The Child Prat 2

WTF. SOME OF CHAPTER 5 GOT AXIDENTALY DECLTED ! id ont no how i gues it happend whil i was writing it grr fuck! ok so i gus i do this eal fast dis is tha rest of chapter 5 from whe i eft off i cant do da fight cuz i forget i1! but ok her we go rahhhh!

ok um im agona make dis chapter 6 so yeahk.

WHO THE FUCK ARE U! said sakura but den the other sakura who jus cme in said "im mandy waterfuapll" OH. we said. "i grew uop" and then she jumped in the pool with us. we wur both shocked because she looked acextly lik e sakura cept she wasnt sakura she was manyd r doter! s both sakra got out of the pole sexily i got a ragin boner and i got out to nad broshed it up against them they were bot hot for it. but we had 2 go bak 2 the temple i culd hear tha other guys collin somtim was happenin!

OROCIMAYR! he was bak and angry ad mad but then he saw 2 sakuras and he said "WTF!" we explanded 2 him and he was md and blew us. then the TEMPLE EXLOPED. we were devsted and hurt he flew awa lafing manicaly . we dint no wat 2 do and becus sasyke kaski and naruto were in ter they wer dead now sakura was wepin mandy was 2 they loved them AS FRIEND not a lovers they al had mal cocks so they coulnt love them it wastn cool they love me but now they were dead so we started walking and it was raining. sakura and mandys shirts wer tit and could show ther tights. it was so hot mndy had breast ust like her mom but then mandy reveaked that she was a clone born frm skura and not my daugbter so i could have sex with her and it would be incest ok. we found shelter wit a sexy couger and as she was walkin we saw pussy juice leakin from her panties. i got a boenr and both girls start 2 leak pusy juise 2. "here are ur bedrooms fuckers" she said in a hot voice. i went 2 bed with all two of the girls and we fucked all night long i impaled thwm with my gigantic cock as i fuked there pusys at the same time. when i wok up and the couger came into the room it was coverd in scum. it was so hot 2 her she started 2 lik it up abd vecause i had mornin wood i went over and she suked my hige 4 foot dick she loved it and deep trotted it. WANT MORE! se said so i fucked her tits which were huge and sexy anbd i salped her in the face with my dcik and fucker her tits and slaped her in da thface with my dick she loved it. then i gav her a facial and it was so big she was soaked like sakura that tone time. so fucking hto so me and hur went down stairs and ate and then she had 2 poop she said so i wnet bak 2 wake up sakura and mandy and when iw as doing that i walked by the bthrom door an heardher taking a douce and looked it it wss hot i could see her pussy dripping on the toilet it was so i hot i jcked off right there and cam oll aon the door and then went 2 sakura and mandy and it was night so i fell asleep and then woke up but everybody was gone and there was a note from... ORICIMAURY! he said that he had all 3 and that he was going to kill dem all and fuck them 2 death and i knew he culdt becaus dey were MINE 2 FUCK. i ran and went o orochis layer and den i saw... MSADY WORKING WITH ORICIAURM1!SHE BRERTRAYD US!

OK FUCKING THERE. got this sot works fo sucking weirdly andway so yeah things are getin pretty dark and scary so i hope everybody loves it so far ad trust me its gona get sexier ok! DONT FUCKING FLAME OH AND FUCK I FORGOT SOMONE TOLD ME THAT I SHOULD SAY THAT I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OK LEASE DONT SUE ME THIS IS JUST A FANFIC OK. there now read and revuew ASP! OH Y3QH QLO WHULE I TON DOWN THE SCAT AND STUF I KNO SOM PEOKE DONT LIEK IT BUT I THINK IT CAN BE KIND HOT BUT I UNDSTAND IF I SHULD LEAVE IT OK BT

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