OK GODDMIT WTF Y DO I HAV MORE FUKIN FLAMERS GTFO LOOSERS!11! IM NUT GONA RESPDN 2 ALL U! GOODBY UNAMED GAD 2 C U GO HAHA !1 ND DRAGON HUNTER RONAN IS A GR8 CHRACTER STO BEING MEAN 2 HIM AND YES SAKURA IS A CHETING WHORE ALL GIRLS WHO CHEAT R WHORES DUH. I KNO SEMEN DOSNT WOK DAT WAY BUT IN THIS STORY IT DOES OK! AND NO SAKURA IS A COW THAT WAS A TUPO. ALSO IM NUICE U JST DONT KNO ME! anyway now 2 answr ur thing from akties fic iwill not joint ropes nd i dont want 2 talk 2 u! i dont need ur helpadvice im great how i am every1 luvs me! ur jst jealou nd want 2 try 2 b awesom like me well gUESS WAT U WONT!



HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YELLED NAYUTO HE WAS WONDERING IN2 THE EVIL LAIR OF MDROA ND TALINE! GET THE FUCK OUT HERE AND TALK 2 ME! HE YELLED AND THEY CAME! HELLO WAT BRING U HERE TO US 2NIGHT?" ASKD MADRA EVILY "I FUKING HATE DAT RONAN HE IS EVIL AND DOING THINGS 2 ME HE IS SEXIER AND RICHER AND STRONGER AND HAS A GIANT DICK THAN ME HE IS HORRIBLE I HATE HIM!" YELLED NAURTO "THOU HAST CUM 2 tha darksid i ce! muahahahhaahha!" said madora. "yes i want 2 join i jst fukijg hate hi so much its like hes perfect and i hate him" and ronan stredt 2 cry like a girly slutbitch "STOP UR BLUBBER!" yleda modra "YES! AHOY THE MASTER! BE FUCKING QUIET BITCH!" said talina "wtf y r u guys so mean! dont u fuking undertsnad! my life is terible its all ronans fault!" "yes well ok then we shall team 2gether yes but ples do not cry that is 4 weak ppl" said madra 2 ronan. "tanks u! we will DFETEAT RONAN MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" clacked maruto "tyes huahahahhahaha" taline joined in in their EVIL LAIGHT AND IT WAS EVIL AND THUNDER FLASHED THE ROOM!

da next day!

"mm ronan ur cock is so fuking hot mm giv me sum right now " and i slammed my huge beet int2 her mouth. it wacked her sheeks and it hurt her moth so much she bgan 2 bleed fro her tooth. "mmm skunk u giv such good fucking bjs u goidamn whoreasslutbitch " said as i ramed so hard it hurt her spine and lungs becus it was so huge" "omg ur duck is like a tennis ball can holdr thing! GIVE ME MORE I NEED MORE!" she scrateched me! "WTF BITCH! DONT U FUKING SCRATCH ME AGAIN GODAMIT!" "yes matser im so sorry mare" JUST THEN RONAN BURST IN2 THA ROOM! "U FUKING ASSHOLE GET AWAT FRY MY GIRL! YELLED NATO AND THEN HE THREW A SPEAR AT US THAT HA DMAGIC IN IT AND TIED SKURA UP! "noo wtf r u doing u asshole y no no no!" i was yelling! ten mdora can up and said "ronan do nut fighteth this battel, thou knows thy will joineth us and destroy the world anywa! CUM WITH US!" "I CANNOT NUT!" then narutoa tok a sword and tried 2 stab me but i espaced just in time! he yeld at me then "IM SORY BIT I HAD 2 DO IT FUCKHEAD" h yelled cruelishly. "I SAVED U FROM KILONG UR SWELF Y R U DOING DIS 2 ME! GIVE ME BACK SAKURA SHES MINE NOT URS!" "NEVARRRR MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA" "THEN WE SHALL DUEL!1! AT MIDNIGHT!1" "FINE THEN WHINER GETS SAKURAS CUNT AND ASS!" "OK! BYEE111" and they flew off in black mole!

i ran 2 my ferarri and got in2 it and drvod off. "i hav 2 figt dat asshol naruyto he is evil now1! he kidnaped sakura and so did mao dra and raliana they will not fuking win i willl!1! i am better than them! i gut so mad i crashed the car! i was hurt! i was gona die! but then i saw the coogars ghost! "RONAN! LISTEN 2 ME! U MUST FIGHT HIM! I WILL PEEL U AS I NOW HAV THAT POWER" and she started 2 suk my dick it was bringin me back 2 life and when i cumed i was fuly alive again it was so hot but also good! "thank u cooger thank u whore" then her ghost body statted 2 flow away "nevaer 4gegt me! i luv ur dick!" sge yelled as she went away. "i wont bitch i fucking wont" i said;;;;. i ran in2 tha desert wher u was and all of suden burst int2 my blu flame dragon form! i strted 2 fly over the desetr and shiboing and I ROARED "RAHHHHH! I WILL SAV U SAKURA!" she could tletaphatically hear me. "i jear u ronan i kno u weill1! ughh oh fuck yess mmm oh yeah ughhhh" sakuyra cummed because my dragon vojc was so sexy and when i was flying blu things shot out of me iand gave all the girls below me orgasms and i could hear sheering from below "WE LUV U RONAN THANKS 4 MAKING ASS CUM!" and i flew off 2 the fight thar was gonna take place at midnight!11!

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