Hot Sprins Fesival Part 1


da nex day me nd day me nd skura nd aeti wer walim down a stet in konogokura "ooh hey rona i nevr notjcd dat sexy bandain on ur cheek! wen u got it?" sad akura "lol dumbtich skura! iv alwsy had dont u rembr?" "oh wait yes now i do LOL! its so hot i luv it! keep it k?" "i will!" i sad bak nd contiued "anywa ww lok at all des huige fat ppl well now tat im bak as rula of shobobi i betta put somting in2 actin 2 get tem not uglyu nd fat nd sutpid agin!" so we went 2 the shobini stadunm 2 annunce my new anti fatfuck plan. "WELL HELLO EBRY!" nd evry1 calppd but tey all jigldled in a gorsss way cuz tey we rfat. "EW! WEL OK U FATASSES! I GOTS A POLAN U ND DA NEX MONT IM GONA EREVERSE EVRTIN SASKUSE DID ND MAK U ALL TIN AGIN GOT DAT? SO DEIT ND EXCORSICE IS ALL IT TAKS ND IF U CNAT LOS WAIT UR WEAK ND STIPUD! OF CURS SINC UR FAT UR ALREDY SUPID LOL! BUT I KLNO WAT I MEN SO GET ON IT FUTFACKERS!" nd ervy1 ran 2 tha gim 2 work out but jst ten riht aftr ma speek a fat litle boy strated yellin holin a newsppar up "EXTA ERXA! ANUAL SEXY BICHES HOSPINGS FESTILAV CUMIN N A MONT! ALL COOL PPL SHULD ATEND! EXTRA XTRA!" "om rona did u her dat?" "yes i did skura" "we shuld so go!1 bot me u and atni! were secy bitchs in ur cool haha!" "dats a gr8 idea" so we wnt bak 2 da doko 2 get redy 4 the fistval.


ervy1 in konhguraka was bak 2nnormal njd it was TIME 4 teh hot spinmgs fetsival! so da nxt mornin me skura nd atni all go on my red motcircle nd drov down teh roa on the coast as da sun risd 2 get 2 the hot sprins festila."omg rona ther it is!" "yes i c it btw u ned 2 stip sayin omg! its promotin da xtian agender!" "oh yes ur right sir sory lol!" nd so we arivd in da hot spings vilage ther were sings nd baners evryhwere sayin it was "da 5894th nuaal sexy bitces fesivla" nd dat it was "lastin 4 2 days!" ther was gona b a pagent 4 sexy sluts nd a porade wif biths dressd as flowrs nd of cours teh hot spings! "hey gitls i got a god ide!" "wats dat ronan?" tey askd 2gether. "IMMA ENTA U 2 IN2 DA PEGANT!" tey both gaspd nd blushd as i went 2 the cunter hedquarts 4 the pagent nd sad "hey id like 2 entr sakua WHOREano (i bet u dumbazzes STILL DON GET IT XD!) beezbub nd atni beezbub in2 the secy bihcs pageon!" "is at thm bhind u?" "YES!" "well den yes sir! ill sigm then up!" nd she did! tey we rsignd up nd i knew tey wer guna win!"

a litle bit later

"Wel we bot ned 2 get redy 4 the scy bithcs bpagent now don we!" sad skura "hahahhaa yes we do!" gliggld atni. "WER GONNA B THA MOST POPULR GIRLS! but firsit ters gona b sum major changs cumin ovr us!" sad skura "wel firt we shuld go find r drses!" so wer wnt 2 tha shobni sexy drse stor. skura nd atni lookd arund whil i was bord cuz shapping is tupid nd boring nd im a str8 guy so i dont lik shoping duh. "ooh dis loks good" "oh no this" "oh tis!" ohyois!" "oh" ah" eh" tey bot talkd 2 echtother but finaly they chos. skura had a rely secy pink drss with a cut of midift nd vcery tin tneck ring dat holdd up da ress nd barly anyting ovr her hug tits wit teh rest of the dress cumin startin at her waste nd was tin nd flowy nd she culd runesily in it nd she was werin 8' hi gheels. entis drss was da same basicly excpet hers was ligt blu like baby blu i tink nd insred of a neck rign hldin up teh dress she had thin straaps. "wow u bot lok so hot!" "thx rona! but now its time 4 r spa reatmnt b4 we finaly go 2 the pagnt!" so tey went 2 the hotspings nd startd 2 bath ndt tey put sum gren cubumber stuf on tier face nd relxad. BUT AL OF A SUDEN A NOIS CAM OU OF NOWHER! IT WAS 1 OF TOSE JANAPESE BAMBU TINGIES DAT GOS UP ND DOW AN HAS THE WATR ND MAKS DAT STUPID SOND! "ahhghhh! dats DISTUBIN R PECE ND QUEIT!" yelld skura so me nd her blastd the bambu tung wif r powrs nd it blew uped nd stoppd makin dat supid nois. teh ownr of da hotsping cam out nd sad "omg wat have u don! dat was hundeds of yrds old!" " it wa anoying so stip cryin crybabby who cars anyuwa?" "wel yes it had a nois but grahhh!" nd tey old lady ran off cryin. "lol dumb itch" i sad nd we contidued 2 soka 4 a fe hours ulitn/ "its almst time 4 tha pagnet! cum on anti nd rona!1" sad skura nd we dred off nd ran 2 the pagnet as fast we culd!

ot was nightim wen we got 2 gh pgnet. "o no sory wer lat!" sad atni but th womn runin it was "its ok ur very hot so it dusnt matr!" nd tey put on tere dresss nd wen on stag. i was haviun turble findi ter pagnt rom nd fund a smal rom wit a stg but isnted ther wer fat biches onstag "lol wtf is dis?" i sad nd the man runin it sad "tis is teh biggr is butiful pagnet" "LMAO! NO ITS NOT! FAT PPL R UNHELTY ND GROSS ND SMELY ND STUPID!" nd riht ten the fat girls cam out in ter fatcow drsses "omg ur so hot! can we all fuk u?' tey sad "XD no non of u culd evr fuk me! besids u guys miht crus me lol. besdis dnt i mak u gusy al los wait?" "Wel e likd how r bodius r so wedint lose wait" "WHATT?" i was so mad tey disobeyd my ordrs so i blew up teh stag nd lfat went evrywhrr nd i left nd found teh hug room whers the sexy good pagnet was.

i wavd at skuara nd atni tey wer alredy in teh final rund ther was only 1 oter girl up ther nd she was nrly as secy. "ALRITH LADIS ND GNETLMENT ITS ALMOST TIM 4 THE WINNR 2 B ANUNCD BUT FRIST R 1 N A!" "skura wat r u fvorite tings" "hehehe lol well no. 1 is cock numbr 2. is cunts" "and wat abt u atni?" "same!" nd wat abt u oter girl?" "im a vrgin my fvorite tings r books tho im stupd so i cant red lol" "ok well i tink weve decide on teh winnr! JUDGES?" "YES WE HV DEICID! TEH WINNR OF THE 54906 ANUAL SECY BITCHE PAGNET AT DA HO SPRUNGS IS...


i was gona mak tere trip 2 tha hotspings 1 captr but i jst had way 2 much stuff 2 put in2 one so now its 2 PARTS! iv alredy ritten most of part 2 so i migt jst pst it later 2nigh k?

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