Land of Earth


first 4 an authors note tho:

GTFO SPAMMER1! 2 teralion wtf r u talkin abt? 2 gubgub494 o yea well let me c it then i bet it sucks god im so sik of u trollers! "her we goo" watver this is my story ill rite it how i want howmany tims do i hav 2 tell dat 2 u IDOTS? bet thank u 4 at lest beng kind of nice evn tho ur a flamer



as we wer driving out of land of water thre ppl stoped ass in the road it was mei nd her 2bodygards! "HEY MOTHRAFUCKERS WTF FUCK IS YALL DOING?" i giut out of the car so did kakshi the cooger head was cared tho so she staye in it "who r u!" "THATS MEI!SHES THE FIFHT MIZKAHUE" "wat wer u doin in my vilage?" she askd us she was hot had huge tits nd realy long hair. "We were fithing the presidn of the kibusi corpaton but he got awa agin." "MUAHAHAH1! U WILL NEVAR DEFEET HIM! WE WORK 4 HIM NOW! EHEHEHEHHEHEHEEEEEEEEE!" she higgled cruellay. "u wanr 2 fight bit?" "YES I DO!" "well i cant hurt a hot bit like uy but... HAHAHHA!" i plbaseted her wif my powers nd she fell downt den kakshi took own the 2 bodygards. "haha dumb bslut u cant beat me! its ok tho i know ur a girl so its ok tho" "thank u 4 not hurtin moi" she said. "ugmmmm goddamn ur so hot but ah ur evil nd tryin 2 take down kbius corpaiton mmm but i want 2 fuk u so badly o yea ur muscld r so fuking big and OMG LOOK AT DA BILGE IN UR PANTS! FUCK ME WITH IT NOW!" nd she took my hug4 foet long dick otu nd suckd on it then all of asuden her hair strated 2 glow masgically and winded up 2 look like testicles "OMG AHHH!" her tentcle hair shovd itself in2 her cunt nd then i flipd her ovr nd shove by mig bock in her ass "OOOH AHHH OOOH GO OOOH!" her hiar tenticls were geting soaking wet from her pussy jiuce so i puled it out and suckd on her tentcle hair soaked in girl cum. "MMM ur cunt juice tasts so fuking good bitch TASE IT!" so i out it in her mouth nd she suckd on it 2 then we made out whil she was suking it nd then i cummd on her tits with my dick inbtweenen her tits it sprayd her face and hair sum nd then i shoved my head in2 her cunt nd lickd the rest of the cum nd hair out and then i got in2 the car. "omg r u leavin alread honey?" "Sory bitch i hav 2! i hav 2 find the prwesidne tof the kibusi corpatons an KILL HIM" "well good news ur sexy hot fuking of me made me good agin.. u c the kibsu coraptions took over land of wavs nd this vilage so i came baked when i heard it was in troble but when i got her they kidnpaed us and brainwashd us do u c? thank u 4 un brinwashing me!" "no problm babe luv u bye" nd we drove off nd she went bak 2 gard the dmyaoi

"mm she was hot u did a gr8 job fuckin her jake" "thanks kaskhi dont be sad ur dicks small tho i satsifded her plenty 4 BOTH OF US HAHAHAHAH DO U GET LOLMAO!" "lol xD yes i do ronan god ur amzing 2 b around!" "well i hope ur not sum fag or shit" "no im not i just mean u r a very oowerful man much bettr nd more powerful than me" "yeah i kno thanks tho. fiona suck my fucking cock now bitch" nd she did. when she was don i wasked her where we were goin next. "I SENSE THE PRESIDOENT OF THE KIBSUI CORPAITON INTHE LAND OF EARTH!" si thats where we went.

wen we got ther it was bvery empty int he vialkge of in the stones. "hello is anybody here?" "helo me pleas help ahhh" we went in2 a house 2 find blod nd dead bodies evrywhere. "oh i kno who these ded bodis r" said kakshi. "its onoko , alkastoshi nd kitsuchi,, ND THATS KUROSUCHI! SHES ALIV!" "omg help ples ahh." "wat happend 2 u slut? i askd. "ooh an evil man in a businss suit came innd kild evry1 nd hes almost kild me ahhh im dying" i then gave her sum of my cum 2 try 2 bring her bak ut she was alredy dead when i put it in her moth. "NOOOOOOP! o yeld. "WE MUST STOP DIS EVIL GUY WE;;.;" then the dor blew upen! "HUAHAHAHHA! I C U FOUND MY DOING! THIS PLAC WAS NOT SUITED 4 MY BIUSINESS SO I KILED EVERY1! I KNO U HELPD MEI ND HER BODYGARDS BUT I WONT LET DATS KING OF THING HAPEN AGIN! then he plasbeted me with his powrs nd we were all nockd ouit. when we woke up we were ted ub nd being put in2 lava. "AHHH WE MUST ESCAPE NOW! WERE GONNA HIT TH LAVA!" i said then da goocers ghost head showed up nd undiid the knots with her mouth and we jumpd out just as the cave we were in xoloped. "the presodne of the kibusi corpaiont did this! we must find him nd kill him so we can then rescu sakura!" i said. "yeah ur righ!" said kakshi so then i askd da cougers head where we had 2 go next. "I SENSE HIM IN THE LAND OF LIGHTNING! WE MUST GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and we did/


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