Ladn of Water2

OK AUTORS NOTE TIME. spamer stop spaming nd fuk off. y do u like cock so much ew. 2 rhw moidwrha of whiring whatevr u dont kno anyting thing men fuckr. now 2 u troll perosb whioevr u r! lmao u fail! im not even 14 yet i wiull b in a few weks tho my hair isnt shaggy its very nice nd has gel in it it its hort 2 nd my eys lite blu. katis real u kno noting gtfo loseer im nut a pusy so i wildnt kilmyself anywa. OH YA nd 2 that person who said the sevn mist guys sum had left wells um came back DUH. ull c!

NOW 4 THA STORY! sory i culdnt updat 4 a whil i was so hungovr becus of 4th of july wat a dumbs holidy celbratin evil merica but watevr at lest stuf gets blow up nd i get drunk nd i got sum pusy (luv u tina bitch)dats all tat fuking maters anywa 2 haha.


"ITS THE SEBVEN SHOBONI SOWRDSMEN OF THE MIST!" yeled kakshi/ "looktheyr eys r glowin red!" said da coogiuers head. i whipd out my swor but they usde water jutsus on me! the watr soakd me and i feld down. "Y DID U DO THAT 2 RONA FUCKERS? RAHHHH!" kakshi ran uip and choped 1 of their heds off! he den stabbed anotr 1 2 fdeth. "TJHANKS KAASHI!" RAHHH! na di went in2 my dragonform nd set sum 2 if them on fur nd then chpdened them in half with mys word. the thre oter swordmen of the shobiuni midt ran in2 the kibusi corpiatons secret new biliong it qas a hung japanese sky raper "QUICK RONAN LET GO IN2 IT!" so me kakshi the cogers head and me went in2 the buling.

in da the lovvy of th bulding we fught the last thre."HEY FUCJ U
MOTHERFUCKER RAIGA!" i punchd him so hard he flew acros the room nd in2 the wall nd was dead."GET KISAME!" i yeld 2 kakshi. he ran 2 him "Y RNT U WIF DA AKSTUSI ND MADRA?" i am stil wTif them but i came bak her after the kbisu corpation tok control of nd branwashd the swrdomen of the mist. i herd u were cuming jher so i had 2 cum help the swordmen of the most dfeat u! madar woill b pelasd i killd u both!" nd akkashi was punchd iut, "NO KAKSHI! Y U R U DONG THAT 2 HIOM HE IS WEAK ND NOT AS STON AS ME! GTFO ASHOLE!" nd then i cut his legs off nd threw him in2 the ocean. NOW WE HAVE 2 GE4T ZABUZA! i yeldd. we ran up th stais he was running 2. he floode the syaors and we were washd bak down 2 the firat levelt but we ran bak up realy fast nd got 2 him "HEY FUCK UY!" i punchd him the stomachh. "ALL HAIL JESUS ND GOD!" he said "WTF R U N XTIAN?" "YES MUAHAHAHA!" he lafed evily. "HOW!" "the council convrted me!" nd then he stabbe me but i was ok so i cut his throat nd he died. "come on ronan we need 2 get 2 the hed of the kibusi corpation!" so we ran up th stairs the cougionas head flying behin us.

we got 2 the room he was in nd burst in."HEY! HED OF THE KIBSUIO CORPATIN!" evry1 in the room gaspd.a busines meting was going on so we killd all the evil corpate buisinessmen. "UR TIMES UP!" "GRAHHH! how did the swrodmsen of the mist fail? the concil convrted them 2 xtiantiy AND u brainswashd them 2 kill u! no mater. u may hav kildthe guy b4 me but u wont kil me!" "whayt council..." "MUAHAHHA? U DO NOT KNO THE COUNCIL/11! THEY R THE MOST POWERFUL!" and then he lept out of the window as it broke nd shaterd in2 pices which flew at us. peces of glass were evywehrre. i ran 2 the borken window "NOOOO! U BASTARD U CANT LEAVE POOOOOOOOOP!" da cogers ghos hea came 2 me crying hitserically. "omg ronan will i evr get 2 go bak in2 skuras big sexy booty?" "i dont kno OK! I DONT FUCKED KNOW RAHHH!" na di ran away from them 2 the car and they got in nd we drove of


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