New Power

ok so this is a stori u just wrlte by me. its in NARUTO world so i hope u guys lik it ok.

AN: thers no dudes fucking becuase tht is fucking gross. im not a fuckin yaio faggot hees.

NARUTO: venganse revelatipns

CHAPTER ONE:new power

it was five days after i left my home for the villafe of Konohagakure nd when i got there i met a girl who was realy hot her name was sakura i also met this her friends naruto sasuke and kakashi they called themselve team 7. anyway my name is ronan beelzub. i a 13 years old and have just come to the town. i am 6" tall and hav dark blue hair dat looks like justin beibers hiar (i dont liek him tho FUCK HIM HE SUCKS ALL MODERN MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS). i am very muscula r and have 28' around biceps and hiuge pecx and then i also have a huge dick its almost 2 fet long and realy fat plus i cum a lot ok). i was realy ecited about moving to a new town becaus se i wuld finaly have sum new pusy to fuck havin hav sex with all da otter girls in my old town. since i was yu ng i knew i was specal becuae i could shot dark blu tlight outta my hands. it blew holes in stuff and was realy powerful, but i didnt show anybody it becauz i was afraid dey wouldnt understand it and because i.

the new ton was so diffent because it was japan and im not japanese im american and hapan is different from america tho this wasnt realy japan it was one of the shinobi natons. but i was so cool becauze the girl all sexy and shit and i wanted to fuck them and their dripping wet pussies.

i waz wuring a realy big black cloak and den had a red shoe on and then a bigchain on my neck and around my waist and also had a headband (LIKE THE ONE IN THE SHOW EXCEPT MINE GLOWS BLUE AROUND IT ND HAs knives in it). when i got out of our hummer sakura and her friends were shocked to see me becauz of the headband they were like "omg i cant believe this u must be one of us. we have a lot to tell you so please cum on the temple over thar and we can do it". then my headband gowed and tey all gasped "how is this possible i can sense u have much powr 2 show us so cum over to that temple and i will show you everything including our" she said. then i took of my headband the knives grew out and they said "u r very special and have powers greater than our own wen u com to the temple ova ther we will be strong and then a huge SNAKE FELL FROM THE BLACK sky IT WaS OCHIMURA!

they told me2 s tand back becus i cldnt not handke this so they fught as hard as they guld using their ninja powers but one by one they were deafeted. first sasuke then kakashi then naruto and then sakura. when he had sakura i shouted "let HER GO YOIU MONSTER." allf of a sudden my eyes turned blue and i began to float my powers were taking hold of me and they were all shocked. i grew 10 feet taller and began to fighrt orichimaura as best i could saving sakura and blasting him with hot beams of blue light. sakura fell and i caught her by saving her and orcimaru felt to te ground badly heart and then i waved my hands with blue light shooting out and he was lifted up and thrown and hurt badly. i flew over to him and roared at him he was scared. everybody else was amazing i did this and he was too but he said "u are not as powerugfukl as you think i will be back youl see and ull die" amd then he vanished!1! right after he fvainehs i fell down 2 the ground and shrunk back to regular size all my human stength had been drained and i ached. sakura ran to my side saying "you are more powerful than all of us combined. u are the chosen 1 to defeat orochimaru. thank u for saving my life then she kissed me and rubbed my crotch saying "you are very big now lets go to the temple and u can heel then we can talk about u" they all carried me back 2 the temple and i blaked out as we enetered


Ronan Awakes

ok im really mad cuz i didnt get more den 1 review for the first chapter so I hope this is different because its good and youl like it or if not FUCKING FUCK YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERSChatprt 2: RONAN AWAKESafter da bog battle i was very tried and hurt so everybody helped me, even tho i wus more powerful then theme so now i was hurt and had blaked out after the fight with ochimura. when i woke up it was the next day and everty body was glad 2 c me bacj. sakura and i then began 2 hav sex when i saw her cunt leaking juice onto the floor. i virgously fucked her hot tight and steamy pussy tho she almost couldnt handle it du to my giant fucking huge dick. it was so big it went into her organs tho she didnt get hurt except for a bit. as my penis went back and forth inside her vagina we both bagn to moan in pleasur sexily. i waz ready to cum when she said "pul out big boy' so i did and then cumed on her face the hot load of cum was so big that it complete drenche d her and made her hair really wet and sticky so she then started licking and sucking on her hair and sucked on my cock at the same time but this time she swallowed me and she got ful on my yum cum (rimed lol!).

later she showde me the temple and doho and stuff and it was really cool. it was suny outside. i saw the other guys practicing tho i was egear to se e sakura practic her hot and lushus moves. i new it would be senshual and sexu. her sweaty and heaving body kicked and bound and leaped and when she was all done and hot she rubbed her butt up against my huge cock and acidently let out a fart. "excuse me haha. accident' but i liked it so i asked her to do it again it was incredibly hot and i knew i wanted to fuck her ass next. we went into da dojo and fuked it was noghtime and the suoon was out now because it was night. i ramed my dick into her ass and she took it like a fucking bitch. i yotally dominated her. then we we wur fucking Orochimaru came and yelled and then kidnaped SAKURA1! I YELLED NO! but he was gun i knew i had to get her back so i asked the other guys to help me even tho they were really weak compard to me. little did dey no that depe inside me laid the powerful spirit of a ancient creature and it was about to take over when i saved sakura...

k so that was the secund chapert i hope it was god please right more reviws i nrealy ned them because they are good but dont flame please fucking dont flam fuckers.

Jurney 2 Sakra

Authurs Note: GOD WTF u motherfuking alsohs ok duck u. justf uck you. I DONT NEED 2 CHANGE MY SPELING ITS GOOD BESIdes wtf d u guya kno! this is a gr8 story so just shut the fuk up and READ it u bitchcunties!

Chapter 3: journey 2 sakura

it was nightime and me and sasuke and were angry and hungry we wanted 2 find sasuke so we tried but couldt. as we kept looking we decided it was time to realy set out into the shinobi nations becus we had no idea were orishimura had taken her 2. i just hoped he wasnt dead because i loved her. we went across da world lookin for her and we camped and stuff. the first nit was rhard because we werent used 2 eachoter so ok. "hey wtf are u doing RONAN?" said sasuke when he saw me suking my own cock while jaking ogg 2 a pic of sakura. "Wat does oit look like 2 u fuker?" i culd c he was jealus of me alot becuz his penis was small and so was narutos and kakshi dey tidnt have a giant fuckin cock like me and then i blasted a blew light at hgim and he went flyin away so i was left alone to continue sukin my huge dick and then i cumed allover sakuras hot picture where hur peussy was soakung wet and her tits were hung like double L Cup . they were so big they hurt her back and slaped back and forth when she walked and she loved it when i stuck my cock in there because it was hot and big enuff for her giant fucking tits. she loved milking them and giing me the milk AHHHHHH I was cummung it was so good i missed sasuke i had ti find her that hot fuking gassy slut


HAHSAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I GOT U U FUCKING SLUT NOBODY WILL GET U BAC AESPCIALY NOT RONAN U R MINE FOREVER HAHAHAHAHHASGHDDHDHDH!11! but den sakura scramed and siad PLEASE OMG RONAN PLEASE OMG HELP ME AHHH GOD WHY HELP NOW PLEASE! i culd tell she was in disstress when she lyeeld and i knew we wur close so i got sasuke kakashi and naruto to get the fuck up aso we could all go save her. shes a girl so i know how scary orhcimura must beand how much shed need saving. i started 2 gwt a huge fucking hard on when i reaized she must be realy hot and sweaty and be wearin riped close in oriahcimauras cave god its so fuing hot i burst my huge nut right there anyway we kept runing and runing and den fell cuz we were in orhcoaimuras cave ! I YOU KNOW HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!111! UELLED PROCIMAUR NOW I WILL KILL U ALL AND I KEW HE WAST LYING BECAUSE HE WAS EVIL AND HE YELLED I AM GOING TO HAHAHAHHAA! he ce[t ;aigjomg sadistically aBUT THEN

A huge blue burst came out of me and it was my powderful spirit that lurkt deep inside me it was A GIANT BLUE FLAMED DRAGAON AND IT BLEW BLUE FIRE IT LOOKED KINDA LIKE BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON FROM YUGIOH and it flew over to orochimuatr and our fiht BEGAN!

ok so dats da end of chaptah 3 i know is pretty dark and scray but i promise its gonna get even more awesome. hard 2 imagine i kno right lol. BUT PLEASE REVIEW PLEASE OR ELSE I AM GO !

Ballte wit Ochimura


anywya so im gonna contiue my story now. all u FANS (I FUCKING HAVE THEM FUCKERS) can keep on readin and lovin it and all u girls get ur pussies drippin wet! GUYS CAN GTFO I DONT WANT NO DUDE JAKCING OFF TO MY STORU (EXCEPT ME HAHAHA) THATS UKING GROSS. OK SO HERes the story again its awesome PROSMIE!

Chpter: 4. Battle with OROCIHIMARU

WAM DIE ORCHIMAUR! and he fell down as my dragon spirit roared and spit at hom. he was hurt but he didnt kno want 2 do so he left. "thats right FUCK U PUSSY U RUN LIKE A BBY GIRLIE!" i we left da cave i curried sakura in my big mscular arms and she was fainted but i could feel her cunt dripping wet it was like a huyrrican up in her pussy fuck yeah. this bitch can fuk good. i took her back to the temple and sauke nartuo and kakshi left while i stayed with sakura she was fainted but her pussy was so wet i just had to fuck it so whiped out my gigantic cock and starting vigorisely fucking her cunt. it started 2 rip open and gaped and it went depper bett den thecided to fuk her in her nice fucking ass so i turned her over and shoved my monster dick in her ass and it went so far inside her even tho she was tight and it kept going and going and going and the i had 2 cum so when i did it went all inter her stomnach and some of ut came out of her mouth nose and eyes. because she had be fucked in thehe ass o much cum ozed out of her butt and she farted so loudly it woke her up. "oops ahahaha. o hey ronan did u have fun? lol" ""oh yeah i did it was so sexy ur so tight and i loved fukin ur azz". "well i got something 4 u big boy she said hotly" then she started 2 spray milk from her big tuts and it soaked me so i was the wet one now lol anyway her milk was so good it tasted like her pusy misxes with vannila and strawberries "mm so good baby" i said "yeah well jaronan ur cum tastz even better. wann try?" "WTF HELL CUNTING BITCH! WHAT D OU THINK I AM I AM NOT A FAG I DONT WANT 2 TASTE MY OWN FUKING CUM WTF!" "ronan please im SORRY I DIDNT MEAN 2 UPSET U PLEASE DONT GO U DONT HAVE TO EAT UR CUM U CAN EAT SUM OF MINE MIXED WITH MY MILK ITS GOOD PLEASE NOOOO!" but i was already gone and sakura was crying histerucally. she needed me but i idnt really need her but i missed her dripping cunt and how god it is and she mised my cock and muyscles and sexy fucking face. she needs a man because without me shes noting and noone. I ran to the top of a hiull and yelled "SAKURA FUCK U BITCH I LOVE YOU!" and should could hear from the temple me yelling but then she fell asleep and woke up and was sick. she went 2 da bathroom and used a mystical japanese pregnacy tests and she fouND OUT SHE WAS PREGNAT.

dats da end of chapter 4 its getting really good aint it? haha. but seriosly i need more reviews not FLAMES. HAHA THATS FUNNY FLAMES CUZ THATS WAT U GUYS AR FLAMING FAFS HAHAHAHA FUCK U GUYS SO MY SPELLING MAY NOT BE GR8 BUT THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY AND THE SEX IS SAWESOME AND UR JUST JEALOUS OF ME BECAUSE I GET PUSSY ND U DONT FUCK OFF GOD WHY DO U PEOPLE DO THIS! nyway so yeah SAKYRA is regnant wats gonn happen next read and find out because its crazy and thers gonna be soke really sexy stuff and sme scary stuff 2!

OH A SHOUT 2 KATIE 2! LOVE U BABY! gives me da punandey dat sexy bitch lol.

The Child


OK SO I FIgured id go ahed and write and post this hcpater becaus im going o 2 b beusy da next few days ok so heres it is

Capyer 6: the child

after she fund out she was [regmat saurka ran 2 me at da top of the hill RONAN IM PREGNT AND ITS URS I KNO IT PLEASE OME WITH ME I LOVE U AND NEED U BABY PLEAS EI LOVE UR BIG FAT GIANT DICK SAO PLEASE COME. i knew she was right so i came with her and i loved her too so i came wiht her. all of a suden when we weru bak in the temple she started 2 giv birth blood was everywhere and she was so sexy while doing it then the bay cam out and it was a baby girl and we named her mandy waterfall (thanks katie 4 da name!)...

later we put mandy 2 bed and then we went 2 the temple and naruto and kaksi and sasuke were all there and they said congrats on da baby but then a giant clod of blak mizt came aorind us and it was orocimrua! he kidnaped sakura and the baby! NO YOU CANT TAKE THEM U FUCKER! den he said "we shuld dfight a rematch fucker" i capetn orcimaus chlenge but i knew i was gona win anyway so then my bkye drakon spirit cam out and roared at orocinaur who turned into his form and we fougt powerfaly "ur just a bitch" said orocibura yea wel ur a fag i said and then i blasted him wit blu lit and he fell and was hurt "i deafet u!" siad , but wasnt don he had a trick so den he tied me up in chains and hurled on me. i broke free of h e chins and my dragon spurt flew OVER THE CAVE AND WENT TO IROCIMURA HAHA i win i said when i let my most powerful move cum foward it was a gint big plast and it hurt him badly but he gut up and yeled "i wil win u will not hahahaha" but then

Later me and sakur et 2 da local pool she looked so hot in her bakino her tis swayed and hit people but dey loved it (indlcung da gurls) especialy when drops of milk driped from her large swolen niples. she juped oimtp the pool and i did 2 all the girls saw my bulg and how bog my dicky is they loved it and jumped in and suked on it and so did sakura and when i came it filled the pool abut then somebody walked in and it was... SAKURA!

