The Coincils Tru Layr!

not gona do n aurors not 2 u ashols agin fuk!


it wad terrivle tha couneil had tekken me awap nd i was bein fliwn 2 ther floting blak box huse tings main hedqurtesrs nd tey wer caryin me by havin my ted up in blak chins nd stuf wit the chans hangin frum ther 4 back lether chars. finly we arived 2 tha layr nd wetn in. "Welcum 2 r TRU LAYER!" teg outsid was blak concete metal nd had spiks on da top nd botom of it lik on all 4 corns nd 1 in da midle. th einside wss motsly gray nd shti but tey had croses hunged all ovr the plac. teh isndi was rely big it dint mak sens "y is it so bog in her i askd" "well is biggr on tha insid u c" "o yes i do well dat maks sens i gues but Y HAV U BRUGHT ME HEREEEEEEE!" i yeld nd ten trid 2 escap 2 anoter room but tey sad "cant go bak tere!" sad the bron hard woma "u vust retun!" siad the grmean wona "well kill u!" sad the bron hard woma so ui stopd. "u cunts culdnt kil me! i am teh most badas powrful guy in da wlrd rembrer lol?" "godamit yes we fukin kno! dats y u won tha turment! ND ITS Y WE MAD TEH DEAL WIT U U WILL JON US!" yelld teh bron haored woma "WATT? NO!1 I NEVR AGEED 2 TAT!" i scremd "VES VAUAHAHAH! JOIN VUS VRONAN!" laffd teh germa woman. "yes join us" "do join us!" both the gay hared man nd the redhard man sod. "JOIN US1!" "THOU SHALT JOINETH US!" it was sasek nd madr! TYE HAD SHOWD UP BEHID ME! ND PUT A CLOT OF MY MOTH ND I FEL ASEEP!


I wok up in a balk room in a cool spiky bed nd left the room nd sa a long hellway of dors dn weld down tem lookin in but hst seein emtpy roms UNTIL! I OPEND 1 DOR ND IT TURND OUTB 2 B THE ROM WERE LAPANESE PPL HAVE DAT BATH TING DAT IST RELY A BTH BUIT KIND LOCK A HOTU B? ND DA BRON HARD WOMA WAS IN IT! "wat the FUCKIN SHIT R U DOIN HER U FUCKFACE?" she ydll nd stod up nd OMG SHEWAS NAKD. her pusy was hary ew i don lik hair down tere but tha cutrins matchd the draps lol u kno? her har was long ad soakin wet nd her nippls wer rely hard nd i noticd her psuy was tit. "y is ur pusy so tigt?" "y the fuk do u wat 2 no?" "JUIST TLEL ME!" i scr4emd at this bitc. "BECUS IV BEVR HAD A COK IN IT !" i gaspd "WTF? U RNT EVN A REL WOMN i men u r but need 2 hav a dik in ur pusy bigtim!" "NO! I AM PATT OF INTERATINAL CELBITE FRUM MEN SLUTS!" "UR A MONSTA!" i yelld at da bulshit she was ayin! who tha fuk is celbite or jst celibte from emn?" dumb bitc. she magicaly handwvad a towl oevr 2 her 2 covr her body. "NOW THE! U SHULDN B HER!" nd she pulld out her fan from her cunt nd wavd it arudn teh tubthing nd brught te water up nd then thre the fan me wioch blastd the watr 2 me! it balstd my fac! "AGHHHH!" i blurblded int tha wter nd it stppd "ARGHHHH! SOAP IN MY EYS IOW! U FULKIN BITCH! UR GONA PAY!" so i threw maysepf her nd we fall in2 the tub

"urgh ahg oop!" she girpsed. "bitch slut cunt!" i slammd her hed ont side of teh ting it ws squar tho not pval lik a bathub. "raghh!" she elbowd me in da rib "OW U BIT!" nd ten i shovd her hed undrwter nd trid 2 drown her but ten i saw sumting leking from hjer cunt! it was uymyy pussy unty juice! i new her cun was redy 4 a dik or somtin but i dint have room 2 fuk her in the tight tub so i shovd my figner in2 it nd i saw her gasp undwerwatr nd bubble airs ca up so i fingrbangd her os hard eh passd out fro her ograms dat ovrflowd the hapanesbath thing. i got out in2 the floded flor nd statd 2 jak off my big fat dfik god it wa sso ahd it was 4 fet long nd i i was edy 2 cum so i cummd all ovr her knockd out body as she layd tere sezily. ten i sated 2 wak ut wen she GOT UP ND WAS AWEK DN CRAWLD OUT ND PULD ME DOWN! "U CUNT WTF?" "IM NOT GONA LET U LEVE!" nd ten the red hoerd man came in nd was all like "WTF IS GOIN ON HER? OMG WAT R Y DOIN 2 HER? GET TEH FUK OFF HER!" ne he pulld me off nd thre me in2 tha hallway nd was all tey wer bot abt 2 bet me up wen a big mous shwd up nd trey wer bpth like "OMG WTF! AHHH A MOAT!" nd tey ran off scremin like girls nd i alffed nd pointd at tem "lol LOOOOOOOOOOOZERS!" nd i zappd teh ratmouis killin it nd went bak 2 my bedrom 2 slep but on my way bak i overherd suske madra teh grayhered man nd the grman blond woman talikn. "yes iots pvr here thats wer it must be!"! sad da grad hared man "vo!1 it vust ve ova vere!" sad tey gema woma tho1 "NO OVERETH HERET!" sd madra but sasuke was like "ANHHH ITS OVR HER U FOOLS!" nd iwonderd wat trey were talin abt? oh well i neded 2 go 2 slep! i kne id have 12 try 2 escap 2 morrow tho i mght also try 2 find out wat tier talkin bout!


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