Ronan Reyups!


firt 2 u dubsub blu semsn fine hes ronan so hes awsum nd sexy nd magicla. 2 ngt ficton NO HE WULDNT NOT DO HAT! well yes hed jakc oiff 2 the bron hered woman nd tha gemran womnan but ew not to the oters! also who is gorge takeye/ BUT NOW 2 U DRAFONHUGNER WTF BICH I THOT I GOT RID OF U? Y R U BAK NOOOOO! no its not no its not yes it does no it doesnt RONAN WILL NEVR DIE EVR HE IS 1 OF THA GR8EST CGHRACTERS EVER SO HE WILL NEVR DIE! hes 2 awsum ti dui! tahst not my plot tists my plot tiutsts r awsum nd orginal nd hav nevr ben done b4! no hes not NO ITS NOT AND NO ITS NOT ND NO ITS NOT IT TASTS NAZTY (xcet 4 sushi nd panda expess) AHHHHH!1! well I DONT type wit my eys closd SO TERE! well watvr i bet it wasnt not muc is bettr than tis. i am very god nd alwsy will b! u don KNOW ME 4 REAL! my hed dint explod BUT YOU MADE ME MAD! DONT FLAM ME! STOP THA FLMES! DATS IT IM GONA START N ANTI FLAMI N GRUP!



1 sngle manly ter went down my fac 4 tha cpugrs deth. ten i decid i neded 2 go 2tha doko nd let tem no i was ok. i racd bak to it onli 2 find tha doko paintd wit a cros nd stuff. "WHY!" i yelld nd ran insid. "skura! atni! ekaj! IM ALIV!" nd i herd tem run downstarxs "HOW CAN THIS B OMFYES!" sad skura who huggd me nd sniffd my sexy sent. "mm u smell lik a man" she ad "dats cuz i am 1 bzby" i sad ten atni cam ovr nd kissd me ths mout "dats 4 u bein aliv!" "dad dad dad!" yelld ekaj "oh helo son" i sad nd we huggd. "dd ur so awsum how did u cum bak" "well sob tha couygsrs ghosts ghost hed came 2 me nd sukd my cock 2 brin me bak 2 live but sh died 4VER nd WILL NEVR com back. sh sarcificed herslef 2 sav us we wil 4evr rembr her sexieness" u sad. "oh rona she was so fyking hot wans thse well so r u nd im glad ur alliv." sad sakyra "were ALL glad ur alive1!" said atno. "well im glad 2 b aive myself! " i said. "hmm hey ekaj what do u say we fuk these sluts GOOD?" "i thot ud nevr ask dad!" ad we thew them 2 tha grond nd leped on top of tem. i got on skua and he got on atni nd we fuked their pusses so hrd that becus ther asses nd botom parts of tere cunt hit the floor so hard we dentd the flppr. ten we did nd eeffel tower on ech 1 of tem nd then i fuked skuras ass whil skyr aliked atnis hot stmey pussy whil atni suked ekajs cock! it was suh a hot sene u wuldn beliv it. eventualy we all cumed so mych we colpads into a hug puld e of our own cum mxij g 2 gether. "wow that was gr8" sad skyra, "yes it was" i sad vak. "hey. skjyura atni. u sluts clen up this mess... WITH UR MOUTS!" me and ekaj laffd as tha two began 2 lik up tha mixd cum pludled whil we wipped them with r uge cocks. when tey were don i said "LET ME MAK SUR EVRYTINGS CLEAN ND DAT U SWOLED ECRY LAST DROP!" so i lookd on tha flor nd n their mous bout ther was stil a bit in eac of ther mouths so me an ekaj slappd ther faces wit r cocks by swinin r hips. "now lets c agin" nd i lookd nd tey had swaloed it all. "dats bettr" i said "well wer don!" i sad nd i statd 2 lev the doko.

