New Power

ok so this is a stori u just wrlte by me. its in NARUTO world so i hope u guys lik it ok.

AN: thers no dudes fucking becuase tht is fucking gross. im not a fuckin yaio faggot hees.

NARUTO: venganse revelatipns

CHAPTER ONE:new power

it was five days after i left my home for the villafe of Konohagakure nd when i got there i met a girl who was realy hot her name was sakura i also met this her friends naruto sasuke and kakashi they called themselve team 7. anyway my name is ronan beelzub. i a 13 years old and have just come to the town. i am 6" tall and hav dark blue hair dat looks like justin beibers hiar (i dont liek him tho FUCK HIM HE SUCKS ALL MODERN MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS). i am very muscula r and have 28' around biceps and hiuge pecx and then i also have a huge dick its almost 2 fet long and realy fat plus i cum a lot ok). i was realy ecited about moving to a new town becaus se i wuld finaly have sum new pusy to fuck havin hav sex with all da otter girls in my old town. since i was yu ng i knew i was specal becuae i could shot dark blu tlight outta my hands. it blew holes in stuff and was realy powerful, but i didnt show anybody it becauz i was afraid dey wouldnt understand it and because i.

the new ton was so diffent because it was japan and im not japanese im american and hapan is different from america tho this wasnt realy japan it was one of the shinobi natons. but i was so cool becauze the girl all sexy and shit and i wanted to fuck them and their dripping wet pussies.

i waz wuring a realy big black cloak and den had a red shoe on and then a bigchain on my neck and around my waist and also had a headband (LIKE THE ONE IN THE SHOW EXCEPT MINE GLOWS BLUE AROUND IT ND HAs knives in it). when i got out of our hummer sakura and her friends were shocked to see me becauz of the headband they were like "omg i cant believe this u must be one of us. we have a lot to tell you so please cum on the temple over thar and we can do it". then my headband gowed and tey all gasped "how is this possible i can sense u have much powr 2 show us so cum over to that temple and i will show you everything including our" she said. then i took of my headband the knives grew out and they said "u r very special and have powers greater than our own wen u com to the temple ova ther we will be strong and then a huge SNAKE FELL FROM THE BLACK sky IT WaS OCHIMURA!

they told me2 s tand back becus i cldnt not handke this so they fught as hard as they guld using their ninja powers but one by one they were deafeted. first sasuke then kakashi then naruto and then sakura. when he had sakura i shouted "let HER GO YOIU MONSTER." allf of a sudden my eyes turned blue and i began to float my powers were taking hold of me and they were all shocked. i grew 10 feet taller and began to fighrt orichimaura as best i could saving sakura and blasting him with hot beams of blue light. sakura fell and i caught her by saving her and orcimaru felt to te ground badly heart and then i waved my hands with blue light shooting out and he was lifted up and thrown and hurt badly. i flew over to him and roared at him he was scared. everybody else was amazing i did this and he was too but he said "u are not as powerugfukl as you think i will be back youl see and ull die" amd then he vanished!1! right after he fvainehs i fell down 2 the ground and shrunk back to regular size all my human stength had been drained and i ached. sakura ran to my side saying "you are more powerful than all of us combined. u are the chosen 1 to defeat orochimaru. thank u for saving my life then she kissed me and rubbed my crotch saying "you are very big now lets go to the temple and u can heel then we can talk about u" they all carried me back 2 the temple and i blaked out as we enetered


Ronan Awakes

ok im really mad cuz i didnt get more den 1 review for the first chapter so I hope this is different because its good and youl like it or if not FUCKING FUCK YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERSChatprt 2: RONAN AWAKESafter da bog battle i was very tried and hurt so everybody helped me, even tho i wus more powerful then theme so now i was hurt and had blaked out after the fight with ochimura. when i woke up it was the next day and everty body was glad 2 c me bacj. sakura and i then began 2 hav sex when i saw her cunt leaking juice onto the floor. i virgously fucked her hot tight and steamy pussy tho she almost couldnt handle it du to my giant fucking huge dick. it was so big it went into her organs tho she didnt get hurt except for a bit. as my penis went back and forth inside her vagina we both bagn to moan in pleasur sexily. i waz ready to cum when she said "pul out big boy' so i did and then cumed on her face the hot load of cum was so big that it complete drenche d her and made her hair really wet and sticky so she then started licking and sucking on her hair and sucked on my cock at the same time but this time she swallowed me and she got ful on my yum cum (rimed lol!).

