Part 1 of Horney

2 DRAGON HUTNR: OK I KNOIW HE CANT BE 45 FET DATS STUID IT WAS FKING TUPU~~~ I MENT 4 FEET ND UI CANT RRGU WOF UR OTTER STUFF NOW! 2 RONASUCKS: y do u keep sayin im a troll havent u evr been a tengers? im a real tengears lol wtf do u liv undr a rock? u just r jelus nd dont kno how 2 rite a god story is all so gtfo. yes the dany tina kait ehting is true ask them. tina is a real good gf nd weeve been fuking like bunys 4 a whil now. 2 stafsargent NO UR THE ONE WHOS DELISONAL! i dont kno anyting! u need 2 GET A LIFE becus u just dont understand how good fanficton works OK FUVKER?



me and th cougrs head went bak 2 da dojo 2 pak 4 r big epic trip. i saw sakura lyib on da ground becus she was in acoma so i put her in our bed and i fuckd her realy hard nd good she exploding pussy jice she loved it even tho she was in coma "omg babyu i luv u i promis ill cum bak wif da antidot! im TUNNA SAVE U!" and then me nd fiona left the dojo. "bgere lets get in2 my ferari lemo" "ok!" and we did and i srtted 2 driv us out of konohagkure. "we myst find the head of the kibusi coparion" sad da couger "yes i agree. but the where fuck is he?" i said back "hmm. OOOH AHHHH im uaing my psycic powers 2 sens his precense! I sene... i sense him in...,... the land of waves! THAT IS WHERE WE MUST GO!" "ok ill drive as fast as i can!" i pseeded us 2 the land of waves but i tsitl took us a whil 2 get there;; while i was drivin i put in sum music. stuff by motely cru nd prince juszt gr8 (not shity modern music) songs abt fukin yummy pussy fuck yeah. i screamed out da window of the car "OCK ON MOTHERFUCKERS MODERN MUSIC SUCKS FUCK HELL YEAH!" "u say it ronan!1" sad teh couger back 2 me. we kept droving 4 hours until finaly th couges head saw the land of wavs ahead. "RONANQ !LOOK! THE LAND OF WAVES! IS AHEAD!" so we drove in2 the main town there. it was a por town nd kind pof dumpy nd stuff an i dint see a lot of ppl around so we parkd the car and got out nd lookd aroud 4 a while.

at the coucil

"MAD"ARA! HAVE U VROUGHT US V GOOD VEWS?" aksws the sexy german bitch. "yes! i hath! sakur is ineth coma!" said madra. "MUhhahahahahahaAHAHAHA!" the cocil laufed evily 2gether "now our plan can move forwad!" said the other girl cincul membr. "wait, have u alrted the pesident of th kibusi corparioton incase they try 2 find the anidote?" askd the other femal agan. "YES. i have. he shall kno wat 2 do! iseth thou pleasD?" sid madra. "yes. we are madara. our plan is working!"! da couchil eviled cackily.

bak on r jurney

"HELLO! any1 here?" i yeled. "omg ronan sir rona! cum ovr here now and look at dis!" yeled the cougrs head 2 me. "ugh. coming bitch" i said meanily. "wat is it cunt?" i askded. "look at this! this is THE GREAT NARUTO BRIDGE!" we both gas[d/. suposedky naruto had don some very good cool st8ff thpough not as good nd cool nd awesome as the stuff io do) befpre i met him and he was evl nd died. dats why this is thje bridged name the placke by ut explaiend 2 us sum of it. "HEY! U 2! WAT R UY DOING IN THE LAND IF WAVES!1! UR NOT SUPOSED 2 FUKING B HERE! GTFO1!" shouted the old angry granny slutbitch. "WE DONT FUCKING LEAVE IT WE DONT HAV 2! have u seen te president of teh kibusi corpation here?" said da coogers ghosht head. "o yes he is in a busines meeting right now over thare. U R NOT SUPODED 2 DISTURB HIM1!" "INMG RONA COME ON HES I THERE!"

in the meetin

"yes i belive this is da best thing 2 do 4 the kibusi corpatin. we shuld expan moar starting wif where we r now wat do u thi-" "STOP RIGHT THERE!" i yeled as da coogers head floated behin me! "U!" nd da hed of tda kibsue corpaiton got up nd ran oiut. "WE HAVE 2 FOLOW HIM!" so we did he was geting in his car so i used my powers 2 try 2 blow it up but it was 2 late he had drove away! then sum of his bodygrads came out nd i had 2 fight then. i punchd them and kick them nd stuff but they punchd me and i ws hanging of the birdge and about to fall wen some1 showd up. it !1! i ciuldnt belive it!11! "COME ON ROJAN, LETS FIT!" nd we begn 2 fight the bodygards wile the cougrs had floatd aroun us!1!

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