but its by the evil kibsu corpatons! i don siupport teh evil cprations!" so ten we walkd nd walkd trhu the wods. "o rona im gwting so tired of walkin!" sad da coogers flaoting head. "get tha fuk ovr it bitch~-!" i sad nd she sad "rona pels dont make me cry but ok!" "now were is it" i aslkd so sje sad "Well its here" but ten i said "NO ITS NOT! THER EI S NOT ANYTING HER CUNT!" "o ur right sily me haha how did i nut notic dis? wait i till se3nse it its UNDERGROUND!" we both gassed. we lookd 4 the dor 2 get in nd fund it undr the gras "HERE IT IS I FUND IT!" i yelld "o rona ur so smart! good jhob! LETS GO KICK SUM BUT!" so we hi fived.

we wnent down a lon stairwa nd it wa very long starway it went in2 darksness "oh ronan im so scard hold me!" "yes bithc" so oi did. we finaly got 2 a steldoor. roan open it: she said so i blastd it open. teh room was dark nd cold nd enmpy. But ten two lights showd on it was... SKAUSE ND MADORA! ND TEY HAD SAKUR IN CHANS1! "wtf r u dong u ashols 2 much bit!" "hahahaha. rona rona ronan doth thou nut undrstnd that she doth not loveth u anymoreth?" sad marda "DATS NOT TRU!" i yelld! "well i dop stil luv him BIUT I WQONT HABVE SEX WITH HIM BECUS IM XTIAN HEHEHEHE!" "GODMAIT U FUKING XTIAN BICH YYYYY I STILL LUV U BUT YYYY WAHTEVR ILLGET U ND CHANG U BAK CUNT!" "SILENCE U FOOL!" yelld madra. "the councl has somting 4 u!" ten all opf a suden da room went dark agin nd ten anoter biger light showdf with all 4membrs of teh councoil under it! the red hard men the grey hard men the sexy bruent bitc nd the blond german slut. "YO" sad the redheded guy. ND THE COUNCOL STARTD 2 RAP (RETADS ATEMPTIN PEOTRY LOL GETIT CUZ RAP SUKS LOL?)! "HEY WER DA COINCUL ND WERE HER 2 SAY DIS IS WAT WE GOT 2 DO 2DAY!" the redhed guy rappd i startd 2 hurt becus rap suks! "u c we got a plan 4 u nd will xplain wen r rap is ovr 4 u! nwo listen hr were teh ilumanti nd ppl lik u r stupid nd shitty!" rappd da sexy burnete slut"NO NO STOP AHHH IT HURSSSSSSS! RAP IS SHITYYYY!1 NOOO1!" "HEY STFVU U VUKING SATIEST! DIS IS R RAP UNT ITS Z VESTEST! MY VUSSY IS DRIPPN VET DONT U C? I VUV 2 MAKE VOUT VIF VIS VITCH VEXT 2 VE! EVN TJO ITS RONG I FUKIN VUV VIT VO I GET SAKUR 2 HELP 4 MOR VOF IT!" rappd da sexy grman blond. "ahhghh ughhhh" i fomad at teh mouth. "NOW R RAP OS STARTTD 2 END! ITS U 2 WHO WE SEND!"sad da grey hard guy nd ten tey all rappd 2gethr "WE R XTIANS ND WE HAT U! TE JHIM UP SASILE ND MADRA OR WELL KILL U 2!" nd tere rap was don i was defeted 4 right now nd tid up.

end of chaptr 48! good huh? next chaptr is gunna b epicly twisty!

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