ok goddamit u mothrfuckers now i hav 2 rite another author note fuck i am so sick of repondign 2 u ppl u no wat i bet ur all part od da illumnati tey r real i read abt them and they r evil i no u all work 4 them,,, 2 elmo fanclub and chrometplath thank u 4 da good reviows! i went nd red da pokemon story and it was good and sexyhot excpt 4 da realy bloody stuff i dint like dat. 2 badfic defective go way. 2 blur smetlueong if u dnt like it dont fukin read it den! 2 spud dis is my story not urs ill do whatevr i want. 2 ne I AM NIT REPOLACING NARUTO Y WOOD I PUT HIM BAC IN THE STORY IF I WAS IDIOT! dont spam me cunts loltroll. and random rnat. NOW ON 2 U UNAMED frsit: watevr ur stipod dis story will not die i hav lots of more chaptrs so stfu. yes i hav red sum of them but a lot of them r 2 guys which is fuking nasty. u dont kno anyting like i said i get lots of emails from sexy girl fans who luv my stray.

NOW 2 U DRAGOHURTNER. i dint not me 2 fuk myself thats nut wat i meant/ yes i liv in los alamosita! y cant u ppl soell it fukin right! ok c i am smart but i havnt leanred that stuff yet so dont ask me also my english grade is A DUH bich. i dunt hav MS word so there. yes i am the law says i can byy condoms at 13. no i dont like that name og away.. yes lesbians get hot becus of guys but only me not others. ok well i bet tgtroles is stupid lmao. sex maks u mature becus matur ppl do it dont u understed i bet not haha. look up 'si drinkin cum healty and" ull find it. no ctisicm is not awesum its mean 2 ppl like me who r good riters. ur not raroused by dis becuys u r stupud that is y. i dont hate girsl they r hot and sexy and i luv 2 fuk their cunts. yes i kno vritish ppl speak english god wat do u think i am an idiot or something and no naruto is not dead he was just hidjng. i kno i said i wuldnt repson 2 ur trafnsmoers review but it was realy mean so i will now/ yes i kno its naturl but its stull so fukin gros nd lov is wen 2 ppl like each other c i kno wat it is. benji was beong stupid and i do kove girl they r just not as cool as guys at stuff but they hav pussies so they r still cool. lots of ppl alredy lov me u no noting! yes sprong break strated but no its iovr. and fuck u i forgt what hapened in th ballet ad tat was da best i culd do so whap.

OK SO NOW ABT SPRING BREAK we went 2 mexico1! it ws so cool there wer elots of hot drunk coolege girls but i didnt get 2 hav sex becuys my parents and benji were ke[ing me an eye on it was so dumb. BUT I ALMOST GOT ATTACKD BY A SHARK IT WAS SO SCARY EXCEPT I WASNT SCARED becaus im not a pusy wimp bitch. bt yes it was awei, we had good food 2 bt then we had 2 cum bak i was mad becsu it made me mad.

now 4 tha story!1!


"NARUTO WTF Y R U HERE I THOT U WERE DEAD! i said "i was not dead i was actualy alive but i just hided" "ok well help us then" so we fought modara he was very powerful bet we r 2 so cum on him lets fight now!" and we fight him he was hurt hard and he yelled at uz "wtf is ur probe, u ficlomg assholmes" "r problem is u lol" i said 2 him "well watever GOODBYE 4 NOW WE WILL BE BCKKKK 4 THA PROFECY WHIC HATH BEN 4TOLD!" "NO! THE PROFHECY IS A FUKING LIE!" "NO IT IS NOT IT S TRUTH U WILL DESTROY DA WORLD MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!" "he is right" said taline "U will destry the world muahahahahaha!" she cocked. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i will nut ughhhh" i shooted "JONAN! NARTO! SAVE ME HELP HELP HOP!1!" ten we saw dat sakura was in danglin ovr a pool of lava so we flew ovr there and avaed her been madora and tlinia yeeld at us "MUHHAHAHAHAHA! GOODBYE! HAVE A NICE TRIP! HAHAHAHA!" he said "at joke is stupid" i said "no itsnot he said" then THE CASTLE BLEW UP BECAUSE MADRA AND TALINE BLEW IT UP! BUT we were all ok becus wen ran out right b4

