ok guys gr8 news katies gunna post a fanfic real soon i m so proud of dat bitch she cant rite as good as me but im happy its a ok ficn and ull all luv it so fuking read it when she fuking posts u fucking faggz. and hey unamed i dontknow who tha FUCK U THINK U R BUT UR STUPID AND UGLY AND DUMB SO JUST SHUTTUP! i bet u dont kno anything jaha loser.! do YOU EVEN KNO WHO I AM U AZZHOLE WTF! I AM WRITING AN AWESOM FANFIC AND UR JST HELUS U CANT RITE LIKE ME FUKING LOSER ASSHOLEBITCH CUNT SLUT WHORE SKANK, I BET UR LIE 12 OR SOMTHING HAHA UR A 12 YR OLD LITLE GIRL I BET FUKING PUSSY LMAO LEAVE ME THA FUCK ALONE U dunt KNO SHITS SO GO AWAAY OK!\


!anyway so heres my next chapter idt real good u will all luv aot flamers can fuk offi dont car wat u say unnamed bitch i can sa and o whateva i fuiin want u fukin axx. this is MY STORY NUT URS... AND I WILL NOT STOP TELLINK FLAMRZ 2 STUP FLAMIN BECUZ ITS FUKING OBNOCIOUS!

hert iz

chaptah 11:

it was daytime and it was sunny and rainy and the sky was yellowy pupple but we wer angry and walking faustly 2 da dojo we wur mad becuz of magara we knew he was going 2 try 2 ruin r weddong and everybdy was so mad so we did sum coke and we felt beyyer. then mdara showd up and the girls screamed he;p please and he left with them except 4 taliana taliana said "i hav trickd u! i work 4 madara!" "Wtf u skanky cunt u cant do this" utch she vanished and i gut so mad i cried manly tears of ager i had 2 find dose sluts or els e e wuld kill them

in madaris layr everybody was screaming they didnt kno wat 2 do they were at the top of his castle and then he cam 2 ther room "u bitches r ging 2 fuking dieth! doth shuld kno bettr than 2 croseth thou! u will pay cunt hwores" and he zapped them eleictrally sadistical! i was waling thru tha forset when i herd them screaming i started 2 run thru it and then found tha castle he was in and i went in2 it and found their room they were chanded 2 tha well "help us ronan pleas u hav 2 jelp us pleaaase help!" THEN MADORICAMEIN AND I YELLED AT HIM U WILL LOSE U AZZHOLE FUCKING FUCKER AND HE STARTED TO CRY. haha ur such a baby i said nad he cried more but then all of a sudden TALIANA CAME IN! she was drossed in leather and platium and she was so fuking sexy then she yelled "RONAN U DO NOT UNDERSTAND WAT IS GOING ON THIS IS BIGGET THAN U + ME ITS BIGGR THAN ALL OF US! MATARA HAS KIDNAPPED ME AND THEM I DIDNT BATRAY U HE JSY MADE ME I LUV U STILL" MADRA WTF RU DOING U ASSHOLE HOW CAN U DO THIS 2 THESE WEAK GIRLS THEY NEEDED HELP AHHHHH! and so i stanned him. he bled but then he said i have activated da self desruct sewuence and u will all die then he poofed away and tha castle strted 2 crumble/

we have 2 get out of here yelled taliana i agree i said and we ran thru tha castle but that door was locked we culdtn get out then taliana called forth her magical japanese fhummer limo and it zoomed thru tha wall and said "Get in fuckers" we all yelled in hapyness and we jumped in and it flew out of tha castle just as it ezploed. as da car was flying i yelled out FUCK YEAH amd we flew away

that next day

da next day we were goig shapping at the mall looking 4 sakura mandy and talianas wedding dresses got it was so boring and stupid who fuking likes shopping except 4 pussy girl bitches and stupid faggies. sajyra madyt adb takuaba found ther dresses and they lookd so fuyking hot they were magic dresses and made their tits bigger a d sexyier. i got a huge boner so we all started 2 fuk sakura had brought a giant didlo with her and shoved it into taliana and she screamed cumming all over her wedding dress and then i put my huge dick in2 sakura and mandy ad fuked them like neer b4 everybody around us was watching then a guy came up and said "ww u have a giantic cock can i have sum" and i said "WTVF HOW DARE U U FAG UR GROSS EW GUYS FUYCJING UIS GRRISSS GI AWAY! IM NOT GAY FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFFFFFFFFF ! U NASTY WEIRDI! and then i killed him with my magical powers and he disentagrated 2 dsust and then his lesbian friend cam up and said omg ur cock is so fuking big can we hav sum uf made us straight! and they both jumped on it and were impaled it was so hot they sockaed my pussy in dick juice and i fucked them so hard and then they had sex with mandy sakura and taliana they were so hot all of them then mandy farted "ooopsie" she said it was so hot i got hard egain and fucked her assss and i sprayed cum all over the mall and said u lesbians r great sluts by" and then we left. when we were leving all of a sudden tha mall EXPLODD... there was blood everywhere and bodyparts fand everybody was dead except 4 me sakyra mandy and talian, it was horrible and bad and they all cried and then laid their hads on my big pecs and said omg how culd this happen we luv u so much protect us PLEASE! I THEN YELLED !1!111!111!1!1111! and we wnet home da wedding was tha nextday

so dat was chapter 11 its real good i know and i bet ur all exidted about da nxt chapter and i bet ur pussies r wet u sexy whiores readung! i will probbly post agin ovr da weekdn so be prepaired for awesome cool shitty!

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