The Child Prat 2

WTF. SOME OF CHAPTER 5 GOT AXIDENTALY DECLTED ! id ont no how i gues it happend whil i was writing it grr fuck! ok so i gus i do this eal fast dis is tha rest of chapter 5 from whe i eft off i cant do da fight cuz i forget i1! but ok her we go rahhhh!

ok um im agona make dis chapter 6 so yeahk.

WHO THE FUCK ARE U! said sakura but den the other sakura who jus cme in said "im mandy waterfuapll" OH. we said. "i grew uop" and then she jumped in the pool with us. we wur both shocked because she looked acextly lik e sakura cept she wasnt sakura she was manyd r doter! s both sakra got out of the pole sexily i got a ragin boner and i got out to nad broshed it up against them they were bot hot for it. but we had 2 go bak 2 the temple i culd hear tha other guys collin somtim was happenin!

OROCIMAYR! he was bak and angry ad mad but then he saw 2 sakuras and he said "WTF!" we explanded 2 him and he was md and blew us. then the TEMPLE EXLOPED. we were devsted and hurt he flew awa lafing manicaly . we dint no wat 2 do and becus sasyke kaski and naruto were in ter they wer dead now sakura was wepin mandy was 2 they loved them AS FRIEND not a lovers they al had mal cocks so they coulnt love them it wastn cool they love me but now they were dead so we started walking and it was raining. sakura and mandys shirts wer tit and could show ther tights. it was so hot mndy had breast ust like her mom but then mandy reveaked that she was a clone born frm skura and not my daugbter so i could have sex with her and it would be incest ok. we found shelter wit a sexy couger and as she was walkin we saw pussy juice leakin from her panties. i got a boenr and both girls start 2 leak pusy juise 2. "here are ur bedrooms fuckers" she said in a hot voice. i went 2 bed with all two of the girls and we fucked all night long i impaled thwm with my gigantic cock as i fuked there pusys at the same time. when i wok up and the couger came into the room it was coverd in scum. it was so hot 2 her she started 2 lik it up abd vecause i had mornin wood i went over and she suked my hige 4 foot dick she loved it and deep trotted it. WANT MORE! se said so i fucked her tits which were huge and sexy anbd i salped her in the face with my dcik and fucker her tits and slaped her in da thface with my dick she loved it. then i gav her a facial and it was so big she was soaked like sakura that tone time. so fucking hto so me and hur went down stairs and ate and then she had 2 poop she said so i wnet bak 2 wake up sakura and mandy and when iw as doing that i walked by the bthrom door an heardher taking a douce and looked it it wss hot i could see her pussy dripping on the toilet it was so i hot i jcked off right there and cam oll aon the door and then went 2 sakura and mandy and it was night so i fell asleep and then woke up but everybody was gone and there was a note from... ORICIMAURY! he said that he had all 3 and that he was going to kill dem all and fuck them 2 death and i knew he culdt becaus dey were MINE 2 FUCK. i ran and went o orochis layer and den i saw... MSADY WORKING WITH ORICIAURM1!SHE BRERTRAYD US!

OK FUCKING THERE. got this sot works fo sucking weirdly andway so yeah things are getin pretty dark and scary so i hope everybody loves it so far ad trust me its gona get sexier ok! DONT FUCKING FLAME OH AND FUCK I FORGOT SOMONE TOLD ME THAT I SHOULD SAY THAT I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OK LEASE DONT SUE ME THIS IS JUST A FANFIC OK. there now read and revuew ASP! OH Y3QH QLO WHULE I TON DOWN THE SCAT AND STUF I KNO SOM PEOKE DONT LIEK IT BUT I THINK IT CAN BE KIND HOT BUT I UNDSTAND IF I SHULD LEAVE IT OK BT


ok well u kno what FYUCK YO NARUSUPERGAL. hippocritcal bich ASS WHORE ! BET u dont even fuckin like naruto so whateever ur opinon doesnt fucing matter ok slut! anywa so my road trip dats where i was with my partents was fucking shitry. we drove from los alomitos (its wher we liv0 2 monteray. god it fuckin suckes who givs a shit bout fuckin sharks n fish and shit like dat tho there were lots of hot chick s ther and one of them who worked there was so hot she had big fuking tits and shit i wantd 2 fuck her so badly but we left so i couldnt we aso went farter north 2 sanfransciso and santa rosa so boring and my prants wantyed 2 see boGAYga bay (hop u got that lol) becsu of sum movie about killer birds lol fuckin stupd right anywa tey also draged me 2 some egiptian muesam and we also went 2 da winchestey myrstery house what a fuckin lame ass gay shit. NO GHOST! da only cool thing was that we almos t got into a rockslide acident on hihway 1 and DIED. becau dat i bwgged my parents 2 let us NUT go 2 santa barba on th drove back an dey said ok but ya im glad 2 b bak home so now i can writ and ost more og tha story!

ChAPYER7: theas i woke fro being taken by madara i didnt kno what 2 do but my pussy was driping wet and steamy. it hurt so much because ronans cock was so fucking hige but what culd i say no or something no i couldnt be caus he is sexy and his cock is gagantic. i knew when i sfirt saw im i that i loved him he was so hot he had a big musles and stuff. but i swa so scrared becus i new i could die becau orocihimaru is evil and says he wants 2 tear em afart but i kne roanan would cum becaus he is a man and it was his job 2 save me i needed sving i was so scared i cried and wept and rubed my pussy while thinking about him HELP RONAN PLEASE I NEED YOU BY ME PLEASE GIVE ME UR COCK HE;P OCORICMRUA IS TRYING TO KILL ME HEELP!

then all of a sudden ronan burst in. he blew light at madra tho he didnt kno it was madora . then he 2ok of his mask and said "HASHAHA! u stupid imbicile fool!i jst discused myself as orocimura so i culd kidnpa dis fuckin bitch!" madar vainshes but it was ok we were fine so then ronan caried sakura mandy, fiona and me out of the cave and the daylight hurt it was so bright but we loved it then he starting to fuck us and we came.


as we cam bak 2 tha temple i said that i was hungry so the girls ade me som food i ate burgers hot dogs poopcorn and stuff. it was so god i loved it they sure do kno how 2 cook! fucking whores they fuckin in could tell thy were aoo saokin waet down there it was so hot so i decided since i was stil hungry i would eat them out haha. when they weur asleep i got into ther bed an d went unde ther gowns and licked there pussies it tasted so good it tasted like seeaira mist. mm fuck ya u fuckin skank u taste damn goood. ugh ugh ugh she said as she felt my 17 inch tounge go inside her. ahe cme all over my tonge face mouth it was amaizng i loved this cooger bitch. i decided that next i was goin 2 go into sakura and then mandies room to lick their pussiys 2. but then when i walked in2 sakras room i saw. AKURA AND MANDY FUCKIN! i instintly got the bestest big boner i ever gotte. mandy was fucking sakura with a dildo modles after my own gian t cock she rammed into sakuras pussy it was metal and she was fucked so hard she bleed. then mand started 2 scissor (i think dats wgat lesbian do right) got it was so hot then they ame oll aver each other and both were soakin wet but then i yelled WHAT R YU DOIN! Y R U LISBON? den mandy and sakura said that they were lesbians but that they diud love me i was the only guy who could make them fee good with my giant fucking duck in fact they said that when dey were with me they were str8 then they started 2 kiss with their pussy juiced faces and hteir tonges went into eahc other mouth ad then mandy gut sakura and she sat on her face and farted it was so hot i them came over and blew my huge fucking load all over them it was so hot then i left.


next mornig

so tje next mprmng we all woke up and were sleepy but the girls made eggs and then we ate and went 2 the doko it was a hot day and we wur all hot and weatu and we worked out and stuff. sakura and mindy kissed all day fuck it was so hot fucking lesbian sluts. bu8t then i heard a nois it was a crashin sound and it sounded like a crash. we all walked outside ad it was madira and then all of a sudden he leaped out and attacked me and then took tht cooger with him! then my eys turned a dark blu (nut lit blue like before) and i creamed "MANDARK!" and theni teleproted in a piule of dark blue wet watery smoke!

and when i landed i was jb... orochimadaras layer! and he had the cooger and HE WAS HOLDING HER DEAD AND BKOOSY HEAD SHE WAS DEAD! N[[[[[[[[[[[[ i screamed but it was 2 late she was dead and blood was everywhere and he was fucking her dead body it was so fucking gross i didnt kno wat 2 do ok.

so thats the end of chapter 7 its really dark and cary now isnt it? hope my fansss are lovin it! and FUCK U NARUSUPERGAL AND SOMEBODY SAID IM A TROL I AM NOT FUCK OU JUST BECAUS I DON HAV THE BES SPELLIN OR GRAMMER DOSNT MEAM I AM A TROLL BESDIS THIS IS BASED ON A TRUE SORY OK FUCK OFF u fake naruto fans whatecer.!.


ok heres da next hcptaer fuckin fuckjers1! and FUCK U NARUSUPERRGL! FUCK OFF U FUKIN POSER! ur nothin but i fuckin dirty skanky azz hoe. an whoeva dat reviwsor is who said COCK FUCK U IM NOT A FAGGOT. FUCK OFFFF. thx 2 tha fans 4 eadin n reviow!

chapter 8: death

i stretd 2 skream at madora he had killed tha coguger. she wua o fukin hot and now he had fukin killed da bitch wtf motherfucking ashole "MADRA U WILL NUT GET AWAY WITH THIS!" "AHAHAHAH YES I WILL U STUPID FUCKING FAG" "WTF NUBODY CALLS ME I FUCKIN FAG! U R! DEAD MEET!" i ran at him angrily and said fuck u as blue light came out of my head and it burnt him and he hurt but he screamed "u will not FUCKING WIN U FOWL IDIOCY!" i knew he mesnt bustingess but i still fought wit him i had 2 in and get veanganse 4 da couger i wuld never get her pussy again dat fuycking WHORE. all of SUDEN her bloody and dead head flew at me nd said "its ok i will b in ur heart and just think of me when u jak off n cum and things will be ok FIGHT FOR MEEEEEE" so i did i fought orimadars he was evil and mean adn we fought for hours and days ebentually he culdnt take it anymore s he left. I WILL GET U ALL screamed madara but i scrammed back I WILL GET UY BE4 U GET ME ASSHOE!" and we walked away

da couger was dead and we wer all sad so we dicded 2 fuck. da girls told me 2 piss on them so i did i soaked tdem in piss and they fuking loved dat shit it was so good they drank my piss mandy and sakura were in love wth me they loved my fukin piss. mmm dilicius they said,,. ur pee is sexy we want more so i gave thm more and hey drank so much hat there sttomacs xploded. later datday we were having sex again wen all of a sudden a huge burst of black light came in it was madori! he was so i ngry and he hyponizted mandy and sakura i was so madd he then had sex with them and mad them think he had a huigantic cock but he did it was small it wa only half inch long! i wa hung like a stall tholl. he was fuking them with his dtiny baby cock and dey wur loving it so i got a hige knife and slit his throat and his head fell off. "ronran thank u so much u saved us how can we repay u... how abt cock plz k?" so i gave it 2 them they fukin loved it it was so much didck they loved it but then i realized i had so much um inside me dat it would hert them if i cumed but it was 2 late i did and their heads exploded ecause of how much cum there was. i was devastded i didnt kno war 2 doo but it wasok i got a magican shobobi spell and made there head grew back everything was fin then all of a sudden a huge black ligt came but it was orimadra it was TALIANA!

k so dats chapter 8! whats gonna happen next? read da next cbapter post 2 fijnd
out! its aesome! and fuk of all u fucking assholes who r FLAMING ME


HEY GUYS! KATIES ON FFF NOW! DIS IS her profile!:: fuck all u fukin flamer u dont kno fuking shit assholes whatever i am keep writing becuas i can do whatevr i want whenver i want this is a gret story and i need mor reviwos anyway i luv all my fans and YHIS CHAOTER GOS OU2 U KATIE! I LUV U BABY! THX SO MUCH 4 THE IDEA 4 TALIANA! ITS AWSUME! i modeled her aftr u so shes real sexy lol. an if ANY OF YOU FUCKING FUCKERS FUCKING DISS KATIE I WILL FUCKING CUM AND GAT U FUCKERS. FUCKING FUCK!

