Nayutos Sadness

ok so ewlel as u guys can c i repostd al my fic it betrt not geti fuking delted again fuck. ok so now 2 u ppl pahcirir cheri u dunt kno anyting so go away! bd 2 moonlithtwokf91 my craractr ronan is very original he is uniq and special. OK I NE SUM CRITCISM IS GOOD BUT ITS MEAN 2 DO 2 MUCH ESPCIALY 2 ME!11! but c my fic i,proved dont u c yes! also i dunt kno how 2 get microsit word besids speling doeust matter anywa. now on 2 dat botch fdagonhinter:: MY SOTRY IS NOT SHIT CHUTUP! well it is gros becus im str8 so ther ok ok so mayb i shuld get critcism but u guys r so men i am very good person bettr than u guys so yes! ok well u c da ting abt dat is is katie is an atiest 2 but her fmily is jewish its y her prnats r stupid they prctice it she douesnt. === YED WELL O KNEW U WRE SRCASTIC I WAS JOKIN SO HAHA!11! dats nut y i borught him bak he is going 2 do lotsofstuff ull c ho/ i did not rape her i didnt we had sex she saw my hige dick and said "heybabyurhotletsfuk?" and we did nd she had hugantic tits like dublie M cup. no i luv kati but yes tha sex is vry good she is such a hot fuking slut. OK WELL THIS ISNT IN AMERICA ITS IN SHIBOOBI SO STFU WIT DAT SHIRT! no edfjed fuking suks he wil nut b on the fic angin so ther. o ya and katie emiled me saying that u talkd 2 me in a reviw of her fic! wtf1!1 well i dint hav tim 4 repsondin 2 that 2 u but i will i my nex fic u bet bitch!11!

ANYWA HEY GUYS KATI IS GUNNA POST REPAER GIRL PART 2NIGT OK! IM EXCITED U R 2 U KNO IT!1! now its tums 4 tha story!1 its a gr8 chapter ul al luv it! ND WTF I NCULDNT POST IT LAST NIGHT! bt her it is now so whoooooo!111!

ChAPyter 22: Narutos Sadnes

"ok um hello yes is this thing on haha" i said "well hey cunts im the king of shoboin ronan but u kno that! lol!" everybody was laughin at me i was funny! "ok well guess wat evry1!" and evry1 shooted a wad. "well tha churhc buldozing starts 2day at 4 pm!" and evry1 clapped becus ervy1 was an atiest now. "ok um ya and other stuff ppl who play in modern bands wont be killed ok ugh but they wll be jailled 4ever wit their fans!" "and any1 who is religous wel religon is stil baned but if u realy hav 2 u can pray in ur hous but dats it none of dat other evil religonbrainwashing shit!" and evry1 claped agin. (c dats bettr?) rona wasnt clasping though he was lkloking angry and jelous. "hey ronan mu speech is dun wtf is rong wit u?" "U! I FUKING HATE U! U SUCK! UR MEAN AND STUFF! GRRR!" and he hit me! "RONAN FUCK OFF OR I WILL KILL U!" and the creamed again "RAAHHH!" he ran away his arms flaying! "wtf is his porblem sakura" iu asked sakura "well he is jelus of u dont u c?" "yea i guess but y?" i said "becuas ur hot and sexy and powerful and samrt and hav a hug cock and he doesnt any of those" se said "well i guess dat makes sense but y i mean its really hard to be awesome like me i hav so much presure and problems!" i said "Well yes i kno but he is fuking stupid like i said" she said "ok well shuld we go talk 2him?" i asked sakura "no i will nut u" she said but then i said "well i would be better at it u dont undertsand guys cunt" i said "well yes but im sure i can help i mean hes mad at u get it?" she said "well ok then but dont fucking screw it up!" i said "ok then goodbye" she said and then i reposnded "goodbye then" and she said "ok bye".

"hey naruto how r u" ssid askuyra 2 naruto she was back at the doko. "not good. i fucking hate rona hes so horble" "NO HE IS FUCKING NOT U TAKE THAT FUCKING BACK U FUCKING CORPSEFUCKER!11! HE IS BETTER THAN U AND ALWAYS WILL BE DONT U UNDERSTAND HIS BUICK IS HUGE!" "Y R U DEFENDING HIM U ITCH!" he said "well ok ur wright im sorry but he still is gr8 and ur wrong but im sory u feel bad and shit do u... um do u wann funk?" said sakura in a slutty voice. "wat? but cheating is wrong!" he said but she said "mmm yes it is wrong but its so fucking right 2 be wrong! fuck my body asshole! i need 2 b fucked!" she said "no i cant sakurs it would hurt ronan so much its so evil to cheat!" "whatevr cum on!" she said "Well ok but my dick is really small" he said back " i dont car eif ur dicks small even if it wont feel as god just fucking fuck me fucker!" she said like the evil cheatig hore she was. just wen they strted 2 fuk RONAN CAME IN2 THE ROOM! "OHMYSHIT WTF ASSHOLES! Y R U BEONG EVIL CHEATERS! " he yelled angrily becus he was right! "omg ronan its not wat if fucking looks likw!" he yelled but it was what iut loks like! "U SLUT! UR EVIL EVIL EVIL! AND NARUTO WTF Y R U FUCKING MY GIRL SHES MINE NOT URS! U TWO R SO WRONG GO AWAY GO AWAY1! he yelle!" and they both ran out crying like bitchs! "omg wat have we done were so evil nd wrong hes right11!" she said "i feelso dirty im gonna kill myself! " and he ran off "MENUDO WAIT!" she yelled but it was 2 late he was ogone.

bak at da dojo. "girr wtf wtf!1 rahhh! noooo!" ronan was punching th ewalls hard and angry at those fuckers for cheatig. but then sakura walkd in! "RONAN PLEASE IM SORRY PLEASE JONAN I LOVE U ILL PROVE!1!" she said "BHOW?" i asked! "i will cut off pussy" she said "DO IT BITCH! PROVE U LUV ME" i yelled! and she jabbed sciossors int2 her cunt and cut it off! she screamed in pain and i knew she probably luvd me plus she was hot and i wanted 2 fuck her so we did fuck when we fucked there was blllod evrywone and she was sweaty and hot and really hrting the blood lubed my dick up and we fucked so hard and i got a eruption and jazzed and then my cum nd my powers rstored her cunt 2 new. "ong ronan that was amazing" she said when it was done with her and when she had her new piussy which was alredy leaking "redy 2 go again" she said and we did and then when we were done again she said "OMG NARUTO SAID HE WAS GONA KILL HIMSELF WE HAVE 2 STOP HIM!" she yelled! "I DONT WANT 2 SAV THAT FUCKER HE CHEATED!" i said "but please she yelled! "URGHH FINE" i said and we ran 2 the cliff where he was. "Nauro stop dont" i said "NARUTO PLEASE DONT!" hs eyelled "wtf r u sad and caring 4 him" i said and she said yes but not 2 much but pleas save him11" then naruto said "NO DONT SAVE ME! THIS WORLD IS WRONG AND FUCKED UP AND U GUYS DONT LIKE ME AND UR SO MUCH BETTER RONAN I CANT TAKED AND MY DOCK IS REALLY SMALL SO GOOFUCKINGDBYE!" and he jumped and was dead. "MOOOOOO" sakura yelled. "he did it because u r so much better than him YYYYYYY"" she said and then i said "yes its said lets go" and then she sponed "ok" and they left.


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