The Weddonf

STOP SAMMING FUCHEAD! DONT U EVR INSULT KATI OR ELS I DO SONETING 2 U! LEAVE MA LONE UY FUCKER SPAM TROLL!1! o ndunnamed fucker fuck u ok...! IA AM NOT A GIRL SO JUST FUG OFF. I CAN SAY watevr i want so jeez and who cars about sum bitch tara! im betta than her anyway so it dusnt matter and harry potter is 4 BABIES inaway and my fic is for ADULTS! mature ppl only! and u dont kn o anything! im smarter than you i bet u! and who da fuk r u calling patetic nana and utu but ok down wit critics united im not a MEMBER OF THERTES OK SO DONT SAY I AM I DIDNT RVEN KNOW WHO DEY WERE UNTIL U SAID SOMETINGK... anyway katie is gunna piost her fanfic on mondat! its amazing and everybody will love it tho its not as good as me tho i guess u shuld expect it 2 nut b as good sinc shes a girl haha

now here is tha chaptr its really good and i think it mit be tha best one i rote yet! sum of its insprid by my cusins weddin dat was cool i brught katie there and we had sex in the janutr claset during the reception lol... nobody knew! ther was also acohol ther and i drank i lot and gut drunk fuk yeah notherfuckers

Chapter 12: the wadding

it was our weding day it was a sexy day out the sun was up and stuff. sakura taliana dn mandy cam out in there wedding dreses holy shit they wur so fuking hot mmm we wur serving in n out burgr at tha wedding in n outs tha best all other burgers suck so anyway they all walkd down tha ile 2 me and they playd lets go crazy by prince along with do me baby and lets perteand wer married it was so sexy sreing them walk toward me while da songs played anyway they cummed up tho we didnt hav a preist becuz were all atheists and ppl who beliueve in god r fuking stupid they shld all be put on an island in space or something but anyway we said i do and stuff and then we kissed and fuked in front of the crowd everybody cheered us on "u get that pussy boi" said my best friend (hey danny i hope u read this becuz thats suppsed 2 be u!) mm ya i fuked the pussy so hard and waved my dick around and all the girls in the audince got wet and horny those fuking sluts so i fucking fucked those fucking bitches and then they all the girls had sex with eachoter they were all lezbians but i could maje them str8 with my huge cock mmm they luved it and when they were all fuking i cummed all over them it pored on them fuck yeah take it u sluits i said then we all dancd 2 motley cru girls girls girls and gunsnroses! then all of a sudden a mystery fog came and it was

adara!he said conratz on getting marrid but i hav tio kill thy! and then he took out his bazuka and saod "TAKETH THIS MOTHAFUCKR" and he bazookad me and everyone! and madara vanished i was dead all the girls were crying and screaming they needed me they luved me "omg ronan u cant die... how is this possible nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he was 2 good 4 us and tha world tahts y ronan died madara is a monstr" said talia na and all the girls farted 2 cry on me but so then a blue glow came from by mody and i flooded upwards an grew 69 (lol) feet tall and i picked up all the weddong food and ate it all at once and then i flew away "he is alive omg! we luv u ronan fight madara fight him" "it was tha tears of all us who luv whim that brught him bak get itd?" sad taliana 2 overone. i flew to madara and there he was i punchd him and he said "hOW ISETH THY ALIVETH! THOU SHULDETH BE DEAD! but i am alive i said so fuck off fucker and i ounched him and jicked him again and then i got out my machine gun and strted 2 blast him and he blew in2 a bagillion pices becuz my machine gun was magically jaopanese. i felw bak 2 tha wedding evryone was havibg sex again and i did 2 but then it was night and evrybodu went away so we wur narried and happy now iut was gr8.

so dat was chaptr 12 things r getting pretty neat huh but hey plz eep redin and danny i hope u rea dthis and KATIE I LUV U WHORE! and fuck off flamrz 2 k?

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