CHAPyer 9" taliana

who r u i assed and she said her nam was taliana. she was taliana dn she was so fuking sexy she had a huge droppings wet pussy and higantic tits. god she was so fukin hot she looked like sakura except she had dark black hair and wor lethar and steel. she was so fyuking hoexy i knwq i qas going 2 hav 2 fcking fukdais bich. all of a sudden she had 4 breats asecond pair of tits pooped out from her shit onto her chaste it was so sexy and then she cam up 2 me she wa s 12 feet tall and so hot and said i will sit on u and she did and i was almst crushed but i wasnt so i was ok but she farterd it was so fuking hot and i culd feel da heat and juices of her cunt on me then she said excuse me i hav 2 take a dump and she did and got i was so hurt she didnt fuk me yet and i knew id hav 2 kill her aftar i fucked her huge gaping oussy. she cam bak out and spelled like cough syrup and i got high off her stinch and then i pilled out my figantic dick and she screamed and was scared so she ran around the room screaming in her realy deep voice tho her voice was still female it was like a slowded down version of her vouce but it was sexy even tho she was fraid of my big fat monster dick so i slapped her and she fell down and was knockd out and then she sort og woke up and i said let me stucj my big cock in2 u and she said "haha ok!" and i did. gut her was so fuking hot i kept fucking and fuking and fucking and she was moaning like the whorebitchslut she was waht a fuking cunty skank, she ovded my dick and then started 2 suk on it while i fucked her hard i fuked her so hrd when she orgasmyed the pussy juice flew eveyrwher nd flooded da cave. i was swimming in the deep pussy juice and she fell ovet tried from the sex i was pissed off i didnt get 2 cum but den HELP JAKE PLEASE HELP i hesrd many and

skuraka creaming! i swam over as fat as i culd and they were both droning and culdnt swim wat was i going 2 do would they die i didnt kno so i doved under and got them and they were ok so i gave them COR and they gaspd ""omg thank u so much ronan we luv u please fuk us please fuk uis" and i did fuk them but then i loked ovwr and saw and huge blast cum at me it was a biog black light ot was cumming at me TALUIABA HAF FIRED STARING DA FIGHT I JUMPED INTO THA JUICE AND WE FOUGHT SHE WAS SO STRONG AND FUKING BEUTIFULL AND SEXU. "RONAN HO W DAR U GO OVR 2 THEM ANF FUK THEM AND LEAF ME HERE I LOVE U U FUCKING ASSHLE WTF WE R MEANT 2 BE MOTHERFUCKING NOW B WITH ME HAHAHAHA1! she said but taliama i cant i luv u but i cant i said Noooooooo she said and her boobs exploded molk and in the wave of milk she dispreaed. i culdnt c her and we flooded out of tha cave and landed in the jungle we wur lust and TAKIAVA WUS GUN! now wat r we going 2 do we r lost said mandy and sakura at da same time i didnt kno wat 2 do we were lost and now and all and stuff and i didnt kno wat 2 do OK.

w walked around da jungle it was rianing and den taliaba came and yelled at us "wtf r u doing u assholes u dont kno anyting but i luv u ronan and i want 2 hav sex with you and i also luv mandy and sakura and want 2 hav sex with them HEEELP she said but she was just a ghost so we could do anyting ad she floatd away. den i heard i snake and saw it and thought it was oricimaru but it wasnt hahah. and then a big hole in the sky aopened it was MADARA HAHAHAHA I HAVE TALIANA AND I WILL KILL HER HAHAHAHA U MUST FIND ME AND HER AND WE WILL FIGHT 2 DA DETH! "no u fuking poser fucking wtf" i screamed into the sky but it was 2 late tha hole was gon and we were lost int he jungle and it was rainign wat would we do? i want sum cock said sakur a and mandy agreed so i gve it 2 them and then we went 2 sleep and woke up and it was day again and we had 2 find madara and tbhat fuking hot bitch taliava.



ok swhatever fuck u UNNAMED haha u cant evin get an accunt u fukin looser! i bet u dont even FUKING KNO ANYTHING ABOUT SHIT SO FUCK U! I AM BADASS U DONT KNO ANYTHING SO FUC OVV OK! u fukin bitch fuker arr DUNT U FUCKIN DISS KATI.! AND WHOEVA SAD DAT SHE DOESNT EXIST FUCK OFF U DONT KNO SIT SHESS MY GF SO FUCK U. AND FUK U SPANISH PERSON! ok so anyway my weekdn was sutper sitty agaian got my pranets r so fuckin stupid losers tey dont kno anying like all u fukin flamers u kno what dey made ne do they made me go to death valley park GOID SO FUCKING BORING WHO GIVES A FUCK! it wus hoit and didnt fuking matter it was JUST A DESSSERT AND ROCKS what a bunch if shit.!1!11! fuck u mom and dad u fcking suk! AND HEY STOP SPAMMIN WITH COCK U FUKIN FAGG oh and yeah this chapter is kind of scary so i dont want no pussy fuking girls complainin about it u fucking pussy hores!

ok so heres da next chapter and its my longest yet its gr8 k


we wur in da hungle still and it was rainin so we kept walkin thu the junkle but den i remembrd i had a teleportion powe r so i used that and we were in msdaras layer. "wat r u doing here u stupid morons! doth shant not be here!" he said all da gurls were scared but i wasnt becuz i was a man and men dont get scared but gurls do the girls were cryin and screamin theu were so horrifed they ddint kno what 2 du so i blasted madora and he fell over "what hath u done" he said i "will killest thou!" he roared "u will die tonigt fucker fag and i will fuk ur bitches cunts!" den all of a sudden TALIANA! cam oit " i will fucketh there pussys 2! we will both fuck the cussies!" the girls fainted those stupid dumb whores so our baggle began i culdnt not belivethat TALIANA hd bertrand us! but she said "ronan i still luv u nd want 2 fyuk ur big gigantic cock eventhoguh it scartes me" she said sexily and so i walked iup 2 her and puled out my cock and she suked it we fucked so hard she screamed by dick was so fuking big how xould she handl dis shit it was so fuking big this fuking whore hurt wtf. and then i pulled out da sord of takahura abd vegan 2 fight madara he screamed he was so scared my sword was so huge and he didnt hav 1. i sliced his head off but it grew back and hgis other haed flew at me sayibg "i will get u fuckhead and shall kill thy !" and his head flew bak onto his body as badara began 2 fight me again he was so mad and angry ND SEXY taliana svreamed dont u kill him u fucking loser bitch or i will kill u madaro !" "u betrying bitch how the fuck do uy dare do this shit 2 me i will kill u u fucking cunt skank"

a s i ran over though his layer i stabed him with my sword and blod as weverywhere and he flew away. our fight is over but the battle has jusy negim u cunt1!1" and he flew aay. TALINA LOoked at me sexily i want 2 fuk u she said snad we fuked becus we won da batle but then her eyes grew bla "i hav e secret ppwr nobody knows about except u i will use it and we will defeat madraa 4 good he will die!" i also had a ppwr i said we can fight 3ghther 2 dafet him he will be murder dby us! den all of a sudden i began 2 float and blu light sorrounded me and al of a sudden a voice came and said "u r the chosen 1 2 efeat madara along with taliana and it is also fortild that sakura taliana and mandy will mary u and u will fuk da pussy all day" as i floted the blu light blinded taliana she was blinded FOREVER "i luv u ronan but i cant see u wat have u done i still loveu though ok" she said and we WENT HOME

mandy and sakura were jealous of me and talian but then taliane cam in2 tha room and said wat r u talking about u fuking sluts and ron!an? U WILL NOT TAKE HIM HE IS MIND I NEED AND DEPEND ON HIM ALLWAYS! "o yeah well bitch i bet i can fukin kick ur ass " oh i bet u cat WHORE said taliana dn then it was raining and they went outside and fought and so did mandy it was muddy and their shirts got wet showing thwier giant fuing tits nad milking nipples it wa so i hot i jhacked off 2it and came in the mud and they roled in it so they rolled in my com and they were so horny from the fight mud and cum was in their clits and then taliana said i luv u mandy and sakur u want 2 fuk and they did Teliana put mandy and skaura in her pussy and used them as a didle and then she asked them 2 put spiked anal beads in2 her nd they said yes they fuker her with tha anal beads and she poured cum from ger cubnt and they took a shower in it because she is 2 feet tall and then sakura nd many both came and talana drank the cum from their pusseyes she sqeezed it out of them it was do sgood it tasted like strawbreys. iim yr cum tasts good u fukin whores and then they all fell in2 tha mud but i was hrd again so i cumd on them again and they luved it. they groped my huge musled and sad "o ur so sexy ur a man a real mnean nut a fuking fag or a girl mmm ur cock is huge and u have such giant muslces nd ur very smart please we luv u" and then... TALAINA TOOK OUT A RING AND PRO[OSED! "rona i luve y and sakura and mandy lets gegt maried" WTF TALANA MEN R SUPOSD 23 PROPMSE NOT FUKIN DUMB BITCHES! she was so sad and cryed all night and day and they all did becus i said no but tha next morning i said yes and gave them my owb ribg and thre out ralianas. we wur gong to get maried but then all of a sudden madara showed up but then he left and we started 2 plan r weddung

ok so THAT WAS CHGAPTER TNE I KNO IT WAS SCARY AND DIFEREWNT AN RRALY ORIGINAL BUT DONT FLAME FUCKER DONT FUCKING FLAME11! THANKS KATIE 4 THA IDEAS AND 4 THAT FUCKIN HOT BITCH TALIABA GUYT I WANT 2 FUKING FUCK HER BIG TIGHT PSUSY! and hey everybody i might make a poll here so u betta all fuin vote if ai fucking do ok fucking fafs? good haha i knew u would and tanks fans 4 all tha luv and suport u guys send me in messgaes!


ok guys gr8 news katies gunna post a fanfic real soon i m so proud of dat bitch she cant rite as good as me but im happy its a ok ficn and ull all luv it so fuking read it when she fuking posts u fucking faggz. and hey unamed i dontknow who tha FUCK U THINK U R BUT UR STUPID AND UGLY AND DUMB SO JUST SHUTTUP! i bet u dont kno anything jaha loser.! do YOU EVEN KNO WHO I AM U AZZHOLE WTF! I AM WRITING AN AWESOM FANFIC AND UR JST HELUS U CANT RITE LIKE ME FUKING LOSER ASSHOLEBITCH CUNT SLUT WHORE SKANK, I BET UR LIE 12 OR SOMTHING HAHA UR A 12 YR OLD LITLE GIRL I BET FUKING PUSSY LMAO LEAVE ME THA FUCK ALONE U dunt KNO SHITS SO GO AWAAY OK!\


!anyway so heres my next chapter idt real good u will all luv aot flamers can fuk offi dont car wat u say unnamed bitch i can sa and o whateva i fuiin want u fukin axx. this is MY STORY NUT URS... AND I WILL NOT STOP TELLINK FLAMRZ 2 STUP FLAMIN BECUZ ITS FUKING OBNOCIOUS!

