Tha Sivone Ball

watevr fuk u me. ryuragner dont u fucking mock me vbitch! and agin 2 ruranger snd otku i dunt live in los angels i live in LOS ALAOMISTOS. 2 undamed fuck yes i m going 2 get 1000 reviws jst u wait nd c and i am nut a bigget i like ppl guysss having sex is jst fuking gross and religon is dumb ok so fuck of! 2 otaku i do get god grads in schol i jst dont like having 2 spelchekc it waists time and yu ppl r stupid so go away! and yes it did mak sense my parnets hav money and they alwsay hav wekends off so we go on trips a lot jeex also katie wil not get orefnat we use rotections ab tos e r real fans u ppl hst dont belie e me and r posrs so shit you. . now agin 2 u DRAFONCUNTER (lol) yes u cnt complain dis is my story and i am rividibg u guys with it 4 free so u hav no rite 2 complan! it was not a troll se emailed me she is sexy and hung. DONT U INSTUL LANFON! watver i dont even kno what tvropes is. no iot u r. ok so well yeah no i wont alright. it dos mak me matur ur jst not smart enough 2 kno abt it. duh like witchs and stuff were killd and istuff. no u dnt. cuntwhoreslut wats cthulo yes semen is helthy it s good 4 ppl (BUT ONLY GIRLS). i dont need viagr i get hrd al the tim. ALL GIRLS WILL BE AROUSD BE THIS AND THEY KNO IT THEY R LYING IF THEY SAY THEY RNT SO FUCK YOU SLUTS WHO SAY YOU DONT GET WET! i dont sedavre cristism tdats y! u ppl so men.

anywya so now 4 chptr 19! i got lots of chpaters ;laned out nowso i kno tha story is going 2 go pst 30 chapters and oh ueah i think i will pubjsligh a chpter evry weekdn from now on but probly not on spring break OH AND HEY I WROTE A TRANSFORMERS DRAGON BALL Z CROSSOVER PLEAS EFREAD IT!::::::: .net/s/6803570/1/Tranformers_infity_of_the_darkness COPY PAST TGQAT its going 2 b 2 parts lon and thats the 1st part ok it wont conitnue like this 1 i hav 2 focus on dis one sory fans. now 2 tha story ok um also kati nd me r still in a vithr and shes still grunded so im pised off nd i dunt kno when she will post reapr girl part 2 and 3 hopufly sometime dis month but i will pst PART 2 OF THE CROSVOER 2MOROW OK?/

o yeah benki wrote sum of da realy dumb big wordss for dat 1 guy in dis caoter tho i 4get his name watevr tha charter suckd. benji was an ashole and wuldnt do him evn tho i needed tha chrater 2 spek in british words so i ahd 2 pay him 2 write the words WTF? and he said hed only do it if he got 2 describ wat tha chrater lookd like and came up with the endin 4 tha chrater! well i let him so fuck u benki FUCK U


we were ot the mal agan it was rebuot from last time and we weur loking for sakuras sexy ball dress it had 2 be hot and i was gong 2 by me a big coolass suit 4 tha ball 2 anywa we walkd in2 tha stores and we kept looking round byut she culd not find the dres she wanted so we had 2 go 2 a speciatly stor cale d "big balled resses" it was very nice and a very sexy lady who was very hot workd there she was chewing gum and blowying se3xy bubles but i wishd thos bubles were my cock anywa skura loked a rund a on but culd not find the dress so i told her "WAIT SAKURA I HAVE A speiclua power tat lets me fin d wat we r loking 4 let me use it" "ok go baby" "AHHHHHHH OOOOHHH EEEEEE" i mad noises as my mind looked and then ther was glowing it was the rress we were loking 4 "OMFG ITS A PREFECT! i luv evryting abt it god its sow fadionable" she said i roled by yebs becus fshion is dumb nd 4 faggies nd gurls anyway she went in2 the dreinsing room and tried it on and wen se cam out she lokd so fuking hot. da dress was black and had FLAMING (xd lmAo u guys get it right haha i be not becus u guys r fuking retards LOL) lambroginis,feraris on it and f;aming japense leters on it too it was so fukinghot it also had pink (dat color is so fucking gay bt shes a girl so watevr) lether straps and lutle holes wher her nippls pooped out nd a studed belt. nd the lower part of the dress was c thru so u culd c her dripping wet wide opn pussy htat was making the dress sokaing wet. hse had big boots on dat were part high heeld stillegos and she was wering a basbll cap dat siad"RONAN IS SO HOT" and she was wearomg a c thru clear leather jackit 2 that had fuur on its neck and she had lots of makeup on lots of it thik red lipstick and brigt blu eye makeup pink cheek makup she lso paibtded her eybrows puprle and big diamonds on her necklace and jands and shit. she had purse that was a scull nd japwnes rwiritng pinted on. it was so sexy and it da dres would blow op[en whenebr she farted which she did a lot/