"wait rona wer r u goin" askd skura. "i ned 2 go spy on tha concil nd fin out wheretha sord of ujikamaya is nd hav ekaj stel tha medlion 4 me nd the i need 2 find tha sord an then cum bak 2 kongrpahepe 2 rebuld tha town nd ten defet the counil" "oh ok" sad skyra after i finsidh talkin. "is tera anyting we can do" askd atni. "no but ekaj i want u to cum with me.. sapuka nd atni go sit in kono scqare nd act like ur stil sad about me dyin. ill c u guys soon" i sad nd we huggd and ten me and ekaj left! "so dad wer r we giin" "firt 2 tha conculs hug evil old timey mega churc!" i sad nd he gaspd. so we went 2 it nd qeutly broke in by blastin tha doors down nd put tem bak 2gwther. we ten listnd 2 tha concul talkin "hmm wel tha sords there in tat forst" sad tha bron hered mormon. "wat forst" askd tha gray hered man. "the sercet forbiden forset of isinashoyu u fool!" sad the redhared men. "ven shuld ve go get vit" sad the germn woman "hmm well waiot 4 tomorow. anyaso does any1 rewmbr where the
medalion is jiden we ned 2 destpu ot remmber?" sai the bron haired womna "oh yea its upstres in a chest in tha evil xtian lobrory" sad the red hired man. "ekaj! go run
nd get it!" so he ran and got it and ten we left. "good job son!" thansk dad" he sad bak. "now we need to go to tha secet frobideb forst of ishizashoyu!" so we were off 2 tha sexret forbiden foest of ihisashuou!"

we racd 2 tha foesret nd ten walkd thru it 4 mils wen we stubld upon a closd cave so i blastd tha cave open with my powrs. "acording to dis map it suuld be in
THERE!" i sad. so went in2 tha dark wet cave nd fond anoter blok but i culdnt blast it! but ten this dep evil sondin voic came up nd said "asnrwer me tis queston!" "ok" i sad. "who is tha worst msuicon evr" it askd. "duh its lady gag" i sad nd it said "CORECT U MAY OAS! wen we entered ther was a glowin daggr ting but it wasnt tha sord. "oh sjot dad! tje handl of tha daggr looksd like MY DICK!" he sad nd took it of its thorn nd it glowd in its hand nd the dep voice sad "it was menat 4 him! now he must leve!" we bot gapsd. "well i guiess u got to leave! go bak 2 meegt skura an atni dn tha sqare. " "bit dad" "GO!" i blastd him out of tere nd i went to tha nex bloced plase. "now anwer this queston!" "pk" "wat has ben tha cuase of all the wars nd big prolbems on eart" the voic asked. "duh. religon. especally xtians!" "CORECT! PASS!" nd so intered tha room nd there it was! THE SWOD OF UKIJAMAYA!1 and tha handl looked just like my dick! i glowd so i tok it then it glowd in my hand nd tha voic said "it belong to u now u must leave!" so ten the cave stated 2 collaps nd i esaped just in time. "wow! i said. "look at tis sword. its so hug its like 14 fet long! damb its just so sugoi!" i sad nd ten sated 2 run bak to konohagruke,


"IT WAS HERE I SWER!" sad the red hared man. "BUT IT IS GONE NOW!" sad te bron hared woma. ten they saw a bloody wriin on the wal riten in te blood of the counsil xtian pet cat. it sad "RONAN IS BACK!1 THE CONUL WILL FALL!" tey all gaspd in horor. "np NOT OUR CAT!" sad the gray haird men. "THIS IS UMPIOSSBLE! HE CANNOT BE ALIVE!EEEEE! THIS! MEANS! WARRRRRRRRR!" sad te bron hared woman.

meanwile i was aprocajing the hil over konogrpajare nd saw the xtian army kining up nd also sakura atni nd ekaj wating. as o stod on the hill wind awsulemy and sexily brexed by me my har blwoin in it. i mad an epic cool stanc and i knew it was time... FOR THE END!


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