hert iz

chaptah 11:

it was daytime and it was sunny and rainy and the sky was yellowy pupple but we wer angry and walking faustly 2 da dojo we wur mad becuz of magara we knew he was going 2 try 2 ruin r weddong and everybdy was so mad so we did sum coke and we felt beyyer. then mdara showd up and the girls screamed he;p please and he left with them except 4 taliana taliana said "i hav trickd u! i work 4 madara!" "Wtf u skanky cunt u cant do this" utch she vanished and i gut so mad i cried manly tears of ager i had 2 find dose sluts or els e e wuld kill them

in madaris layr everybody was screaming they didnt kno wat 2 do they were at the top of his castle and then he cam 2 ther room "u bitches r ging 2 fuking dieth! doth shuld kno bettr than 2 croseth thou! u will pay cunt hwores" and he zapped them eleictrally sadistical! i was waling thru tha forset when i herd them screaming i started 2 run thru it and then found tha castle he was in and i went in2 it and found their room they were chanded 2 tha well "help us ronan pleas u hav 2 jelp us pleaaase help!" THEN MADORICAMEIN AND I YELLED AT HIM U WILL LOSE U AZZHOLE FUCKING FUCKER AND HE STARTED TO CRY. haha ur such a baby i said nad he cried more but then all of a sudden TALIANA CAME IN! she was drossed in leather and platium and she was so fuking sexy then she yelled "RONAN U DO NOT UNDERSTAND WAT IS GOING ON THIS IS BIGGET THAN U + ME ITS BIGGR THAN ALL OF US! MATARA HAS KIDNAPPED ME AND THEM I DIDNT BATRAY U HE JSY MADE ME I LUV U STILL" MADRA WTF RU DOING U ASSHOLE HOW CAN U DO THIS 2 THESE WEAK GIRLS THEY NEEDED HELP AHHHHH! and so i stanned him. he bled but then he said i have activated da self desruct sewuence and u will all die then he poofed away and tha castle strted 2 crumble/

we have 2 get out of here yelled taliana i agree i said and we ran thru tha castle but that door was locked we culdtn get out then taliana called forth her magical japanese fhummer limo and it zoomed thru tha wall and said "Get in fuckers" we all yelled in hapyness and we jumped in and it flew out of tha castle just as it ezploed. as da car was flying i yelled out FUCK YEAH amd we flew away

that next day

da next day we were goig shapping at the mall looking 4 sakura mandy and talianas wedding dresses got it was so boring and stupid who fuking likes shopping except 4 pussy girl bitches and stupid faggies. sajyra madyt adb takuaba found ther dresses and they lookd so fuyking hot they were magic dresses and made their tits bigger a d sexyier. i got a huge boner so we all started 2 fuk sakura had brought a giant didlo with her and shoved it into taliana and she screamed cumming all over her wedding dress and then i put my huge dick in2 sakura and mandy ad fuked them like neer b4 everybody around us was watching then a guy came up and said "ww u have a giantic cock can i have sum" and i said "WTVF HOW DARE U U FAG UR GROSS EW GUYS FUYCJING UIS GRRISSS GI AWAY! IM NOT GAY FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFFFFFFFFF ! U NASTY WEIRDI! and then i killed him with my magical powers and he disentagrated 2 dsust and then his lesbian friend cam up and said omg ur cock is so fuking big can we hav sum uf made us straight! and they both jumped on it and were impaled it was so hot they sockaed my pussy in dick juice and i fucked them so hard and then they had sex with mandy sakura and taliana they were so hot all of them then mandy farted "ooopsie" she said it was so hot i got hard egain and fucked her assss and i sprayed cum all over the mall and said u lesbians r great sluts by" and then we left. when we were leving all of a sudden tha mall EXPLODD... there was blood everywhere and bodyparts fand everybody was dead except 4 me sakyra mandy and talian, it was horrible and bad and they all cried and then laid their hads on my big pecs and said omg how culd this happen we luv u so much protect us PLEASE! I THEN YELLED !1!111!111!1!1111! and we wnet home da wedding was tha nextday

so dat was chapter 11 its real good i know and i bet ur all exidted about da nxt chapter and i bet ur pussies r wet u sexy whiores readung! i will probbly post agin ovr da weekdn so be prepaired for awesome cool shitty!

The Weddonf

STOP SAMMING FUCHEAD! DONT U EVR INSULT KATI OR ELS I DO SONETING 2 U! LEAVE MA LONE UY FUCKER SPAM TROLL!1! o ndunnamed fucker fuck u ok...! IA AM NOT A GIRL SO JUST FUG OFF. I CAN SAY watevr i want so jeez and who cars about sum bitch tara! im betta than her anyway so it dusnt matter and harry potter is 4 BABIES inaway and my fic is for ADULTS! mature ppl only! and u dont kn o anything! im smarter than you i bet u! and who da fuk r u calling patetic nana and utu but ok down wit critics united im not a MEMBER OF THERTES OK SO DONT SAY I AM I DIDNT RVEN KNOW WHO DEY WERE UNTIL U SAID SOMETINGK... anyway katie is gunna piost her fanfic on mondat! its amazing and everybody will love it tho its not as good as me tho i guess u shuld expect it 2 nut b as good sinc shes a girl haha

now here is tha chaptr its really good and i think it mit be tha best one i rote yet! sum of its insprid by my cusins weddin dat was cool i brught katie there and we had sex in the janutr claset during the reception lol... nobody knew! ther was also acohol ther and i drank i lot and gut drunk fuk yeah notherfuckers

Chapter 12: the wadding

it was our weding day it was a sexy day out the sun was up and stuff. sakura taliana dn mandy cam out in there wedding dreses holy shit they wur so fuking hot mmm we wur serving in n out burgr at tha wedding in n outs tha best all other burgers suck so anyway they all walkd down tha ile 2 me and they playd lets go crazy by prince along with do me baby and lets perteand wer married it was so sexy sreing them walk toward me while da songs played anyway they cummed up tho we didnt hav a preist becuz were all atheists and ppl who beliueve in god r fuking stupid they shld all be put on an island in space or something but anyway we said i do and stuff and then we kissed and fuked in front of the crowd everybody cheered us on "u get that pussy boi" said my best friend (hey danny i hope u read this becuz thats suppsed 2 be u!) mm ya i fuked the pussy so hard and waved my dick around and all the girls in the audince got wet and horny those fuking sluts so i fucking fucked those fucking bitches and then they all the girls had sex with eachoter they were all lezbians but i could maje them str8 with my huge cock mmm they luved it and when they were all fuking i cummed all over them it pored on them fuck yeah take it u sluits i said then we all dancd 2 motley cru girls girls girls and gunsnroses! then all of a sudden a mystery fog came and it was

adara!he said conratz on getting marrid but i hav tio kill thy! and then he took out his bazuka and saod "TAKETH THIS MOTHAFUCKR" and he bazookad me and everyone! and madara vanished i was dead all the girls were crying and screaming they needed me they luved me "omg ronan u cant die... how is this possible nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he was 2 good 4 us and tha world tahts y ronan died madara is a monstr" said talia na and all the girls farted 2 cry on me but so then a blue glow came from by mody and i flooded upwards an grew 69 (lol) feet tall and i picked up all the weddong food and ate it all at once and then i flew away "he is alive omg! we luv u ronan fight madara fight him" "it was tha tears of all us who luv whim that brught him bak get itd?" sad taliana 2 overone. i flew to madara and there he was i punchd him and he said "hOW ISETH THY ALIVETH! THOU SHULDETH BE DEAD! but i am alive i said so fuck off fucker and i ounched him and jicked him again and then i got out my machine gun and strted 2 blast him and he blew in2 a bagillion pices becuz my machine gun was magically jaopanese. i felw bak 2 tha wedding evryone was havibg sex again and i did 2 but then it was night and evrybodu went away so we wur narried and happy now iut was gr8.

so dat was chaptr 12 things r getting pretty neat huh but hey plz eep redin and danny i hope u rea dthis and KATIE I LUV U WHORE! and fuck off flamrz 2 k?

The Concerto

ok unnamed u jst need 2 stop trollin i wont FUCKIN TALK 2 U AGIN U LOOSER. AND I WAS JST EDITING THISAND SAW U NOW DRAGONHITNER WHA THA FUK R U DRAGINHUNTER I JST SAW UR FIST REVIEW WTF DO U KNO U LOSOSER AM IM SMART AND UR NUT AND WTF WHO CRAS ABOUT SEXISM DAT DOUSTN EGIXT NOW ANYWAY! AND Y R U OPFFEND BY DA WORD FAG I BET ITS CUZ UR GAY LOL! tho if ur a gurl and gay dats hot but too guyz doin it is fukin grosss! and i AM NOT RAPIST I BET UR A FAMINST HAHAHA AND I BET UR OLD 2 LUTZ OF 13 YR OLDS FUCK OMLY LOSERS DONT ! AND yes da character dous hav a w foot dick its based of me ive got a 17 inch cock its uge so FUCK OFF.,,,, and WTF is a gary stu! if ur talkin bout my chatacyer his name is NOT GARY STU ITS RINAN OK U IDIT! AND THERS NO GOOD MUSIC I BET U LUV MORDN MUSIC LOSER! AND U R

ok anwa guyz did u see tha gramys wtf who were all thos loser im glad biebr or gaga didnt win anytting but WHO THA FOK IS ARCADE FIRE I BET TBEY SUK THEYR MODERN. ANYWAY OK KATIE TOLD ME HER cccount was hacked my sum asshole and thats rely [siin me off fuck u whoeevra hackrd her and delted her story i will fucking get u now she dunst want 2 post but i will mak her so there. and danny THANKS 4 LIKIN THE STORY I WILL PUT U IN AGAIN I PROMSIE BUT REMEBR 2 REVIW ME THIS TIME K!

now hers da 13th chaptr i wonder if i twill be unluky LOL i think its ma longsttt

Chpater13: Tha Conert

it was da nxt day aftr r marriage and we wur all happy and sexily walking round tha dojouse it was so fuckin gr8 to be marred 2 this fucking skuts. i was playin my guitar since i am in a bnd with my bst friend Tadashiharakumaie (dats u danny thx 4 cummin up with tha name) abd tge girls were suckin r hug cocks at da sae time all uf a sudden i gut a call on my iphone it was r manager shizahu (hey danny tell tina that that chracts supposded 2 look like her!) "I HAVE THE GREAT NEWS 4 U ALL U R SIGNED 2 A RECRD LABEL NOW AND UR ALBUM WILL CUM OUT 2OMORRW IT ALRDY HAS LOTS OF AMAZIN REVIWS EVERYBDY LUVS U" we wur so excted so we did sum cocane dnd gut high "omg we r so prud ov u guys ! lets fuk ok?" so we fucked we ramed there pussies tightly and hardie mm they luved it fuck ueah u sluts take it fuckin biches i playd my guitar while we fucked and i did a solo as i cammed. da next r album was released and it sold 20 millions coppues in 1 day we wur da boggest band since thuh beatlesand we sunded like a cross betwen prince and led zepplin and bon jovi all r fans were screamin and they luved us

da next day we gut newz that were wur gonna hold a concert and we ur all cexited 4 it evrrybody cheered so it was tha nightitme and then breaking news cam lady gaga drak and kusitn beiber and all those top 40 shiot were in a plane crash and died and we wur the savirs of music and the only good band right now. so we went out onstage dressed as tha msastr cheifs from halo (dats my favorite came of all ime it fukin rox i tried playin dat gam bioshock my bro siad dat was bettr and that fukin suckd thats so fuckin boring wh cas about a scity under water and wtf does sum bitch named anne randy hav 2 do with a fuckin video gam? wh tha fuk is that:::: and NU bro i will nut ply bioshuck 2 i bet tht suks 2 wat the hels "colectovsma" nd y wuld they mak a video gam abt it? ur dumb benji um anyway i also luv GTA and stuff tho nut gta 4that sucked bro and so dos ur gam okami thats nut wat japan is like! anyway sory dat gos all out 2 my bro benji hes readin this nd he says it fukin sucks BUT HE SUCKS HE DUSNT KNO SHIT AND IS MEAN 2 ME SO FUCK U BENJI U VIRGN 16 yr old DUMBAZZ god he sucks all my other old bros rock (mattew and landon u gyz r awesum) but he fuckin sucks wat n idit. .

da bexr bight i cam int2 tha gurkls room and they were all havin sexkc withevrybody mmm those fukin whores mmmmmm yeah i cam in and date there pussys yummy saknks and then somdby rushd in an sad hey guys ooops i didnt mean 2 interupt byt hey uv got a concert 2night! we culdnt blieved it it was r furst concert evr ! wen we got there tha crod was huge like 5 mullion ppl were ther and we cam on stag drssed liek master cheif from HALO and the announcer ons tage said "ok here they r tha bst band in tha world righr now u all love them its TITTY MONSTA!" we cum onstage and evrybody cheered the sound was so loud and then we tstred 2 rock tha fuck out like motherfuckas. r songs blastd the audinece and we ounded so amaing "YEAH YEAH GIRL WAN FUCK U HRD TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY MY DICKS HARD!" i sang and everbody was wowed but... THEN SOMEBODY SHOWD UP ON STAGE! IT WAS TALANA! "HHA RONAN HOW U HAV FLLEN U RETARD I BETRAD U ALL THIS TIME N U DIDNT KNO IT LOL! btw ur music rocksZAP" she blasted tha audence with a dark mist that blasted them and made the crown musty! wen tha smoke rcleared they were ALL DEAD HAHA I FOOLED U SID TALINA I HAV WOIN! then madRA SHOWED UP OUT OF THE MIST AND HE BOUND US IN LEATHER STRAPS AND TELPORTATED US 2 his layer it was a can! "rofl u dummies felleth 4 th trap u see talian has alwys beneth by servprentice! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! he cockled were ere bondaged like caged sluts i trid 2 batle him but i culdnt "muahahah thou shall never escapeth me! thy shall meet thou doom tonighteth!" but then i usd my powers of telekeabortion and lew at him but taliani interupted "JUST U STOP THERE U FUCKR UR DEAD!" she pulled out a huge gun it ws ebormous and it ws attached to her "HAHAHA" she screamed and blasted me" i said vut ut was 2 ate i was hurted by it then madara stood up grabbed mandy and started no chew on her "mm she is delicous i can ast her pussy juice" he said and he 8 her! "U R monster!" i said " hahahahaha u stupind ingnarmus (thx 4 tha help benji tho u still suk faggg) u r a shithead and shall dieth!" "NO U WILL DI U GIRLY COCKSUCKER11!" I scrammed! BUT THEN

ok so i had 2 sto there my mom said 2 cum down 2 dinner e r going to eat vietnamese? thgas nasty we shuld jst eat in an out r pizza! anyay so tha story is freakin awesome aight? i t will continue and be more awesome 2! i cant wait 4 chapter 14 i will hav 2 paste it this weekdnd! THX FELLOW ROCKERS 4 LOVING THAS TORY AND DANNY REVIOW THIS IR ELSE UCKER!11!

