Ronan vs Sauske



"ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!" raored me nd sasuke! we were fihgintng! "fuk u sasuke!" i scremd nd punchd his snake form but then he rapped around me nd sqweezed me realy hard "mwahahahaha i ccccccccccc i am very powerkul ant u r not" "YES I FUCKING AM U SLUCKER!" i yelld 2 him "then prove it!" we then restled 2 the ground i trind 2 get him off of me but he wudlnt so i pincjhd him in the eye "OWWWWWW! THAT HURT SHITHAT!" he hised nd we startd 2 destoy some of konohakurage during r fight! buldings smashid nd all da women were screming in the treetss "NOOOO NOOOO OMG Y IS THIS HOWPENING? GET AWA FROM MY BABY AAAAHHHHH!" she scremd cuz she stood by her baby stroler da baby was cryin we cept destoyingr the city tho. "U R DESTYROING MY CCCCCCCCCCCITY!" said sasuk! "ITS MY CITY! NOT URS! I ONW THESE PPL NOT U!" i said back "GRRR!" said sakuse nd then he bklew black fire on me! "AHHH WTF!" so i blew whit-blu fire on2 him! "U SONOFBOTCH!" he scremad at me all arond us koinohagktrye was on comptley fire ppl were ruining in da strets on fire then he said "Y WOBT U DIE? FINE DEN! I SHALL USE A TRUELY EVIL INTIMATE POWER!1" ten sasuke brught an ipod up nd put it on a speakr nd playd TOP 40 MUSIC! "NOOOO WTF U MONSTER NOOOO!" i scrmed as da evil top 40 shiot playd on the radio "Aghhhhh its so horible noo noo NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I fell down nd was defeted,

"MUAHAHAHAHAH! ND 4 THE FINAL NAIL IN DA COFIN ILL RED 2 U A BIBLE VRSE MUAHAHAHA!" "plese stop sasuke its wrong nd evil wat ur doing just 2 aveng ur family!" "STFU BITCH!" "grahhhh! no mroe of dis shit!" nd i blew up the bible he was gona use on me nd then 2ook tha ipod nd speker nd started 2 play GOOD OLD MUSIC! "NOO WTF R U DOJNG U SICK SAAHOLE!" led zeplin princ motely cru nd bon jovi and blak sabbat and kiss all came from the ipod streao "AHHHH YYYY" sasuke fell down! i had defeted him! "haha fuckr! now 4 da nail in MY coffin im gonna r ead 2 u a part of THE GOD DELSION BY RICHRD DAWKINS ND GOD IS NOT GR8 BY CHROSTPHER HITCENS!" nd I did! "NO STOP TSOTP THIS LOGIC OT HURTS MYU BREAD AHHHH NOOOOOO" "haha o much for ur farty tale imaginaiton land guy!" "NOOO AHHHHH" then he PUNCHED ME AND RAN OFF BECUS HE WAS A CPWRD ND CILDNT TAKE THE LOGICNESS! i ten greb bak down 2 my norma size nd blackd out.

"ronnnnnaaaaaaaaaa! ronaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!" yelld a familr voic it was da coogers head. "fionaa?w at happend?" "u blackd out after teh elic fight! almost th hole city is destroyd becus of it!" "am i king agin?" "no sory but sasuke dispeared but madra came nd took his place 4 a while." "is ckakshi ok?" "yes shes fine" "wat abt my secy bitch whoreslut sakura?" "she hath dispared!1"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" ie yealmed nd then look out teh windo at the city in distanse wit lots of destoying nd fires nd stuf plus ash in da air but ghen a hole opend up in da celing it was SASUKE using a porta thing "muiahahahhaa ronan i hav gon in2 hidn g 2 heal nd i have saruka wif me! she luvs me nd we r reding da bible nd listning 2 modern music muahahah! U MAY HAVE ONE DA LAST FIGHT BUT U HAVENT 1 DA WAR! DERE R TINGS GOIN ON U KNO NOT! BUT U WILL FOND OUT SOON VERY SOON MUAHAH MUHEHDAHDAHAHAHAHA!"

END OF CHAPTER 42! Chaptr 43 will prolly cum on mnday or tusday ok? MAYB sunday if im not stil hungovr lol.

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