after da cattle blew up we went bak 2 tha shibonoi villaje. wen we got there it was night and akura was hot and swexy and naruto was ok and i wa slooking hot and sexy 2 "hey baby u look fukin hot" said sakura naruto went 2 his room "mm u look fukckin good 2 bitch" i said "Well mayb we shuyld fuck!1!" she asid and so we did we did it in front of tha fireplac. i starte 2 hump her cunt frealy hard and she was moanin "oh ronan omg ur tha best rake mmm fuck yeah fuck that fucking pussy u fuckin sexy fucker MMM OOOOHHHH YESSSS AHHHHHHOHGHGHGHGHGHFG!" she was yelling "oh ronan i hav 2 poop" she said and so she did da shit flew out of her butt like a rocket and right into my face "EW THAT IS GROSS BUT SO HOT 2""" "mmm u klove it dont u baby" "yeha i fuckin do" "OMG HERES MORE!" "Wait bitch hold it!" i said and she did so i got her 2 set her hot fukin ass on2 my huge chest with their musuclar pecs "now whore" i said and she let out a big dump on my pecs she then hopped off and i rubbed my fingres around my nipesl rubing da poop in. "mmm ur so hot" she said and she licked it off my chest "mm its so good baby" and then she put my ehad betewwen her huge double N cup tits and bunced them on me and hit me in tha face then she milked thgem and the milk poured in2 my mouth it was so hit and then she peed on me and then i cummed in her hair and we were done. "um we shuld go 2 bed right" "yes i think so" "hey wait did u hear that funny hoke abt the corcodile" "no tell me please " "ok wel wat happens is a crododile goes 2 groceruy store and says do u have and meat and they say no so he says he;ll hav 2 make sum then and eats the grocery store guys amd farts and has a bog dick" "hahahahaha thats funny sakura i luv u gurl lets go 2 bed" and so we did and then morning came!1!1!

"OMG URGEN MESAGE 4 RONAN BEELZUB NOW! THE KING OF SHIBOBI SEEKS UR PESTEMNETS!" "y does he wont me" "ull just hav 2 see becus idk" "so we went 2 tha shiboin pala ce and there he was the king. "ahhh u c i am dying ronan and i hav a sceret u never knew and that is that im atually ur godfather nd that ur roylaty and the prince opf shobino" "no way" io said and he said "yes way so ahh i am dead here u rule" and i was so shockd now i was king of shibobi ns hs builliona od dmoney wer were evn more rich and famous now than b4 everybidy loved us "wellas king of shiboni i want 2 outlaw religon" and so i did evrybody ho was religous was reedicated so dey wouldnt be stupid. "anybody who likes modrn music shall b put 2 deth in less they r hot chicks" i said and then i said " free beer and cocane 4 evry1 and two dudes fuking is grosds so its outlawed now 2!" "o uyeaa and down with tah evil amerin captilasts nd the illuminati!" everybdu cherred i was the best king eva evryuone oved me. wehn we wure leavint ehe stadium annoucnet paprazzi followed us "MR KING RONA MOR KIN RONAN PICTURE PELASE AND AAKURA SHOW UR BIG FUCKING TITS!" said a photoGAYpher (lmao got it right tards?) so she whiped out her tits nd i ouled out my dick and thry esnapped shot sof it it was so cool tgeb fasns came ovr"we luv u we luv u omg we fucking luv u!" "yes i kno but leav me alone i am goin home" so we went bak 2 tha doko

naruto was ther eating pizza "helloguys how r u doing" he said "We r good how about u" "Well i am good" so we went 2 r bedroom but i herd him punching stuff becus he was jelous pof me being so much better then him. den i heard ai crash and me and skrua ran out "omg wtf is going on?" she said but then we saw MADRA AND TALINEA! "MUAHAHHAHAHAHAB WE TOLD U WE WULD BE BACK FUCKER!" "NO NOT U GUYS!"

k so dat was chapyr 20 tha story is getting gr8 huh1!1 keep redin thers lots more shoking twits and stuff 2 cum!

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