Tha Next Conterrt

ok so u jst stop spammin NOW DRAGONHUTNER or I WIL CALL DA POCILE! wat r u even talkin abt AND WTF IS A SQUIK SPEK ENGLISBH STUPID! ur just a poser fuckr and ya harry potter is stupidQ! only dumb ppl like it! its 4 little kideds i saw da movies wat da hell is u[ with it only loders like u and my brothr benjiman kike garry putter ANIME AN NARTO IS BETTA DEN WESTRN SHIT SO GO AWYWA U DUMBIE!ND I NO MY HRARCTERS NAME IS RONAM bsdises ur a christan so ur opinon dustn matter anywa i dont care wat u think11 oh yeah and my story dxosnt have plot holes THE STORY ITS ABT RONAN AND HIM LOVING SAKURA AND THER ADVENTURS AND SEXY TIMES SEE DOES THAT HAVE POT HOLES? AND HEY U JST GTFO OTAKU U DUNT KNO SHIT TROLL I AM 13 AND MY GF IS REAL SO GTH!

okkkk so anwyay i had tha wurst nigt out rembr wen i said i went out 2 vientmanes well i bopped into katie nd jer parents there and then evrybdy startd 2 talk and they found out we r having sexy so now were grounded! MY MOM SAID THAT SHE IS TAKIN AWAY MY ALLOWSNCE AND THAT IM NUT MATURE ENOG 2 HAV SEX SO NOW IM IN MY ROOM ALON DOIN NOTHING 4 THA HOLE WEKEND! she is ABUSING ME AND so is my BROTHR BENJUI HE AGRED WITH HER AND HE CAM INTO MY ROOM AND TOOK BAK HIS PLAYSTATION 3 WTF THAT IS MINE U ASSHOLE bet atleast my dad and other bros landon and mattew r being realy supportive land my dad siad that my mom was being harsh and that boys like sex ad should have it and that katie was vary attractive 2 and all my bros exceot for benji (looser) all gav me high fives SO THERE FUCK U MOM ns BENJ HAHA ALL MY FRIDNS AND INTERNT PPL R SEEING THIS I BET THEYLL CALL SOCIAL SERVICS ON U GUYS11!11

um anyway so heres tha nxt chapter its real long and itll prove 2 u fuckers im a goddamn great writer and u can all fuck iff! btw its really exciting and theings get cray!


HE RAN AT ME AND ROARED "I WILL KULL U bitch!" and then i said "NPBODY CALLS ME A FYCKING BITCH NOT U NUT ABYBDOY U FUCKING FAFF/! U R GUNN DUCK SUCKA and thjen all of a sudden I TURNED INTO MY GIGNTIC BLU EYS WHITE TDRAGON FORM AND I BLEW MY FREY BREATH AT HIM AND HEWAS BRTN 2 DEATH BUT HE GOT UP FROM IT AND SAID U LOS WTF NO U LOSE OIDIPOT I SAID and then tliana said no he is right u lose now join us on the bad side AND I DID becus my wsecret acient japense spirt inside me grew out and showd how evil it is by killing a cats (cat droOL dugs rule fuckas lol!) YES MUAHAHHA I HAVE POWER I AM EVIL HAHAHA! NO NO NO U CANT SCREAMED SAKURA AND MANDY BUT taliana tekported then away and they ldned in tha middle of the ocean I STILL LOVE THEM U CUNT! i screammed and blastd her with blackness and she blew up anyway it was tha nxt day nd everybody was being cool at madras layer we wur all smoking and shit and madora he had jst got lots of henchmwomen and they wur all sexy and lesbian and whenevr i clapped my hands they uld have sex with each other 4 me one day i gotten so harny they all sucked my dick in a row mmm its declisou master cum on us pleae i cummed and it flooded the room they all drank it

the mnext morning n got a cll from m manger he said i had anothr concert and so i did i went on stage at this stage on top of the hollywood sing and everybody was there but they didnt kino it was an evil plot by me and taliana dn madra! "HELLO EVERYBODY WELCOME 2 THA SHOW U ALL HAVE GOOD ATSTE ANYBODY ELSE WHO ISNT HERE HAD SHIT TASTE NOW LOTS ROCK WITH R COKS OUT BITCHIES! and i began 2 sing "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH MY DICK IS LIKE A BIG FAT ROCKET AND UR PUSSYS LIKE A HOLE AND I FUCK U HARD AND IV GOT A HUGE POLE" i went in2 my guitar solo and all the gurls in tha auidncien started 2 dripp from their cunts and it started to make a pool of pusy juice below the stage so i dived in and then all the girls jumped on me and suckd my dick and i cummed and then went back ons tage and kept playing "FICKING SLUT U UGLY WHORE U HURT MY HEART U FUCKING BITCH JUST DIE!Q" i sang "THANK Y EVRBODY GOODNIT!" i said! and then i wnet 2 sign autgraphs "OMG RONAN I LUV TITTY MONSTER WE LUV U SO MUCH UR SO FUCKING HTO PLEASE AUTGRAPH R STITS" they said s i said "as long as u both kiss" oh ok were lesbians they said sexily so they fucked right in front of me and then i said take these whores bsackstage amd they did there 12 groopies and ntaliana were waiting mm yeah lets fuckn i was so hard my cock ripped through my tight pants "SO BIG" yelled one of thee skanks" and they all racd 2 me and begin 32 suck it a lot "omg it tasts so good more more nmore please give us more" so i did if cuked all off them impaling them on my cock i fuckd them so hard tha room had blood all over it oh yeah and taliana made them suck her tits and they did they suckd them hard and then she squirtdd milk and it coverd the girls and them i came right wile i was fucking them with a a spikd metal didlo that was doublde headed and went in2 their cunt nd butts at tha same time they loved it those damb hoes and then they were al stretd out so they all started 2 fart and queef when they left mmm fuck yeah ronan we luv u they said it the farts came from them and they all tuched my msucles as they left i smelled around it snellded sexy and i gut a boner and brohgbt talians haed down 2 my huge dick and gave her a facial and then talian sad "IT IS NOPW TIME ROANIN" and so it ws time and we bot went onstage

then all of a sudden a huge pice of thunder came down! it eectrocuted evrybodyu and they all died excpt 4 talana "omg i didnt mean 4 this to hapoen MUAHAHHHA" she roared " i didnt either its so sad oh well" and then Madarka showd up but then hug elighting banged the sky snd so did thunder and then...

I STABBED HIM! HE BLED ND WAS STABBED "NOOO WAHT IS THISTHIS IS NOT POSSIBLE U FREAKY MAN! he said and then he blew up in a black clody smole! "y did u do that 2 the naster ronan" "BECUS I AM A DOUBLE AGNET!" and then sakura came from behind taliana and slappd her and then they fell int2 tha muddy pussy juice pool and started 2 fight "no u dont u fucking bitch skank whore ass" they said and they rolld around "I LOV RONAN" said taliana "NO I LUV HIM!" said sakura "ILOVE U BOTH ELTS GO!" but i cant said taliana i am EVIL and so r u" but then mador showd up "u r evil its ur destiny ronan muahahahahaha" NO NO NOOOOO i telproted 2 tha dojo

th next dayafter teporting 2 tha dojo i was tord and didnt kno wat 2 do sakura was there and she said i luv u u rnt evil but i said i am kind of evil and she said ok kind of evil is esexy bvad boys r hot fuck yeah she said and then she stood up and i remebrd she hgad huge double k cup titties so i kicked her 2 see her tits jiggle got it was so hot mm yeah baby she said and we fuckd i fuckd her so ard my dicj went into her stomach and she barfd on me becuas of it it was so sexy but gross wtf bitch wyhd u do such a sexy thing i said as i hottly slaped her face she said it was becuz she luved me but then it i saw TALIANA stabding in the rain "I HATH CUM 2 KILLSAKURA! madar said! " noo i cant join i dont kno wat 2 WHY AM I SO POWERFUL AND GREAT! but then madra screamed "JAKE! U MUST KNOWETH SOMETHING! TALIANA! SHE IS THOU MOTHER!" wat how is this POSSIBLE NO i yelled and ragghhhhh i screamed!

ol sp thats chaptr 14 its realy good right OH EYAH hey thanks DANHY 4 THA REVIWW AND GO AWAY FLAMERS

The Mothra

ok bluer shmeterling who da fouk r u u dont kno anythin so jst go away ok and im nut a troll trolin is 4 losers! and THATS WHI THINK and no katie never peed in my moth tho iv axed her too and i can call katie abkitch becaus shes my gf she luvs it that fuckin whore. AND YRS THEY DO THINGS OTHER THING SUCK COCK THEY R FERY VOWERFUL AND DO LOTS OF INTERESTING THINGS THEY R JST REAY OOD AT GIVING HEAD 2 ROMAN. I CAN TALK 2O MY FAMILY HWOEVR I WANT 2! MY MOM ND BROTH FUCKING SUK ANYTWAY!UNNAMED I BET A LOSER LIKE U WULD LIKE STUF MY BRO LIKES SO GO OFF! AND I KNO A LOT ABT JAPAN THEY EAT SUSHI THERE AND THEY MAKE LOTS OF ELECTRONIC AND STUFF! ryuuranger MY FIC IS BETTER THAN THAT BITCHS STORY MY IMMORTAL OR WATEVER IT NOT ABOUT STUPID HARY PITTER SO HAHA and wtf is half life full life i mean i guess i heard ot the game but;;;; AND YOU R A BOBODY women are not slaves go away freak i am not a pervet i am just very sexual! AND THEN BENJI GO THE FUCK AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE YOU ASSHOLE! I NEW I SHULDVE NOT SHOWN U THA STORY U FAHH FUCK U BENJI UR A FAGGOT AND STUPID! GO AWAY! I CANT KEEP REPSOING 2 U IDIOTS STOP FLAMMING NOW,,,,,,

anyway so im still grounded and will b until fuking teusday wat a bvunch of fucking bullshit crap! ive got nothin 2 do ewxcept write the fanfic and stuff god my life fuking sucks and fuck you mom and fuck you evn more benji! did u kno benji he dosnt have any fridns and hes a virgin and hes like doing sicence stuff and histroy hes such a fucking stupid nerd and hes ugly 2 nobody likes him. and omg HAHAHA i saw him watching dat show degrassi the other nitght what a faggot! who tha fuk watchs that excpt 4 girls? well him i guess LOL hes so dumb he listsns 2 lots of shitty music 2 ! sum shit like godfrapp arcade fire the replacemtns lady GAG L7 hole nirvana wtf is all hat shit what a fucking idiot AND HE LIKES HIP HOP AND COUNTRY WTF! god the only thing he was good 4 was showing me led zpelin when i was a kid other than that he has shit taste in everything fucking loser gtho of my fuking life! ok im sorry i gus i shuldnt talk so much abt him but he jst fuckin sucks! im eally fucking angry at him right now dat lose!

ok guys anyway I GOT REALLY GOOD NEWS Katie posted her story fianlly1! its pretty good and its beach tho not as good as mine bit still read and veiwoew it! hgere it sis: .net/s/6761399/1/Reaper_Girl u ALL BETTR LIKE IT BECAUS SHE STILL AHS 3 PARTS LEFT

ok so now heres tha story

Chapter 15: The mother

TALANA IT NOT MY MOTHER YOU FUCKING PEDO! I SCREAMED yes she is thy mother thou canut denyeth it "nooo nooo never but shes so hot she cant b my mom!" "SHE IS ACCPTETH IT NOW FUCKER!" madra yelled. taliana came 2 me aftr she appeard in a ckoud of smock "i am ur mother ronan" "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" i teleported 2 a cliff by the see. THAT FUCKING HIT BITH CANT B MY MOM SHE JUST CANT THAT FUCKING WHORE! then Sakura came up behind me "but she is ronana except it!" "ok fine she is" "yes she is now ronan i love you you cant luv her anyrmore shes ur mom we must divorce that fucking bitch and then we can runaway firever" and we teleopried back but whe we did everything was diferent it was dark nobody was there and then we saw a calander... we were in the future! "how is this possible" i scramed "i dunt kno" said asakura then mandy cam up 2 us "oh hey guys" mandy i thought u were dead we said "when he ate me i got put back together in his stomach and then was pooped out" "oh ok" i kissed her she was so fucking hot not as hot as skura but stll she was so fuking hot. we began 2 wealk 2 tha doho it was sunny out and it was time 2 practice we were all sweaty and i had boner and sakura and mandy were gassy and farting all over the room was so gsexy smelling then i loked over and i saw mandy and sakura fuking sakura was skuging mandy with a katana it was so fucking ho mandy was bleeding but she didnt die or anything so it was ok mm yeah you takeit u ugly slut said saura 2 mandy and she fuckd her so hard that i came over there and started 2 fuck mandys ass while i fisted sakura in her pussy and ass her ass juggled as i put my arm in and shoved it up ther ei could feel her farting on my arm and i could feel the inside of her and there was poop but not munch anyway my arm was warm from the gas it was so fucking hot and i was fucking mandy virgously OH UGH YEAH FUCK MY ASS FUCK FUCK IT YEAH said mandy and then i came and it blaoted her stomach with all my cum so i gut up and stood on her stomach and she barfed all the cum up on2 sakjura so it looked like sakuyra had gotten a giant facial but she hadnt it was mandys barf god it was so sexythen mandy and sakura started 2 make out and tuch each others tits sakura sjoved her tit into mandys mouth and sqeezed it 2 milk it mandy drank all the milk and peed it out for sakura 2 drink. i gut hard agai so this time if cukd sakuta in the pussy god she luved it i could see the head of my cock bulshing out hjer stomach and so my dick went further in and went into her breast and the cum squiritng out mixed with milk and mandy drunked it.

