Land of Lighteneing

thank u ppl 4 defendin me nd thank u 4 2 tose other ppl 4 not shown ppl my adres anyway i have a confesin 2 u all tho. whil muy real nam is JAKE TANNER aaron dean was a nam i used on sum acconts when i frist started as a way 2 not revel my real nam espe ialy not 2 da evil corpations i was singing up 4. i got da name from som a frind of my das the 1 who gvae this computer 2 us do u c? but ppl ples stop callin me dat! mY NAME IS JAKE! JAKE FUKING TANNER BADDASJAKET OK?im not gona respond 2 revews anymor nd m just gona right the gr8 story ok ppl ok?



we werur dravng 2 the land of lightening up in2 the mounntains nd we wur kistening 2 awsum gr8 music it was an albumfr om titty monstr my gr8 band wif sakura nd tadshiharakumia. "HEY KAKSHI I HAVE A GR8 IDEA!" "WAT RONAN?" "howabougt wehen we get bak 2 konogahkurae u join titty monsta?" "OMG RONAN ID LUV TAT! im a hige fan espcially that 1 song its a 'big fat dick girl u betta lick" "its gr8 sung hugh i rote it aboiut skuna" "ur such a gr8 bf" "thanks anyway WERE HERE!" so we got out pof the car becus we were there! "i sens the leadr of the kibusi corpation in... THERE!" the coogers chost head floatd ovr 2 it. "in there!" but then a hole group showd up! htey were al posesed buy da council nd gh kibusi corpations the groupnwas killer b the 4th raikuge, darui , samui, karui and omoi. "U ALL HAVE 2 GTFO! I DONT WANT 2 FIGHT U JST THE HEAD OF THE KIBSUI CORPATON!" then 1 of them punchd kakshi and thre da cougrs ghost head! "WTF U FUCKRS I JUSY TOLD U NOT 2! so we started 2 futh! we defeatd sanui darui karuyi nd omoi but killr be and the furth raikake were stil strong nd fight us. kakshi had ben defteded a bit nd fel down. i dint kno wat 2 do nd was bt 2 go in2 my dragon form 2 fight them but instead used a magical spell i rewmembred nd the shbini spell turnd them good agin nd stoppd them from being brainwashd. "wat whats hapening? were we brainshed?" askd killer be. "UYES U WERE BY THE EVIL KIBSU CORPATONS ND THE COUNCIL!" "oh wat ur ronan i herd u were coming here b4 i was brainwashd. here. take this sword it will b able 2 proprly kill the presidont of the kibsui corpation the way he needs 2 b killd" we ran in2 the bildong ind up the stairs 2 the tallst tower on the mountin int eh villgae. and the he was! the presidoent of the kibusi corpaton!

"U BASTARD! ITS TIME 2 DIE1! I MUST CURE SAKURA!" but i onticed he wasnt the only 1 ther! there were sevral chairs behind him all turnd their baks 2 me nd some ppl were sitting ther.e "Hahahaha! welcum ronan. i was spexing u. im afraid u will not be defeting me howevr." "Oh we dont kno abt that" said one of the ppl in the chairs. i woman tiurnd around in iot she hd brown hair nd was really hot nd wore a suit but with a skirt that showd off her pussy instead of pants. "what do u mean?" "we are no longer ion need of u. u have faild us 2 many times. weve already got a repl;cament" sad one of the man coucilmember s he turnd around in his chair 2 looka t us. "NO! THIS CANNOT B!" shoutd the head of the kibsui corpation. "o vut it is! muahahhahaha!" laughfd the sexy geman bitch who turnd around 2 reveal her wvay blond hair and sexy suit with a skurt that was soakin wet from her juicy steamy cunt. "we have ben expecting u ronan. now kill him!" "Y?" "IT IS THE ONLY WAY 2 GET THE INTODOTE!" said the other male conuil membr. so i fught the kibusi corpations head nd choppd his heart off nd he died. i searchd his body nd found... THE ANTIDOTE 4 SAKURA!" "now just out sum of hios blod in it" said the brown hird girl council membr . "ok" so i did. "Now here is skunkara" the concil revlead sakuras bodty on a table she was stil asleep. "GIF HER THE ANTIDOTE!" "y? i bet ita posin!" "bah1! he is smart! 2 smart!" said 1 of the man coincil membrs. ""here well show u its not a posin" 1 of them drnak it. we waited a bit but HE DID NOT DIE! they wer teling da truth! "now give it 2 her!" "iok!" and i did.

she wokup in minutes. "OMG SKURA SAKURA BABY R U OK?" "Im ok omg thank u 4 saving me ronab!" then the concil started 2 laff. "MUAHAHAHAHA" they all lauved evilly. "wat? wat happend?" i askd. "well, u c that was an anitdote 2 wake her up, but it also terns hur... CHRISTIN!" "WHAT?:" I gasped! "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH! U FELL 4 IT U FOOL! U FOOLISH FOOLY FOOL! MUAHAHAHAHHA" and the council blastded out of there flying out on their chairs!1! "SAKURA? SAKUYRA? IS THIS TRU?" "Oh uyes rona. it is. iv found jesus. im... n xtian!" "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

END OF CHAPTER 39OMG CAN U BELIVE THE EPIC TWIST? i bet non of u evr saw it cummin! well guys only 20 chaptrs left til the final chaptr... mayb less if i decid! but lots of epic stuff is gonna happn in these ladst chaptrs nd lots of questons answered! ull nevr c any of it coming its gr8!

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