Prat 2 of Tepic Battle

OK/ SO I DONT REMEMBR THE REVIWS LEFT 4 ME LAST TIME S O 4 OMNCE I GET 2 RITE A SMALL AUTORS NOTE AND NOT REPONSD 2 U FLAMERS! anyway so i fugurd every1 shuld kno dat DAANNY AND TINA BROKE UP its vray sad and terrigle fut tye werent as sexy a cople as me and katie anyway sok. ayway did u guys hear christoper hitchens is dying omg dats so bad and sad he is such a good person i luv u chrisitpher hitenc tho im not a fag and u guys kno hes good friends wit rehciard dawkins omg richard dwkins is so cool! es smart nd they r both right on religon;;;; and dats so cool chripeher hitchens suports baldimir lenon like me dat guys was raly cool and wat he did was gr8! flabimirlenin rox!1 i jst started 2 lern abt him a litle bit in skoal. che guvra is awesum 2.

anywy heres chaptr 24!


as i was slying 2 da fight in my sexy dragon form all of a suden i fell out of da sky becus naruto had shot me down! "GRRR RONAN WTF U ASSHOLE FUCK U!" amd he started 2 beat me up evily "GRR U R TRYING TO DESTROY ME AND MADRAS PLAN!" "WAT PLAN DPEST MADRA JUST WANT 2 DESTY THA WORLD?" "NO U IMBCILE! HE IS CONSPIRING WITH" but then I punchd him as he was destrcted! "fuk u u capilotist evil man" i creamed on him. "WHAT ISETH THOU DOING!" yelled a dark voice it was madora "THOU SHALT NOT DEFEATETH THY NARUTO!" "YES I WOILL HE IS A WHINY FAGGY ITCH AND I WILL DEBATE HIM!" "" and madra blasted a black light from his mouth and it flew at me knocking me out down! i cu;ld hear sakuras sexy whore voice in my head calling 2 me "ronan! u cant fail ,me! u must rescu ,e becus i am a girl nd cant rescu myself!1 please help OH GOD HELP NO MADRA IS GOING APE ME AHHHHHHHH" "NOOOO! SAKUTA!" and i went unconsous.

"WAKETH UP DOUCHEBAG!" yelled masara "eateh thus food!" and he threw a disguting food that was idian food at me it was curry and digutting (ew endina food is gross most asian food is realy gross except 4 sushi wich s reallycool!1 FUCK U BENJI 4 MAKING ME TRY ALL DAT SHIT Y DO U LIKE IT ITS GROSS) "EAT THE BUTTER CHUCKEN!" (fats one of benjis fvorites lol loser) "NO I WILL NOT U EVIL MAN!" and i punched him in da balls except i didnt actualy touch his balls becus im not a fag u yaoi bithces. "FINE DEN! U SHALL NOT EAT ANYTING 2DAY!" and madra swashed out of the dunfeon. i was al locked up chained up alone by myself it was very not good. "RONAN! SAVE ME! MADRA TAPED ME! HELP!" i was so bad i got int2 my blue dragon form and broke out from da chains and then put on my special MASTER CHEF (from halo) suit on and go my really biog mysitlca shibopanese gun outnd sstarted 2 bast thru tha doors and walls and shit and then i finaly reched sakuras dungeons chamber and i saw TALINE RAPPING HER! " oooh mmm yess noo stop tdis is rape but omg it feels so fuking good11! mm fuk me more with that u whore!" i heard skuana yelling at taline who had a big metal bar and washingoving tha metial bar in2 sakuras big flapping juicy cunt. i started 2 kerk off 2 it it was so hotbut then taline look ed arouind and saw me! "U SHANT BE HERE!" so i blasted her with mny gun and the bullet went into her cunt and explosded blood was everywer but she got an instant chunky organism. "uhhh ohghhh yesss" she fell uncounsou and satyrs were around her head. CUM ON SAKURA LETS GO! "YES MASTER! OOH WAIT!" and sakura let out a huge juicy fart and poop flew out of her dress all over onto taline who drank it and den sakura let out 1 tiny farty poot "oops111 excuse me" and she gijiggled. "now r u ready cunt?" "UES SIRT LETS GO!1!" AND WE DID!

"QUICK RUN FASTER BUTCH1!" "im trying as hard as i can!" but she slipped and need heped up becus she is a dumb bitch girl "ughhh fucking fuck slut here let me help u up" i said "ok thanx 4 that i needed it!" she roared at me and then we reached a door. "HERE LET ME PUNC THRU" i said hotly and i did but then we were on tha other side of the door mdra naurto were waiting 4 us... "MUAHAHAHA! U FOOLS DID U REALLY TINK U CULD ESCAPE THAT FAST WELL U CANT!" "ATTACK LEATHER PUSSYS! ATTACK!" yelled madra and all uf a sudden these sexy black lether ninja cat girls droppe from the ceiling! they all styef 2 talk 2 gethh with a purring sexy cooger (;lmao u get it right becuas theyre cat girls and they have cooger voices xD) "mmm hey ronan sexy fucker sorry but we gots 2 fight u!" they said in their hot voices i lookced at them they were so fuking sexy they had leather putifts on and cat tails and cat airs and they were all bloonde and they all had huge tits and six pairs of them like cats do i think cats have six pairs right snyway their nippes were huge and hard theough their leather outfits and then the leading tall blonde catgirl said "WE R NOW FIGHTING!1! MUAHAHAHAHHAAH PURR PURR PURRRRRR!" and we began 2 fight!


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