as we walked outside next day we were takiing but then all of a sudden taliana appeared from out of nowhere and said "SON U MUST STAYU ON THE DARKSIUDE NOT WITH THESE WHORES!" "NO I CANT MOM I HAVE 2 STAY WITH THEM I LUVE THEM!" "NO YOU DONT" YES I DO" w ergued all night and the next morning we fought i through punchs at her but it was no use and then madora showd up and pickd up sakura and mandy "i haveth them with me! u join or they di!" "Ok i give up i join" and so we flew off into the night.

we strted 2 p;an our evile plan "wat she we do muahahhahaha!" yelled yalaina 2 madira "well i dont knowi think we should attack a part of the shibobi nation" "yes muahahahhaa that is good!" yelled Talanai. "we shuld attack this houze it is evil i can siense it!" i sid and they agreed "luyt us killeth them myaahahahah!" roared oricmura. there is the house madara muahahahha yelled talian 2 mafara. we swoopd down 2 it and i sid hellow 2 the man inside he said he name was Benji (HAHA ) and then i said fuck u ur r evil i sense it "u r right! die!" he trued 2 huyrt me but he was a styoid faf so he coyldbt do it riggt abd i vlew up the house and he was all dead and body parts flew everyhwere and blood was evrywhere he was dead. and then i said i have 2 piss and i did i peed all over him LOL. "myaghagagagaa" yelled me abd we fkew iff, bak at the lawyer i was sitting by our blak evil pool when talina same up and said "u r my son and i luve u now lets fuck" "i cant fuck u ur my mom" siad but then seh said "well only kind of so its ok" "oh i see ok lets fuck" we fucked in the pool. i draged her under and ucked her huge droopng loose pussy that wswayed baxk and forth when she walked i wrapped her long pussy lips around my big fucking cock and i fuckerd her hard oh yeah uh uh uh she was orgasming so hard she shitted herself and drownded "NOOO TALIANE!" i yelled i tried 2 save her bit she was died i tried 2 give her cpr but it didngt work "no u fcking dumb whore y r u dead" I SCREAMED. but then her eyes awoke "its ok i am alive" and we kiussed and then walkd 2 tha dinenr table where madra was. "we myst kill sakura and mady" he said "NOO U CANT I LUV THEM" "BUT U R EVIL NOW WE MUST!" "NOOO!" i yelled but i culdnt stop it we had 2 kill those bitches so we went 2 tha doho and they were having sex when we arrived and talnina said "omg it is so hot i mus join now" and she did and all three of them had sex. "i cant kill them i luve them and ronan" she said "NO YOU MORONIC RETARD!" yelled madara and the all of a sudden i killed Mandy! "y did u do that ronana u luved mandy!" "I HAD 2 KILL ONE OF U AND I LUVE U AND TALUINA MORE!" "i understand" and theni blasted madora with a blue light and turned into my spirit japanese dragon and stomped on him and he ran away

ha next day

it was sunny and pretty out when i woke up and walked cruely around tha house but everybodu was gun "madri has taken us help" said a note and i knew i had 2 find them so telported 2 tha layer and there they were but then taliana said that she was still evil and still working 4 madria so i punches her a telproted away with sakura. "we shuld divorce her i think" said sakura dn i agreed so we went 2 get a divorce from her. "u must get her to tha court if u want a divorce" said the man who worked at the shinibo court. so teleproted bak 2 tha layer and kidnapped her. and we went back "here she is" i said and she was there with us "why have u brought me" she asked and then we answered " we are divorcing you BITCH" said sakura. then we went in2 the court room and the hearing started the judge agreed with us n the divorce but then a man stood up and said "I OBJECTETH 2 THA RULING!" it was Madora!

END OF CHAPTER 15. i know its gr8 right now but its gonna bet even gr8er trust me fuckers! and dont flame anybdyh please this is a great story and i have lots of fans tso fuck the fuck off.

Da Tripe

who tha fuk r u ghostmactravis gtfo u dunt kno anyting! and gO AWAY SPAM TROLL WPMAN! ok so Otaki i kno tha religon there is budhism or sum dum relion like they al r and da gods r buddha and then sum otha ppl. and tha story rit now is pain lef and mara waants 2 get all of tha tail beasts 2 control the world and the leadrs of the ninja vilages dont want 2 he;p so they all r workin 2gether to defet him and naruto is goin 2 fight sasuke dat culd kill them bot and he is controking da fox powr 2 try n defet sasuke C I KNO THE PLOT DUMMIE. and then who r u realabumefan KAIT EIS NOT A BETTR WRITT THAN ME SHE ISNT GOOD BUT SHE IS GOOD 4 A GIRL BUYT NOT AS GOOD AS ME LOSER. but thats sus a dum question and its a trick queston 2! japan is called JAPAN idiot! tho its also calld tha rapublic of japan 2 and theres harajuku I DONT KNO THAT BECUS OF WEN SETAFI I SWARE and theres that on eara with the big elcontric bilboards its like shibooba or someting and kyoto has dat american areaand stuff and cowboy bepop is about weird ppl on a spashehip in tha future and there bounty hunters and stuff. nen genis evialgon is bt relion and gundam is about giant robuts and 11 eyes is about a guy with 11 eyes DUH anywa i nevr seen da othr stuff bvut its only becaus i lov naruto so much i spend all my tim on it!1 C I KNO A LOT ABT JAPAN IM NOT STUPID IM SMART U PPL R THE ONES WHO R DUMB AND DID U KNO JHAPAN WAS IN WORLD WAR I AND THEY HAD NUKES DROPED ON THEM I BET U DINT! AND I KNO WHO MADAR IS IF UR TALKIN ABT HIS VOIC HE TALKS LIKE THAT NOW BECUS HE WET BACK INTIME 2 THA 1800S AND THEY TALKD LIKE THAT THEN SO NOW HE DOES 2. and now u dragonhunter fuck u fucking bitch i can call tha poslice and TEHY WILL BELVIE ME I KNO A FRIDN OF MY DAD WHO WORKS THERE HE CAN ARRST U. and who cars about squic or watevr shutup fuckr. watver u were spaming i havnt gottewn any criticues yet so there and watevr ony dumb ppl like u like harry potter so watecer! i DID TRY 2 READ THA FJRST ONE BUT IT WAS BORNING BESIDE MAGIC DOESNT EXIST SO THATS DUM! wtf is a chortle and a treacle? who da fuk writs like dat! its a deal b4ucs christnity is rong and rleigon has cuasd all bad stuff evr. D0NT U EVA THRERN MY DAD ND BROTHERS I WAS RAISD RIGHT! HAHA I BET U WOTN TALK ABT THA MTURE THING BECUS U KNO UD LOOSE! NO the other reviws suck so wcater! my charctrs fight and stufff ok its gr8 action AND wat the fuk is a prep? watevr it is im not u cant xall me that bich! I CANT KEEP WRITING U FUCKERS1 STUP FLANNING!

anyway so hey cunts did u see im on twitter now? cum and follow me! /animejake anywa ok I am so glda IM NOT GRUNDED NYMORE! THE PARNTS LET ME OUT THO MY MOM TRIED 2 STOP ME FROM NOT BEING GROUNDED MY DAD SHOWD HER WHOS BOSS! the man thats right lol! anywa katie is still gronded aftr school so nofucking for a while :( but im gunna make up 4 missed time belive me LMAO! also kartie is gfunna post chapte 2 of repair girl and she 4got 2 turn on anonamus reviws but now its on so anymous ppl can reviw tho dont flame DONT FLAME! she is very upsetr she didnt get more reviws except 4 tha 1 wich devastd her fUCK u ashole ill cum 2 ur house! anyway ya also i will b away until sundy so no new chaptrs until then.

CHAPTER 16: the trail

WTF R U doing here magora? u dont belong here! "I AM WITNESS" HE said 2 us. tha judde saidb hat the ruling wasnt vlad becus mafara objwected 2 tha ruling. "u r nut divoced anymor. nEXT CASE !"i kiled the judge he was acutlay evil and corupt so we left the courthuse in angrer "HOW THA FUCK CAN HE DO THIS!" yelled sakura but then madora came out to and so did taliana "MUAHAHAHAHAHA! U LOSE! " they ye;;ed then they blastde us with their powers and we were blowd down. "hey! u cant do that fucker!" i yelled but her didnt listen "I WILL HAVE SEX WITH SAKURA NOW!" sad madroa "NO! U WONT!" yelled but it was 2 late he started 2 fuck her and she hated it STYOP STOP NOW! I YELLED AND THEN i turned into my form and headbutds him and he fell back and was very badl hurt and talian sad " U WILL NOT HURT HIM ASSHOLES!" so she suckd mdoras cock 2 revive him and then they laughd cruely "mauahahahahaha! we shall leave now! but we will be back 4 reveng wen u least expcet it!" tey flew away and we lied on the groumd hurt so i telproted aus all back 2 the dojo. "it is nut safe 2 b here we must leve j thin" "ok i said' so i

tpelroed us 2 space were were in a dojo that floated through space it was the only sage place 2 b. in the spac we wu eally horny so we strted 2 fuck i culd see sakuras puissy it was so wet and needed 2 be fuked but then taliana showd up "MUAHAHAHAHA! I HAVE FOUND U!" but she then saw my gigantivc cock and began 2 suk it becus it was delicons "mm ur cok is so big tho ur still my enamy btw" as she licked da shift then she farted "poops!" she roared and then sakur acame 2 her ad talian grew 12 fet high again adn sakura crawled in2 her cunt and lickd it laping up the pussy jiice but then i 4got she was in there and began 2 fuck talian with my huge 3" long dick and sakura was stil in da pussy so while i fcked she was rslape d against talains cunt walls and talianas cunt flaps began 2 flap while i fucked her slaping my dick wildy and i cept fcjing and fucking and taliana moaned "o yes fuck yes fucker mmmm HUGE DICK IN ME!" my cock head ekpt slamming into sakuras stomach so hard she barfed all over my cock it was so gross byt so hot as my dick went deepr it finaly tuched talians huge cervex "OOOH AHHH OOOOO EEEE EHHH " She ograsmed so much the cunt juice was pouring from her and it nearly drownd sakura so sakura was unCUNTious (lmao) i puled out and dsakura came along witj it my dick and so then i turned sakura over and fucked her ass it was so tight i fucked her fasst and then taliana fisted saksa pussy hard then talna ppeed on sakura amd salira guzzled the piss it tasted like talina s pussy juice so it tasted like mashmellows and lemons it was so good then all of a sudden the house was faling apart in space we were being sucked in2 a black hole "OJHHHNOOO NOT LIKE THIS AHHH" th black hole suckes us in while we were still fucking we were twrjing in2 it "WTF!" yelled sakura

and then luckly i telported us out of there but we wur telported 2 a deesert "wer r we" asked them becus they weent smart. "we r in the shiboni dessert" i said. how would we get out we didnt no we walkd 4 days and whole werre walkubg taliana revleaed the most shoking secret evr "i am not taliana thre is no tilana" "wtf r u taliing about u fucking bitch?" said sakura "wat do u mean" i asked. "I... AM SAKURAS TWIN OF DARKNESS" "NOOO NOOO THIS CANT BE THIS IS IMPOSIBLE NO!" but it was 2 latw "MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" she took of her taline mask and showd her face she looked like sakura but had black hair and was pale she was evil! "this is not happening no its not it cant be nooooo" i yelled! "i always sense it" said then... madra showd up! "MUSHAHHAHAHAH! u have finaly revleadeth r master plan haveth thy talian?" he saideth. "YES THESE FOOLS FELL 4 IT MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" she said :NPOOOOOOOOO WHORE DIE! i yelled and then! nOOOOOO i yelled again but it was footile. "but u have not herd the best part of our plan: yelled mosari. "WE HAVE FOUND THE KEY 2 DISTREOYING THE WORLD! AND U R IT RONAN! U CAN DESTROY THE WORLD! NOW JOIN US!" NOOO NEVER i yelled and i stabbed him and he flew off "u will join us asshole" taliana asid. "NOTE!" i said and tried 2 kill her but she left. god that bitch was so fuking hot and she was sakurs evul twin wat could i do i didnt no

the next day we went 2 court and got a divocre from talana. we celbrated by driking and doing coaicne and fucking hard . "we will win1!" we yelled "but im so scared of u wat if u destry world!" he yelledc"sakura i kno ur scared but come down" "protect me fucker" she said and she helded me huging my huge muscley pecs and arms i was fucking rips then she rode me cowboy style and i fucked her hard her tits bounced back and forth she shoved them in my face and i drank the milk from them "mmm delucuiys", then my best friend cam over and said "RONAN U WILL NUT BELIEVE IT!" he said "taliana evil sakura twin has started a band with madara! and they are really good tho not as good as us but they challenge you!" "THIS CANOT BE!" i rmamed 2 him. but it was tlaiana was huge we were the 2 bigest bands ever and we were going to fight each other with r songs!

end of chapter 16. hey guyts im glad i got fan emails heres one:

"hey jake ur a gr8 righter love ur work! got my pussy real wet" and then there was also this one "mm fuck yeah ur damn good fucker! i want 2 touch ur muscles jake". SEE FUCKERS I HAVE FANS NO STFU!


