Return 2 Konoharuke

ok i kno i said i wuldnt do autors noes but this isnt 2 flamers its abt soometing else. my brothr benji made me rea dat "my immortal" thing by the tara girl u guys talkd abut nd our fics e nothing a like! shes a dumb bitch who liks harry pottr nd modern music AND EEW GUY ON GUYS WAS IN THE FIC EW! WTF Y DID U GUYS WANT ME 2 READ DAT? BUT TOPER DAN DAT WAT ELS WAS WRON WITH THE FIC THE MAIN CHRACTR DIDNT SEEM 2 BAD ND THE SPELLIN WAS FIN/?

Chapter 40: Return 2 konhogaukure

"YYYYY HAS THIS FUKING HAPPEND U FUCKING BITCH!" i screamd at sakura "omg u shuldnt say tings like dat! u need 2 find jesus like me rona!" "I WILL TON FUCKG FIND JESBUS! I AM RATIONL ND SMART SO I DONT NEED 2 FIND JESUS OR B RELIGOUS!" "omg u r an evil sinnr! "STFU CUNT!" i shopoed nd slaped her. "come on were goin bak 2 konhagkure" "NO PLEASE I DONT WANT 2 GO WITH U AHH HELP HE IS EVIL SINNER ATIEST HELP ME PLESE!1!" "wats gong on in here?" kakshi ran in asking. "Da antidote! it turnd her in2 n xtian!" "OMG WTF NO! tis is fucking orrible!" yelld kakshi! "i know1! quick help me cary her we have 2 get bak 2 konohagaukure nd fiund out how 2 teurn her int2 a good smart nd rational person not an evil branwashed xtian" so me nd kashaki carrid sakura out of da bukdihg nd 2 our car. "omg wat has happnd 2 her1!" asked the coogers ghead. "she was turnd int2 an xtiab by the antidote!" "DATS AWFUL! ahe screamed nd began 2 cry" "dint cry bitch itlll b ok" i said 2 fionas ghost head. then we drove off 2 konohagukura. wen we got there IT WAS ON FIURE! "OMG WE HAVE 2 TALE SALURA 2 THE TEMPLE ND DOKO ND THEN WE MUST RESCU THE CITY!

we wne nd put sakura in the doko nd tied her up so she wuldnt escape then we went in2 the city. ppl were riotig nd yelling nd spray panting. a sexy loli slut came up 2 me nd said "NO NO NOMG! an evil xtian ruler has jst taken ovr nd is ruling the shobini evilly! its horrible he revrsed all ur laws nd now evrybody has 2 listen 2 lady gag nd read da bible every day! AHHH pleas can i suck ur dick ok?" so sje did nd she suckd it so much she got so much cum. "yummm dat cum amde me feel bettr thabk u ronan ur da onlu TRU KING of shiboni!" then me nd kakshio ran off in2 the city more. steros were plauying top 40 radio all ovr da city! it was horrible! "MY PPL R SUFFRING!" i yelld toward da sky. teh city was crumblin around me nd there were tons of dead bodis in the street there was a cross in he middle of the town it was hirrble! i then saw a huge tv scren in the midle of town nd then... 4 ppl hidden nd shoadows came on it! it was da council! "Hello ronan i hope fings r going wel 4 u?" "U EVOIL BASTRDS R U BEHIND THIS?" "yes we r mauahhahaha said the brown haird council membr girl. "u shvall nevr deveat us vow!" said the hot german girl membr,. "HOW DO I CHANG SAKURA BAK 2 GOOD?" i aks dtehm. "U must figure dat iut by urself muahahahaha!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!" i yelld at the xcreen nd destroyd it with my owers. then we saw a crowd marching down the street they were going 2 c, the new king of shobini!

"LETS FIOLLOW THEM! i yelld and we did. wen we arrid at the sobine stadium i had 2 run up 2 the sage. a fat guy in a cloak was ons tstag. "HELlo audience. it is the king of shobini!" "NO! U R A FUCKING LIAR! IM THE REAL KING OF SJBOBINI!" i yelled the whole crownd aplauded me nd was so happy 2 c the real king of shobini bak nd there girls started 2 fingr their cunts at my sight. "SIELCNE U FOOLS!" he shouted and then unveiled his cloak. underdeath it was SASUKE!

OMG GUYS DID U C DAT TWIST CUMMING? I BET FUCKING NOT ND IF U DID WHATEVR! next chaptr might be tomorrown night mayb not tho well c...

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