ok well u kno what FYUCK YO NARUSUPERGAL. hippocritcal bich ASS WHORE ! BET u dont even fuckin like naruto so whateever ur opinon doesnt fucing matter ok slut! anywa so my road trip dats where i was with my partents was fucking shitry. we drove from los alomitos (its wher we liv0 2 monteray. god it fuckin suckes who givs a shit bout fuckin sharks n fish and shit like dat tho there were lots of hot chick s ther and one of them who worked there was so hot she had big fuking tits and shit i wantd 2 fuck her so badly but we left so i couldnt we aso went farter north 2 sanfransciso and santa rosa so boring and my prants wantyed 2 see boGAYga bay (hop u got that lol) becsu of sum movie about killer birds lol fuckin stupd right anywa tey also draged me 2 some egiptian muesam and we also went 2 da winchestey myrstery house what a fuckin lame ass gay shit. NO GHOST! da only cool thing was that we almos t got into a rockslide acident on hihway 1 and DIED. becau dat i bwgged my parents 2 let us NUT go 2 santa barba on th drove back an dey said ok but ya im glad 2 b bak home so now i can writ and ost more og tha story!

ChAPYER7: theas i woke fro being taken by madara i didnt kno what 2 do but my pussy was driping wet and steamy. it hurt so much because ronans cock was so fucking hige but what culd i say no or something no i couldnt be caus he is sexy and his cock is gagantic. i knew when i sfirt saw im i that i loved him he was so hot he had a big musles and stuff. but i swa so scrared becus i new i could die becau orocihimaru is evil and says he wants 2 tear em afart but i kne roanan would cum becaus he is a man and it was his job 2 save me i needed sving i was so scared i cried and wept and rubed my pussy while thinking about him HELP RONAN PLEASE I NEED YOU BY ME PLEASE GIVE ME UR COCK HE;P OCORICMRUA IS TRYING TO KILL ME HEELP!

then all of a sudden ronan burst in. he blew light at madra tho he didnt kno it was madora . then he 2ok of his mask and said "HASHAHA! u stupid imbicile fool!i jst discused myself as orocimura so i culd kidnpa dis fuckin bitch!" madar vainshes but it was ok we were fine so then ronan caried sakura mandy, fiona and me out of the cave and the daylight hurt it was so bright but we loved it then he starting to fuck us and we came.


as we cam bak 2 tha temple i said that i was hungry so the girls ade me som food i ate burgers hot dogs poopcorn and stuff. it was so god i loved it they sure do kno how 2 cook! fucking whores they fuckin in could tell thy were aoo saokin waet down there it was so hot so i decided since i was stil hungry i would eat them out haha. when they weur asleep i got into ther bed an d went unde ther gowns and licked there pussies it tasted so good it tasted like seeaira mist. mm fuck ya u fuckin skank u taste damn goood. ugh ugh ugh she said as she felt my 17 inch tounge go inside her. ahe cme all over my tonge face mouth it was amaizng i loved this cooger bitch. i decided that next i was goin 2 go into sakura and then mandies room to lick their pussiys 2. but then when i walked in2 sakras room i saw. AKURA AND MANDY FUCKIN! i instintly got the bestest big boner i ever gotte. mandy was fucking sakura with a dildo modles after my own gian t cock she rammed into sakuras pussy it was metal and she was fucked so hard she bleed. then mand started 2 scissor (i think dats wgat lesbian do right) got it was so hot then they ame oll aver each other and both were soakin wet but then i yelled WHAT R YU DOIN! Y R U LISBON? den mandy and sakura said that they were lesbians but that they diud love me i was the only guy who could make them fee good with my giant fucking duck in fact they said that when dey were with me they were str8 then they started 2 kiss with their pussy juiced faces and hteir tonges went into eahc other mouth ad then mandy gut sakura and she sat on her face and farted it was so hot i them came over and blew my huge fucking load all over them it was so hot then i left.


next mornig

so tje next mprmng we all woke up and were sleepy but the girls made eggs and then we ate and went 2 the doko it was a hot day and we wur all hot and weatu and we worked out and stuff. sakura and mindy kissed all day fuck it was so hot fucking lesbian sluts. bu8t then i heard a nois it was a crashin sound and it sounded like a crash. we all walked outside ad it was madira and then all of a sudden he leaped out and attacked me and then took tht cooger with him! then my eys turned a dark blu (nut lit blue like before) and i creamed "MANDARK!" and theni teleproted in a piule of dark blue wet watery smoke!

and when i landed i was jb... orochimadaras layer! and he had the cooger and HE WAS HOLDING HER DEAD AND BKOOSY HEAD SHE WAS DEAD! N[[[[[[[[[[[[ i screamed but it was 2 late she was dead and blood was everywhere and he was fucking her dead body it was so fucking gross i didnt kno wat 2 do ok.

so thats the end of chapter 7 its really dark and cary now isnt it? hope my fansss are lovin it! and FUCK U NARUSUPERGAL AND SOMEBODY SAID IM A TROL I AM NOT FUCK OU JUST BECAUS I DON HAV THE BES SPELLIN OR GRAMMER DOSNT MEAM I AM A TROLL BESDIS THIS IS BASED ON A TRUE SORY OK FUCK OFF u fake naruto fans whatecer.!.

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