Ronan Awakes

ok im really mad cuz i didnt get more den 1 review for the first chapter so I hope this is different because its good and youl like it or if not FUCKING FUCK YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERSChatprt 2: RONAN AWAKESafter da bog battle i was very tried and hurt so everybody helped me, even tho i wus more powerful then theme so now i was hurt and had blaked out after the fight with ochimura. when i woke up it was the next day and everty body was glad 2 c me bacj. sakura and i then began 2 hav sex when i saw her cunt leaking juice onto the floor. i virgously fucked her hot tight and steamy pussy tho she almost couldnt handle it du to my giant fucking huge dick. it was so big it went into her organs tho she didnt get hurt except for a bit. as my penis went back and forth inside her vagina we both bagn to moan in pleasur sexily. i waz ready to cum when she said "pul out big boy' so i did and then cumed on her face the hot load of cum was so big that it complete drenche d her and made her hair really wet and sticky so she then started licking and sucking on her hair and sucked on my cock at the same time but this time she swallowed me and she got ful on my yum cum (rimed lol!).

later she showde me the temple and doho and stuff and it was really cool. it was suny outside. i saw the other guys practicing tho i was egear to se e sakura practic her hot and lushus moves. i new it would be senshual and sexu. her sweaty and heaving body kicked and bound and leaped and when she was all done and hot she rubbed her butt up against my huge cock and acidently let out a fart. "excuse me haha. accident' but i liked it so i asked her to do it again it was incredibly hot and i knew i wanted to fuck her ass next. we went into da dojo and fuked it was noghtime and the suoon was out now because it was night. i ramed my dick into her ass and she took it like a fucking bitch. i yotally dominated her. then we we wur fucking Orochimaru came and yelled and then kidnaped SAKURA1! I YELLED NO! but he was gun i knew i had to get her back so i asked the other guys to help me even tho they were really weak compard to me. little did dey no that depe inside me laid the powerful spirit of a ancient creature and it was about to take over when i saved sakura...

k so that was the secund chapert i hope it was god please right more reviws i nrealy ned them because they are good but dont flame please fucking dont flam fuckers.

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