later she showde me the temple and doho and stuff and it was really cool. it was suny outside. i saw the other guys practicing tho i was egear to se e sakura practic her hot and lushus moves. i new it would be senshual and sexu. her sweaty and heaving body kicked and bound and leaped and when she was all done and hot she rubbed her butt up against my huge cock and acidently let out a fart. "excuse me haha. accident' but i liked it so i asked her to do it again it was incredibly hot and i knew i wanted to fuck her ass next. we went into da dojo and fuked it was noghtime and the suoon was out now because it was night. i ramed my dick into her ass and she took it like a fucking bitch. i yotally dominated her. then we we wur fucking Orochimaru came and yelled and then kidnaped SAKURA1! I YELLED NO! but he was gun i knew i had to get her back so i asked the other guys to help me even tho they were really weak compard to me. little did dey no that depe inside me laid the powerful spirit of a ancient creature and it was about to take over when i saved sakura...

k so that was the secund chapert i hope it was god please right more reviws i nrealy ned them because they are good but dont flame please fucking dont flam fuckers.

Jurney 2 Sakra

Authurs Note: GOD WTF u motherfuking alsohs ok duck u. justf uck you. I DONT NEED 2 CHANGE MY SPELING ITS GOOD BESIdes wtf d u guya kno! this is a gr8 story so just shut the fuk up and READ it u bitchcunties!

Chapter 3: journey 2 sakura

it was nightime and me and sasuke and were angry and hungry we wanted 2 find sasuke so we tried but couldt. as we kept looking we decided it was time to realy set out into the shinobi nations becus we had no idea were orishimura had taken her 2. i just hoped he wasnt dead because i loved her. we went across da world lookin for her and we camped and stuff. the first nit was rhard because we werent used 2 eachoter so ok. "hey wtf are u doing RONAN?" said sasuke when he saw me suking my own cock while jaking ogg 2 a pic of sakura. "Wat does oit look like 2 u fuker?" i culd c he was jealus of me alot becuz his penis was small and so was narutos and kakshi dey tidnt have a giant fuckin cock like me and then i blasted a blew light at hgim and he went flyin away so i was left alone to continue sukin my huge dick and then i cumed allover sakuras hot picture where hur peussy was soakung wet and her tits were hung like double L Cup . they were so big they hurt her back and slaped back and forth when she walked and she loved it when i stuck my cock in there because it was hot and big enuff for her giant fucking tits. she loved milking them and giing me the milk AHHHHHH I was cummung it was so good i missed sasuke i had ti find her that hot fuking gassy slut


HAHSAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I GOT U U FUCKING SLUT NOBODY WILL GET U BAC AESPCIALY NOT RONAN U R MINE FOREVER HAHAHAHAHHASGHDDHDHDH!11! but den sakura scramed and siad PLEASE OMG RONAN PLEASE OMG HELP ME AHHH GOD WHY HELP NOW PLEASE! i culd tell she was in disstress when she lyeeld and i knew we wur close so i got sasuke kakashi and naruto to get the fuck up aso we could all go save her. shes a girl so i know how scary orhcimura must beand how much shed need saving. i started 2 gwt a huge fucking hard on when i reaized she must be realy hot and sweaty and be wearin riped close in oriahcimauras cave god its so fuing hot i burst my huge nut right there anyway we kept runing and runing and den fell cuz we were in orhcoaimuras cave ! I YOU KNOW HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!111! UELLED PROCIMAUR NOW I WILL KILL U ALL AND I KEW HE WAST LYING BECAUSE HE WAS EVIL AND HE YELLED I AM GOING TO HAHAHAHHAA! he ce[t ;aigjomg sadistically aBUT THEN

A huge blue burst came out of me and it was my powderful spirit that lurkt deep inside me it was A GIANT BLUE FLAMED DRAGAON AND IT BLEW BLUE FIRE IT LOOKED KINDA LIKE BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON FROM YUGIOH and it flew over to orochimuatr and our fiht BEGAN!

ok so dats da end of chaptah 3 i know is pretty dark and scray but i promise its gonna get even more awesome. hard 2 imagine i kno right lol. BUT PLEASE REVIEW PLEASE OR ELSE I AM GO !