Skunkaras Sexret!

ok 2 rotty i told u nd gay u a reson 4 y ppl like ronan its BECUS HES SEYX ND HOT ND RELY SMART ND STRONG ND HELP THEM OK? now 2 U fubgun323 (c dats bettr huh). nd wtf no str8 guy wuld want it in tha ass from anoter guy becus den dey wuldnt b str8 duh! besids women dont hav coks so its npot like tey culd get it from a girl duhhhh. yes wel io kno germny not nazis anymor but nais r evil nd tey were xtian its y tey did tha evil stuf they did! nd da council is xtin nd shes germa so shes anazi c dosnt dat make sne OF COURS IT DOES? rona neds lots of sex ok the gils alredy get anuf from rona nd eacoter tey DIBT BEED A NOTHER GUY11 now nigt ken or ficotn or watecr! wen i gro up im gonab a rocksta nd sve the wrld from the chitty music now orand im gona make amazin vido games like a gam dats like a crosvr of god of war nd halo datll BE SO FUKIN COOL! ronan is a gpod person bcuses hes logic nd not a dumb atiest nd knows how right nd good sex isnt 4 teebs jd is very smart nd sexy c hes a good perso MHMMM!



"I BIOTC HOW CULD U DO DIS 2 ME!" "oh rona im so fuking sory i rely am! i dint kno ud rectal this way!" "BITCH WHOT AH FUK DID U TINK ID REAT? URGHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
"lsten its not lik i had sex wit narto retetly hes ded rembrer!" "yes i kno!" "so i tink i mgt be prgenat from wen i had sex wit him way bak in chaptr 22!" (i just rered tat chaptr WOW ITS GR8 HUH? but i tot id folow up on it!) "U SLUT I THOT WE WER DUN WIF DAT SHIT!" "wel im sory rona but he culd b tha fater!" "wel fuck botch we ned a fuckin dna test!" "we shuld go on tha sho hineki kojiyshai!"sad sarka "wat the fuk does dat men" i askd skura. "in japnese it means "dna test 4 whores" " "oh ok dat makes sense cuz u R ONE HAHAH!" nd she cried but ten sihed "yes ur rigt rona im a whor... now let go!"

so we jumpd in2 my car wich was a rely awsum humer ferari combo limo nd it was flaming 2. ww arived at the shobobi filmin sudio it was very big but evil and croatian. a secy stuodi guid guided us 2 the filmin sudo 4 tha hineki kojiysehai show. we wer brught 2 the set nd tere wer alreyd thousdnads of ppl in the adience! ten the hots of the show cam on his nam was bob nd he was a hapnes man wit balk har tt was shiny nd he had a bard plys he also had tese rely shiny sungasses on. "HElo nd welCUM 2 TH show PLEase sIT doNW nOQ. i HOst the shOW WIle tE MAin hoST ISnt heRE OK? " "yeah yeah fuk wayevr!" i yeld at him. "NOw i HAve tHA dna TEst rIHT HEre!" he talkd werdyl. "roNAN u R... thE FSHer bUT SO z NATuTO!" "WAT HWO CAN DIS B?" "weLL Ro-Man u c U r LIke MOTSly tha faTHER bUT narto is A lITLe bIT the FAter! he WILL haVE sum OF ur POWrs AND som OF NOrATUOS!" "RAGHHHHH!" i wa so agry i kickd bob in the elgs so now he was wakin all werd nd had 2 us a cain "oW Ow oW! liSTN u 2 .U NEED 2 GET out OF her. it WUll B daRK sOOn. u NEED 2 GET out OF here." "y shuld we leve wen its dark?" askd skura "THAt is WEN tha sUDoi clOXes duh" he gav a wtf-u-dumbazses look 2 us. "OW WOW OWWW!" ksur ascremded! "oh roan oh no imgivin birt RGHT HERE!"

OOOO NOOOOOO!" i yelld

"can seh giv bith rigt her bob" i askd "weLL i dOt no. itLL b DRak sOOn nd tHa USul hoST WUld NOT apROVe." "fuk tha usul ost my slut is givin irt 2 a kid!" nd i punchd skura in the stoma so teh babby wuld cum out fatsr. "OH ITS CUMMING! THEW BABY IS CUMMING !" nd a 12 yer old boi slid out of her cnut. "IT is A boY!" sad bob nd teh kid wok up. "wat oh helo hey! im ur son!" he sad "oh wow ima dad now! dis is awesum i cant wait 2 tech him al tha right suff abt the world nd how 2 be REAL MAN!" "well I MuST b LEVing conGRATuLAPonz" sad bob nd he limpd on his can. "oh wow rona! lookwe hav a sun wat shuld nam him!" "hmm' i thot... "how abtnanor?" "OMG DATS BRILIANT! it sond a bit lik nartos nd ur nam crossd 2gher!" "NO! its MY NAME BKWADS DUMBITC!" "o dats evN BETTER!". ten atni ran up on stag "OH WOW WHO IS DIS HOT MAN RIGT HER?" "its r sun!" we sad 2gehr" "OMG WOW CAN I FUK IM? NI TINK I LUV HIM!" sad atni "hmm" o thogt. "well he is anoter guy BIUT hes my son! OK ^_^!" so all 4 of us fukd. "yeah son u fuk that cunt GOOD" i yelld nd he yelld bak "u fuk moms cunt good 2 dad!" nd i did. i fuckd her so hard in his cunt seh luvd it! wit her dik in ger she was like "oh its lik bein pregnap al over agin! I LUV IT!" ten me nd nonra sot dide by side as ec of tem took tuns on each cok sukin tem good. "well ur diks not as big as ur dads but its still huge (NOTGAY)" i sad! nd ten we all fell ovr nd skura nd atni srtaed 2 make out nd fingr eachoters kcunts while me nd noar fuckd their asses. as tey rubbd tere cunts tey boths cremd "UGH WE GUNA CUMM!" so me nd nonar pulld out nd cummd over tere tits nd face as they cumd on eachoter pusys! "wow dat was gr8" sad nonar "well ur gona have a A LOT MOR OF IT CUZ UR A REAL TEEN ND A REL MAN!" i sad nd pattd him on the bak and we all laffed.



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