STUP SHPAMMING PIRTA MAN! an watecr otaku when i said budism i meant SHITNO and yes i knew abt that oter stuff too i jst 4got k! I KNO WAT DRAFON BALL Z IS! IT WAS MY FAVRITE ANIME WEN I WUS A KID ITS GOOD. BT NOT AS GOOD AS NARTO anywayu fuck u fanficton polise u cant repirt my fanfic! im gona report u! same wit u gramr poilce!me u dont mo wat ur talkin botu thtat is from a fan her name is melisa shes hut too. watevr nerd5510 speling doest matter anywa so fuk u. STIP CALING ME TARA MY NAME IS JAKE. and unamed i kno it was world war II dats wat I said! no my dad fred wont end up in jail hes a cup and u dont kno anyting abt law so fuk off! and now 2 u dragonhitler,,,, I DUNT NEED SPELCHEK SPELING DUSNT MATTER ANYWA SI WHO GICS A FUKC AND DIS IS MY STIRY I CAN SAY WATEVR I WANTQQQQ1 AND DA SAME GOES 4 GFLAMERS I CAN RESPOND 2 U BECUS ITS MY STORY AND I CAN RAT IT WATEVER I WANT 2!11! AND 4 THA REST OF TGA STUFF THIS IS MY STORY I CAN WRIT IT HOWEVR I WANT SO FUCK U DRAGONHUMPER! lol did u get dat? haha fuck u! oh ya! and ther r lots of 13 yr olds who like 2 fuk hst go 2 yaho answrs and see we do it becus we r mature so fok uff! BUT LIKE I SDIA IF U R GOIBG 2 ASWER MY ATUORS NOTS AT LEST RED MA STORY AND TLK ABT IT! I BET U RNT EVN READING IT ITS 2 HARD 4 U 2 AND U GUYS JST DONT KNO HOW AWESOME IT IS!

ok so katie wint be updating her fic 4 a wile she says it takes her a long time 2 cum up wit stuff lol wat i dumpazz luv u tho gurl!

anyway so me my mom and dad and my borhtas mattew london and benki went on a trip 2 oregon wtf that shit was SO BORING! we wne t 2 da beach and craetr lake who cares i can fnd all dt stuff here in californa11! we also went hiking in da forst who gives a shit abt dat and we also went 2 lasen vulcano park jst a bunch of SHIT! me mattthew and landon were so fraking borded of course stupid benji liked it fucking nerd loseer. anyway im nut grunded anymore but katie still is! wft r wrong wit her parntes dey say she neds real sevre punishment 4 wat she did! FUCK U JENNA AND WATEVR HER DADS NAM IS...

anyway so heres chaptr 17!

CHAPter 17: ? note: nme dis cahpter later

so we met that night at a stadium and i began 2 sing "FUCK YEAH SUCK MY DICK FUCKING WHORE MMM MMM YEAH I WANT MORE!" then she sang her dong "OOH BABY I NEED YOU O LOVE U UR THE ONLY MAN FOR ME AND I WANGT U" it was a stupudy girly song and madera loved it becus hees a fag. "well the winner of the contest is of course robab" yelled the presentr. and evr1 chered by aliana was so angry she stabed the presentr and threw him to madra who ate him. UUUUU! JOIN US! NOW! U WILL NOT WIN! she yelled at us byut i hit her with a guitar and then started 2 fuk her with the guitar "mmm oh yea fuck me ronan mmm" she said as it slamed in2 her the pussy lips hitti g it "ohh ohh yeah" sakura came over and farted on talanas face and talan sniffed it in "oooh mmm it smells so good give me MORE" and tsakyra ate a burrito and farted so much talana almost died. everyobody int eh audience loved us and they ahd put their lighters in the air "we luv u ronan!: yelled the girls in the audience all the girls jakced off to me fucking talian and sakura farting then sakura came and queefed in my face then she openbed up her butt 2 the audince and all the girls came and sniffed sakuras farts some were wet 2. and finally taliana cummed and i slammed my guitared down and it broke in2 a miulon peces. "WE R ROCKSTARS FUCKERS!" then i punched talana and threw her away. madra went aftr her and me and i ate skuras pussy out so hgard she bled and the audiente cheered at us. i hit sakura in the eye with my cock and she looked in2 my dick as i cummed it poured on her face and then i showd my didck 2 the audience "OMG ITS SO HUGE!" "CUM ON US NOW!" and i did the whole aduence was soaked in creany cum and then sakura let one last fart out and we left the stage.

wen we left the stag we went bakstage and drank ltos of beer and and alcahol nd stuff and did coke and heron n weed n stuff 2. we were so high and drunk we fel asleep and wen we woke up... we werent back stsge anyemore!1! we were in madoras layer "what hav u done!" i yelled to madari and taliane clucked " we have kidnaped u dont u see u foolish fool! " and den madore said "u r tha kee 2 destraying the wrld we must use u 4 it! " "NO U WILL NUT!" i yelled and then sakura cam 2 me "hes right! u will not use him u will hav 2 kill me 1rst!" "fine den, BITCH" said sakurs evil twin talani and she cut her head off! sakura was dead!

"BOOOOOOOOOOO!" I ylled " FUCK U AND THEN I STABBED HIM AND BLOOF BOORED FROM HIM LIKE A WATEFALL! "ahhhh owwwww oooh eeeeee ahhh!" he yelled then i look back and it turnd out sakura was ok. then he knocked us out! wen we woke up were were chained and maroda told us that we wre working 4 him now and we were we had to pick rice in fields (becus dey eat a lot of japan in rice) tehre were lots of other workes they were madroas and tilanes henchmen "muahahahhahaha he love doing his work madra is our leader and so is dat fuking hot bitch talina!" said one of them i said fuk u but ur right taline is hot. then madra came in 2 tha field room and yelled at us "RAHHHHH! U 2! WUT HAVETH U 2 DON!" he said and then pickd us by our ears and took us away 2 his office. " cum sit down" he said "ur work in tha fields has been ungood so i must fire u and then chop of ur heads and eat u." he then pickd iup a midget who workd in tha field and the midget yelled "NOOOO! HELP ME! HELP MEEEEEEE" and then mafara ATE HIM!

"NOO NOOO! RONAN DONT LET THAT HAPPEN 2 US! SAVE ME!" so then i punchd magora and he fell through the glas in his orifice that overlookd tha rice fields and then we ran otu tjat door thru the stairs and kept runing but then sakyra triped and was left behind so i ran bak 2 get her! "heelp! help! i cant get up! help me ronan! so i did and then we ran away from his layer and he started 2 chase us! U SHALL DESTROYETH THY WORKD IT IS UR DESTONY U FUCKTARD! i knew he was right i was going 2 destroy tha world soon but wen i didnt kno so we kept runing and runign and we were runing thru that woods then an evil monster showd up!

the mosnetr it was like a dragon but ugly and stupid and roared at us. "MUAHAHAHA! U HAV FALLETH IN2 THA TRAP IDIOTS!" yelled madra from behind. then mosnta roared and sakurs screamd "its ok baby ill protect u" i said as she held on 2 my pecs and big arm muscles and shit, all of a sudeen blue light shown from he and i turned in2 my dragon form and fot the fat dumb dragon who yelped in pain as i beat him 2 deth then i turned bak into my human form and said "he is dead it is ok sakura u can stop crying no" "NOOOO! MY CHILDDD! U HAVE JILLED MY CHILD! U SHALL PAY, RONAN AND SAKYURA!" so we started 2 hav 2 run again and he and taline startded 2 run after us we were runing as fast as we could and he was shooting his powers at us sakurs almost gut hit but is saved her and so did i almost got hit but i didnt so it was ok then i saw tht talian had flown over us so she landed in front of us! wee were corned! "NO! RONAN WAT WILL WE EVER DO?" asked sakura "I DONT NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" i yelled as the evul skuyra twin taliana cackeld and smiled cruely at us as she cam closer ready 2 kill. madara was behind us 2! we were fnished!



The Chase

ok godmanit now i hav 2 do anoter autors note 2 u FUCKERS BUT I WILL TRY 2 KEEP IT short. 2da spammer MARODA IS MADRA I JST MISPLEED IT ON AXIDENT unname watevr i nut gong 2 pay attention 2 u! ITS MY STORY NPOTS URS AND ITS MY LIFE I CAN COMPLAIN IF I WANT 2! tge rporter of critics united fuck u i reportded u! blu shmettering DONT U EVER INSTULT SHE IS NOT DIUMB OK WELL MAYB A BIT BUT UR STIPUD! ME; i do ihav fans ur just jelus becus i have 120 reviws!2 otaku and pirwta man i go on trips alot becus my parents r dum but they make a lot of money i mean duh we liv in los amolitos its in da oc idit and i go 2 scool nd get realy good grads! ruuragner wjp da fuck is salirkiler and i dont car ebat da others nd wat u thinl!111! I WILL NOT STUP MY STORY OTS MINE AND IT WILL END WEN ITS TIME WHICH IS A LONG TIME FROM NOW ITS GONA b AT LEAST 30 CHAPTRS but mayb more like 60 den i might it end there or it maybe it culd go 2 100 i dont kno i havent cunted it out and stuff so FUK OFF! 2 shihazuchan i had my broter landon spelchek the titles so stupid gramer nazis wuldnt cum in here 2 flame me but OBIOUSLY DAT TIDNT WORK!1! GO AWAY BENJI! wtf is a ron tha deth eater and drago in lether pants NOW 2 U DRAGIHOTER! watevr dunt u call me an idit ur da udiot,,,, i widtn hav sex wit a dragon they rnt real plus dats gros to fhav sex wit animlas1 o yea well look it dis chaptr and note how many times did i use da f bomb not very much huh whore! o yea well u jst go 2 da adolscent sexuaity pag on wikepdia and looka t da statics on kid who hav sex b4 15 WE R HERE AND MATURE LOTS OF EURPEANS DO IT AND DER SOPISTICATED SO HAHA and yed i am making a good read cant u fuking tell its fuking good u jst dont kno how 2 red dats wat! they wuer nut fake urs stupid! se i got dat reviws from hotlezbian she liks it dat skank. i get angry ITS MY RICHGTAND ITS NOT ALWAYS DA SAME THING THEY JOIND A ROCK BND AND HAD CONCERTS DAT WAS VERY DIFRENT AND DEN THEY HAD 2 ORK 4 ORICIMUTADORA in a rice field c dats all diferent!11!1 lots of of that stuf was awesome SO THERE AND NO TNAT DRAGIM WAS MIT I ! AND ID DI ANSWER ur reliogn questin rielogn is bad becus it kids lots of ppl atiests like me nevr did stuf like dat dont u kno anyting keex. AND HOW DAR U REPOT ME U TRAOTR BICH! I REPORT U HAHA1!

okk now 4 tha sotry1! nothing realy excitng hapend dis wek so i cant real talk abt anyting it suckd fuck! anywqa this chaptr is the best 1 yet its awesome and lots of cool stuf hapen in it and thers a chsocking twist ending ull nevr believe!

chapter 18: The Chase

muahahahahahah i am here 2 kill all" said talien. "u cant do this to us u fucking cunt!" yelld sakura but taline came coser 2 uz and wus ready 2 kill us until... lighting cam ouit of da sky! it struk tliana and she fell down jurt so we kept runing s fast as we xuld "quick we must runm!" i yelled and wqe did. "ROAHHHHHHHHH! U SHALL NOT ESCAP RONAN! I SHAL KILLETH U B4 THE NIGHT IS OVA!" and he three knivs at us and they almust hit us bit didnt so we wur ok/ it was very dark outsid and it was scry 2 sakrau she dint ike it becus it was scray. we ran 4 houyrs frm den but dden sakura triped on a bruce and i yelled "NOOO! SAKURA!" and went bak 2 help her she culd not get up by herself and she was all cov4rd in mud it looked very sexy. i gut a boner and then talian came so i punchdd her with my hug dick and she went flying in da air way from us and we kept runing ny boner was bouncing up and dunt on the ar and skyras huge double L cup tits were bouncin 2 her nupples were realy hard amd pointy out of her shirt they were like hard cocks drippng muilk like dicks dfip cum but not realy becus taht would be fuking gay and im not u fuckers. madora yelled "U R DEAD! and we kept runing but then i telproted us out of there so wer we ok?