the lady who workd there said oo that looks very hot on u bitch how bat we fuck and they did sakuras strted 2 shove the scull purse in2 the ladys cunt and she scull fuked her (ROTFL DID U C WAT I DID THERE FUFCKERS? i bet u didnt LOL 11!) fast and hard she was scraming and then i cam and she suckd my dic wel she dtried but she culdnt it was so big nd she ended up chcoking 2 deth on my dick so we leftl. we gut on r car dn went 2 r next plac whih was MY SHOP nd whil we were driivng me and skura talked "omg i cnt wait 4 tha shibobi ball" "yes i guess" "octupuses" said sakuyra "yes slut" i said ad den we walkd in2 the str. rggh now hers someting benji MADE me copypast from an email. it describs edfred grrr "he has blond-brown hair, with perhaps a reddish tinge, and looks kind of like a cross between Xander Cohen from Bioshock and Archie "Snake" Simpson from Degrassi" grr y am i doing this anywa "HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY SHOP! ENTER, ENTER! PURCHASE WHATEVER YOU WISH! MY NAME IS EDFRED AND I AM THE PROPRIETOR OF THIS STORE. WE HAVE SUPERB DEALS SO PLEASE LOOK AROUND BUT DONT YOU TOUCH A GODDAMN THING!"1 so we went in2 da plac THEN WE FOUND MY SUIT1! it was so cool it was dark red and had blak pantsand a blak leather jackt wit it there were little knifes on the front of the shirt and then blades cirlcing my wasit nd the holes at the botums were my feet cum out 2, my boots were awesomed 2 the heel swere hammers and my nek colar had blads 2 nd i got a cool tophat thing with platunim blads on it and my pants had "LET ME FUCK UR PUSSY" wrten on tha bak. i put it on nd went to the cunter but b4 i got ther ei touched an antiqe hingy "HEY FUCKSHITTER! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU OBTUSE HOODLUMS? I BELIEVE I APPRISED TO YOU THAT THERE SHALL BE NO TACTION OF THE MERCHANDISE WITHIN MY EMPORIUM! GET OUT OF MY STORE! GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!" "hey wat the fuk is ur problem u dummy" "I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MISCREANTS SUCH AS YOU TWO AND I MUST PEREMPTORILY IMPETRATE THAT SUCH NEFARIOUS MALEFACTORS ABSCOND MY ESTABLISHMENT!" "wtf r u talking abt r u britsh?" "I AM NOT BRITISH! I AM FROM THE UNITED STATES! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!" "NO WE WONT THIS IS R STORE !" "WHY IN ALL MY YEARS I HAVE NE= i blastd him nd he ddnt die 4 sum reason so i just threw him and wehen he was fkying away aftr being thrown he said "YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU EVER IMPEDED MY VALIANT EFFORTS! AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

so now it was time 4 the ball nd we went 2 this huge mnasion it was so fuking big and it was castle so we went inside and lots of ppl were there mostly assholes but sum cool ppl. so we all dnaced 2 GOO music not modrn shiy nd evrybody was turnd on by our outfits and stuff so then sakura said "omg baby show them ur dick" so i did and all the girls went wild and started orgrasaming and them i peed all over them and they all rolld around the floor fucking and licking each other and milking their tits it wa sos fuking hot but then somebodu came in it was edfred! "WHAT IS TRANSPIRING PRESENTLY? OH NO! NOT YOU TWO ABHORRENT REPROBATES AGAIN! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" he said and he was in a cast wit cruches and stuff we strted 2 laugh at him. "DO YOU FIND THIS JOCOSE? IS THIS A CACHINNATORY OCCURRENCE TO YOU? BAH! REMOVE YOURSELVES FROM MY PROMENADE THIS INSTANCE!" "no fuck u fag we cam here 4 fun and were going 2 have it! u cant stup is!" "YES I CAN! I AM THE ONE ADMINISTERING THIS BALL, SO LEAVE MY CASTLE AT ONCE! I-" BAM BOOM SHING!1!1! it was MADRA! he had crashd the sibone ball!11 "muahahahahahaha!1! master! our plan! it is a sucess!" said taline "QUET U!" madora shooted. then he cam 2 us "U DOTH NOT THUNK THAT WE WOULD LET THOU HAVETH A BALL WITHOUT OUR APPREANCE? U R MISTAEN!1!11! HUAHAHAHHAHHAA!" we herd bussing ovr da caste and dat fuyking corewd fag edfred was leaving in his bovercraft "FORGET THIS SHIT! I BID YOU ASSHOLES ADIEU" "FUK U FAGGOT FAGGY GUY! i yelled" then madora cam lokd at me nd said "huahahaha we hav u kno o nd who da fuk was dat?" "SUM LOSER BUT HES GUN NOW SO U WILL NOT WIN!" ao i put my special mind contro piwres on da girls at da ball and they all gatherd behind me readt 2 fight but jst then the castle doors cam oen!1 it was NARUTO!1

k so dat was chaptr 19 i kno tha parts benji help wrots r stupid and werd bt ignr them tha rest is gr8! i got luts of exciting sutfff plannd!1!

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