The Concerto

ok unnamed u jst need 2 stop trollin i wont FUCKIN TALK 2 U AGIN U LOOSER. AND I WAS JST EDITING THISAND SAW U NOW DRAGONHITNER WHA THA FUK R U DRAGINHUNTER I JST SAW UR FIST REVIEW WTF DO U KNO U LOSOSER AM IM SMART AND UR NUT AND WTF WHO CRAS ABOUT SEXISM DAT DOUSTN EGIXT NOW ANYWAY! AND Y R U OPFFEND BY DA WORD FAG I BET ITS CUZ UR GAY LOL! tho if ur a gurl and gay dats hot but too guyz doin it is fukin grosss! and i AM NOT RAPIST I BET UR A FAMINST HAHAHA AND I BET UR OLD 2 LUTZ OF 13 YR OLDS FUCK OMLY LOSERS DONT ! AND yes da character dous hav a w foot dick its based of me ive got a 17 inch cock its uge so FUCK OFF.,,,, and WTF is a gary stu! if ur talkin bout my chatacyer his name is NOT GARY STU ITS RINAN OK U IDIT! AND THERS NO GOOD MUSIC I BET U LUV MORDN MUSIC LOSER! AND U R

ok anwa guyz did u see tha gramys wtf who were all thos loser im glad biebr or gaga didnt win anytting but WHO THA FOK IS ARCADE FIRE I BET TBEY SUK THEYR MODERN. ANYWAY OK KATIE TOLD ME HER cccount was hacked my sum asshole and thats rely [siin me off fuck u whoeevra hackrd her and delted her story i will fucking get u now she dunst want 2 post but i will mak her so there. and danny THANKS 4 LIKIN THE STORY I WILL PUT U IN AGAIN I PROMSIE BUT REMEBR 2 REVIW ME THIS TIME K!

now hers da 13th chaptr i wonder if i twill be unluky LOL i think its ma longsttt

Chpater13: Tha Conert

it was da nxt day aftr r marriage and we wur all happy and sexily walking round tha dojouse it was so fuckin gr8 to be marred 2 this fucking skuts. i was playin my guitar since i am in a bnd with my bst friend Tadashiharakumaie (dats u danny thx 4 cummin up with tha name) abd tge girls were suckin r hug cocks at da sae time all uf a sudden i gut a call on my iphone it was r manager shizahu (hey danny tell tina that that chracts supposded 2 look like her!) "I HAVE THE GREAT NEWS 4 U ALL U R SIGNED 2 A RECRD LABEL NOW AND UR ALBUM WILL CUM OUT 2OMORRW IT ALRDY HAS LOTS OF AMAZIN REVIWS EVERYBDY LUVS U" we wur so excted so we did sum cocane dnd gut high "omg we r so prud ov u guys ! lets fuk ok?" so we fucked we ramed there pussies tightly and hardie mm they luved it fuck ueah u sluts take it fuckin biches i playd my guitar while we fucked and i did a solo as i cammed. da next r album was released and it sold 20 millions coppues in 1 day we wur da boggest band since thuh beatlesand we sunded like a cross betwen prince and led zepplin and bon jovi all r fans were screamin and they luved us

da next day we gut newz that were wur gonna hold a concert and we ur all cexited 4 it evrrybody cheered so it was tha nightitme and then breaking news cam lady gaga drak and kusitn beiber and all those top 40 shiot were in a plane crash and died and we wur the savirs of music and the only good band right now. so we went out onstage dressed as tha msastr cheifs from halo (dats my favorite came of all ime it fukin rox i tried playin dat gam bioshock my bro siad dat was bettr and that fukin suckd thats so fuckin boring wh cas about a scity under water and wtf does sum bitch named anne randy hav 2 do with a fuckin video gam? wh tha fuk is that:::: and NU bro i will nut ply bioshuck 2 i bet tht suks 2 wat the hels "colectovsma" nd y wuld they mak a video gam abt it? ur dumb benji um anyway i also luv GTA and stuff tho nut gta 4that sucked bro and so dos ur gam okami thats nut wat japan is like! anyway sory dat gos all out 2 my bro benji hes readin this nd he says it fukin sucks BUT HE SUCKS HE DUSNT KNO SHIT AND IS MEAN 2 ME SO FUCK U BENJI U VIRGN 16 yr old DUMBAZZ god he sucks all my other old bros rock (mattew and landon u gyz r awesum) but he fuckin sucks wat n idit. .

da bexr bight i cam int2 tha gurkls room and they were all havin sexkc withevrybody mmm those fukin whores mmmmmm yeah i cam in and date there pussys yummy saknks and then somdby rushd in an sad hey guys ooops i didnt mean 2 interupt byt hey uv got a concert 2night! we culdnt blieved it it was r furst concert evr ! wen we got there tha crod was huge like 5 mullion ppl were ther and we cam on stag drssed liek master cheif from HALO and the announcer ons tage said "ok here they r tha bst band in tha world righr now u all love them its TITTY MONSTA!" we cum onstage and evrybody cheered the sound was so loud and then we tstred 2 rock tha fuck out like motherfuckas. r songs blastd the audinece and we ounded so amaing "YEAH YEAH GIRL WAN FUCK U HRD TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY MY DICKS HARD!" i sang and everbody was wowed but... THEN SOMEBODY SHOWD UP ON STAGE! IT WAS TALANA! "HHA RONAN HOW U HAV FLLEN U RETARD I BETRAD U ALL THIS TIME N U DIDNT KNO IT LOL! btw ur music rocksZAP" she blasted tha audence with a dark mist that blasted them and made the crown musty! wen tha smoke rcleared they were ALL DEAD HAHA I FOOLED U SID TALINA I HAV WOIN! then madRA SHOWED UP OUT OF THE MIST AND HE BOUND US IN LEATHER STRAPS AND TELPORTATED US 2 his layer it was a can! "rofl u dummies felleth 4 th trap u see talian has alwys beneth by servprentice! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! he cockled were ere bondaged like caged sluts i trid 2 batle him but i culdnt "muahahah thou shall never escapeth me! thy shall meet thou doom tonighteth!" but then i usd my powers of telekeabortion and lew at him but taliani interupted "JUST U STOP THERE U FUCKR UR DEAD!" she pulled out a huge gun it ws ebormous and it ws attached to her "HAHAHA" she screamed and blasted me" i said vut ut was 2 ate i was hurted by it then madara stood up grabbed mandy and started no chew on her "mm she is delicous i can ast her pussy juice" he said and he 8 her! "U R monster!" i said " hahahahaha u stupind ingnarmus (thx 4 tha help benji tho u still suk faggg) u r a shithead and shall dieth!" "NO U WILL DI U GIRLY COCKSUCKER11!" I scrammed! BUT THEN

ok so i had 2 sto there my mom said 2 cum down 2 dinner e r going to eat vietnamese? thgas nasty we shuld jst eat in an out r pizza! anyay so tha story is freakin awesome aight? i t will continue and be more awesome 2! i cant wait 4 chapter 14 i will hav 2 paste it this weekdnd! THX FELLOW ROCKERS 4 LOVING THAS TORY AND DANNY REVIOW THIS IR ELSE UCKER!11!

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