we landed in tha shobini village near da dojo it was dakr and stormy night out. "jake im skared lets go!" "ys i kno saura its very skary with thewind and raina nd lighing but hey sakyra lets go do som stuff" meanwhile bak in ths forest modrag scramed "! HE HAS ESCAPE FROM OUR CLUCHES! HE SHAL DIE! WE MUST FINDETH HIM TALINE!" "yes mastr we huld find him. now let me suk ur cock' and i could sense she was suking his dick it hurt me so much how can she suck a dick not mine that fuking whore i was going 2 kil her wen we met ahain! "ok lets go do sometin sakura" "ok" she said so we went 2 tha shigogi video store. "welcome 2 tha bst vide store in japshiboni we hav evrything includign porn eceot gay porn bcuas that is gross now go look". we walkd aorund da video stor and we dicded 2 get lota of stuff. firat we gut trafsnormers 2 becus it is awesom and then we got da boondick snats (bst movi ever) snd the fsst and furious met da sportans and i hop dey srve ber in hel (gr8 movi and book!_. saruka puled out some movies tey were polp fction vetigo tax river and blad runer nd also som silent movise "wat da fuk is dat shit sakhra! dos movis suck!" (FUCK U BENKI 4 MAKING WATCH THOSE! they were all boring and there werent hot chiks or lots of action fo fuk off!). den we wne t 2 da porn secutons and got "tight pussy lesbian sluts sucking dick" and "jizz on my glasses 4" and "i need to fart 8" they r som of my favorite porns and they r vry good. we den lefty tha porn area and walkd 2 tha dor then tha stor clork said "hello u cnt go out yet u stealrs u hav 2 by stuff" "NO I dont hav 2 by it i am aginsty tha capitlist machine and i will nut buy this!" den i killd him ad sakura cheered sp den we ra out of da stor staling da stuff. (lmao danny katie and tina hope u readin dis remembr the time we went in2 tha 7 11 and stol dat stuff? dats wat dis was sinrpied by rofl)

so ten we wne tout 2 eat and got in and out burgers and then went home and ate and watched da oirn. i jaked off 2 da porn and cummed on her burger and fries and sakura ate it "mmm dis is delicoush ronan thank u 4 tha cum sir" "ur welCUM slut" (roflmao) then all of a sudden a magical note appeard and it said that we wur invited 2 attend a ball. "wtf fuck dat shit balls r 4 fags get it?" "o ronan i wuld luv 2 go 2 a bal!" "well ok but only if u dress sexily" "i will trust me" and we should fuk in front ov eevrybody dey can se my huge cock" "mmm baby dat sounds hot lets do it!" so we strated 2 prpear 4 da shobini ball. bak outside tha hous THERE WERE A OAUR IF GOGGLES LOOKING AT US AND THEY WERE BUNOCUMER GOGGLES... IT WAS TALIANA AND MADRA AND THEY WERE SPYING ON US READY 2 CUM AND GET US BUT DEN MAODRA SAID "NO WE shall waiteth 4 tha ball! muahahhahhaaha" then talinea said "u r briiant master muahahahahhaahhahahahahah!" as suked his cock i could feel it and i knew someting wad wrong but we were going 2 tha ball anyway!

hey fuckers theres chapter 18 fasnatic right hih fuck off flamed anyway ected 4 chaptr 19 and 20 right becus tjey rc cumming soon 2 get ur pussies soakin wet bitchcunts!

Tha Sivone Ball

watevr fuk u me. ryuragner dont u fucking mock me vbitch! and agin 2 ruranger snd otku i dunt live in los angels i live in LOS ALAOMISTOS. 2 undamed fuck yes i m going 2 get 1000 reviws jst u wait nd c and i am nut a bigget i like ppl guysss having sex is jst fuking gross and religon is dumb ok so fuck of! 2 otaku i do get god grads in schol i jst dont like having 2 spelchekc it waists time and yu ppl r stupid so go away! and yes it did mak sense my parnets hav money and they alwsay hav wekends off so we go on trips a lot jeex also katie wil not get orefnat we use rotections ab tos e r real fans u ppl hst dont belie e me and r posrs so shit you. . now agin 2 u DRAFONCUNTER (lol) yes u cnt complain dis is my story and i am rividibg u guys with it 4 free so u hav no rite 2 complan! it was not a troll se emailed me she is sexy and hung. DONT U INSTUL LANFON! watver i dont even kno what tvropes is. no iot u r. ok so well yeah no i wont alright. it dos mak me matur ur jst not smart enough 2 kno abt it. duh like witchs and stuff were killd and istuff. no u dnt. cuntwhoreslut wats cthulo yes semen is helthy it s good 4 ppl (BUT ONLY GIRLS). i dont need viagr i get hrd al the tim. ALL GIRLS WILL BE AROUSD BE THIS AND THEY KNO IT THEY R LYING IF THEY SAY THEY RNT SO FUCK YOU SLUTS WHO SAY YOU DONT GET WET! i dont sedavre cristism tdats y! u ppl so men.

anywya so now 4 chptr 19! i got lots of chpaters ;laned out nowso i kno tha story is going 2 go pst 30 chapters and oh ueah i think i will pubjsligh a chpter evry weekdn from now on but probly not on spring break OH AND HEY I WROTE A TRANSFORMERS DRAGON BALL Z CROSSOVER PLEAS EFREAD IT!::::::: .net/s/6803570/1/Tranformers_infity_of_the_darkness COPY PAST TGQAT its going 2 b 2 parts lon and thats the 1st part ok it wont conitnue like this 1 i hav 2 focus on dis one sory fans. now 2 tha story ok um also kati nd me r still in a vithr and shes still grunded so im pised off nd i dunt kno when she will post reapr girl part 2 and 3 hopufly sometime dis month but i will pst PART 2 OF THE CROSVOER 2MOROW OK?/

o yeah benki wrote sum of da realy dumb big wordss for dat 1 guy in dis caoter tho i 4get his name watevr tha charter suckd. benji was an ashole and wuldnt do him evn tho i needed tha chrater 2 spek in british words so i ahd 2 pay him 2 write the words WTF? and he said hed only do it if he got 2 describ wat tha chrater lookd like and came up with the endin 4 tha chrater! well i let him so fuck u benki FUCK U


we were ot the mal agan it was rebuot from last time and we weur loking for sakuras sexy ball dress it had 2 be hot and i was gong 2 by me a big coolass suit 4 tha ball 2 anywa we walkd in2 tha stores and we kept looking round byut she culd not find the dres she wanted so we had 2 go 2 a speciatly stor cale d "big balled resses" it was very nice and a very sexy lady who was very hot workd there she was chewing gum and blowying se3xy bubles but i wishd thos bubles were my cock anywa skura loked a rund a on but culd not find the dress so i told her "WAIT SAKURA I HAVE A speiclua power tat lets me fin d wat we r loking 4 let me use it" "ok go baby" "AHHHHHHH OOOOHHH EEEEEE" i mad noises as my mind looked and then ther was glowing it was the rress we were loking 4 "OMFG ITS A PREFECT! i luv evryting abt it god its sow fadionable" she said i roled by yebs becus fshion is dumb nd 4 faggies nd gurls anyway she went in2 the dreinsing room and tried it on and wen se cam out she lokd so fuking hot. da dress was black and had FLAMING (xd lmAo u guys get it right haha i be not becus u guys r fuking retards LOL) lambroginis,feraris on it and f;aming japense leters on it too it was so fukinghot it also had pink (dat color is so fucking gay bt shes a girl so watevr) lether straps and lutle holes wher her nippls pooped out nd a studed belt. nd the lower part of the dress was c thru so u culd c her dripping wet wide opn pussy htat was making the dress sokaing wet. hse had big boots on dat were part high heeld stillegos and she was wering a basbll cap dat siad"RONAN IS SO HOT" and she was wearomg a c thru clear leather jackit 2 that had fuur on its neck and she had lots of makeup on lots of it thik red lipstick and brigt blu eye makeup pink cheek makup she lso paibtded her eybrows puprle and big diamonds on her necklace and jands and shit. she had purse that was a scull nd japwnes rwiritng pinted on. it was so sexy and it da dres would blow op[en whenebr she farted which she did a lot/

the lady who workd there said oo that looks very hot on u bitch how bat we fuck and they did sakuras strted 2 shove the scull purse in2 the ladys cunt and she scull fuked her (ROTFL DID U C WAT I DID THERE FUFCKERS? i bet u didnt LOL 11!) fast and hard she was scraming and then i cam and she suckd my dic wel she dtried but she culdnt it was so big nd she ended up chcoking 2 deth on my dick so we leftl. we gut on r car dn went 2 r next plac whih was MY SHOP nd whil we were driivng me and skura talked "omg i cnt wait 4 tha shibobi ball" "yes i guess" "octupuses" said sakuyra "yes slut" i said ad den we walkd in2 the str. rggh now hers someting benji MADE me copypast from an email. it describs edfred grrr "he has blond-brown hair, with perhaps a reddish tinge, and looks kind of like a cross between Xander Cohen from Bioshock and Archie "Snake" Simpson from Degrassi" grr y am i doing this anywa "HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY SHOP! ENTER, ENTER! PURCHASE WHATEVER YOU WISH! MY NAME IS EDFRED AND I AM THE PROPRIETOR OF THIS STORE. WE HAVE SUPERB DEALS SO PLEASE LOOK AROUND BUT DONT YOU TOUCH A GODDAMN THING!"1 so we went in2 da plac THEN WE FOUND MY SUIT1! it was so cool it was dark red and had blak pantsand a blak leather jackt wit it there were little knifes on the front of the shirt and then blades cirlcing my wasit nd the holes at the botums were my feet cum out 2, my boots were awesomed 2 the heel swere hammers and my nek colar had blads 2 nd i got a cool tophat thing with platunim blads on it and my pants had "LET ME FUCK UR PUSSY" wrten on tha bak. i put it on nd went to the cunter but b4 i got ther ei touched an antiqe hingy "HEY FUCKSHITTER! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU OBTUSE HOODLUMS? I BELIEVE I APPRISED TO YOU THAT THERE SHALL BE NO TACTION OF THE MERCHANDISE WITHIN MY EMPORIUM! GET OUT OF MY STORE! GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!" "hey wat the fuk is ur problem u dummy" "I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MISCREANTS SUCH AS YOU TWO AND I MUST PEREMPTORILY IMPETRATE THAT SUCH NEFARIOUS MALEFACTORS ABSCOND MY ESTABLISHMENT!" "wtf r u talking abt r u britsh?" "I AM NOT BRITISH! I AM FROM THE UNITED STATES! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!" "NO WE WONT THIS IS R STORE !" "WHY IN ALL MY YEARS I HAVE NE= i blastd him nd he ddnt die 4 sum reason so i just threw him and wehen he was fkying away aftr being thrown he said "YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU EVER IMPEDED MY VALIANT EFFORTS! AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

so now it was time 4 the ball nd we went 2 this huge mnasion it was so fuking big and it was castle so we went inside and lots of ppl were there mostly assholes but sum cool ppl. so we all dnaced 2 GOO music not modrn shiy nd evrybody was turnd on by our outfits and stuff so then sakura said "omg baby show them ur dick" so i did and all the girls went wild and started orgrasaming and them i peed all over them and they all rolld around the floor fucking and licking each other and milking their tits it wa sos fuking hot but then somebodu came in it was edfred! "WHAT IS TRANSPIRING PRESENTLY? OH NO! NOT YOU TWO ABHORRENT REPROBATES AGAIN! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" he said and he was in a cast wit cruches and stuff we strted 2 laugh at him. "DO YOU FIND THIS JOCOSE? IS THIS A CACHINNATORY OCCURRENCE TO YOU? BAH! REMOVE YOURSELVES FROM MY PROMENADE THIS INSTANCE!" "no fuck u fag we cam here 4 fun and were going 2 have it! u cant stup is!" "YES I CAN! I AM THE ONE ADMINISTERING THIS BALL, SO LEAVE MY CASTLE AT ONCE! I-" BAM BOOM SHING!1!1! it was MADRA! he had crashd the sibone ball!11 "muahahahahahaha!1! master! our plan! it is a sucess!" said taline "QUET U!" madora shooted. then he cam 2 us "U DOTH NOT THUNK THAT WE WOULD LET THOU HAVETH A BALL WITHOUT OUR APPREANCE? U R MISTAEN!1!11! HUAHAHAHHAHHAA!" we herd bussing ovr da caste and dat fuyking corewd fag edfred was leaving in his bovercraft "FORGET THIS SHIT! I BID YOU ASSHOLES ADIEU" "FUK U FAGGOT FAGGY GUY! i yelled" then madora cam lokd at me nd said "huahahaha we hav u kno o nd who da fuk was dat?" "SUM LOSER BUT HES GUN NOW SO U WILL NOT WIN!" ao i put my special mind contro piwres on da girls at da ball and they all gatherd behind me readt 2 fight but jst then the castle doors cam oen!1 it was NARUTO!1

k so dat was chaptr 19 i kno tha parts benji help wrots r stupid and werd bt ignr them tha rest is gr8! i got luts of exciting sutfff plannd!1!