The Mothra

ok bluer shmeterling who da fouk r u u dont kno anythin so jst go away ok and im nut a troll trolin is 4 losers! and THATS WHI THINK and no katie never peed in my moth tho iv axed her too and i can call katie abkitch becaus shes my gf she luvs it that fuckin whore. AND YRS THEY DO THINGS OTHER THING SUCK COCK THEY R FERY VOWERFUL AND DO LOTS OF INTERESTING THINGS THEY R JST REAY OOD AT GIVING HEAD 2 ROMAN. I CAN TALK 2O MY FAMILY HWOEVR I WANT 2! MY MOM ND BROTH FUCKING SUK ANYTWAY!UNNAMED I BET A LOSER LIKE U WULD LIKE STUF MY BRO LIKES SO GO OFF! AND I KNO A LOT ABT JAPAN THEY EAT SUSHI THERE AND THEY MAKE LOTS OF ELECTRONIC AND STUFF! ryuuranger MY FIC IS BETTER THAN THAT BITCHS STORY MY IMMORTAL OR WATEVER IT NOT ABOUT STUPID HARY PITTER SO HAHA and wtf is half life full life i mean i guess i heard ot the game but;;;; AND YOU R A BOBODY women are not slaves go away freak i am not a pervet i am just very sexual! AND THEN BENJI GO THE FUCK AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE YOU ASSHOLE! I NEW I SHULDVE NOT SHOWN U THA STORY U FAHH FUCK U BENJI UR A FAGGOT AND STUPID! GO AWAY! I CANT KEEP REPSOING 2 U IDIOTS STOP FLAMMING NOW,,,,,,

anyway so im still grounded and will b until fuking teusday wat a bvunch of fucking bullshit crap! ive got nothin 2 do ewxcept write the fanfic and stuff god my life fuking sucks and fuck you mom and fuck you evn more benji! did u kno benji he dosnt have any fridns and hes a virgin and hes like doing sicence stuff and histroy hes such a fucking stupid nerd and hes ugly 2 nobody likes him. and omg HAHAHA i saw him watching dat show degrassi the other nitght what a faggot! who tha fuk watchs that excpt 4 girls? well him i guess LOL hes so dumb he listsns 2 lots of shitty music 2 ! sum shit like godfrapp arcade fire the replacemtns lady GAG L7 hole nirvana wtf is all hat shit what a fucking idiot AND HE LIKES HIP HOP AND COUNTRY WTF! god the only thing he was good 4 was showing me led zpelin when i was a kid other than that he has shit taste in everything fucking loser gtho of my fuking life! ok im sorry i gus i shuldnt talk so much abt him but he jst fuckin sucks! im eally fucking angry at him right now dat lose!

ok guys anyway I GOT REALLY GOOD NEWS Katie posted her story fianlly1! its pretty good and its beach tho not as good as mine bit still read and veiwoew it! hgere it sis: .net/s/6761399/1/Reaper_Girl u ALL BETTR LIKE IT BECAUS SHE STILL AHS 3 PARTS LEFT

ok so now heres tha story

Chapter 15: The mother

TALANA IT NOT MY MOTHER YOU FUCKING PEDO! I SCREAMED yes she is thy mother thou canut denyeth it "nooo nooo never but shes so hot she cant b my mom!" "SHE IS ACCPTETH IT NOW FUCKER!" madra yelled. taliana came 2 me aftr she appeard in a ckoud of smock "i am ur mother ronan" "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" i teleported 2 a cliff by the see. THAT FUCKING HIT BITH CANT B MY MOM SHE JUST CANT THAT FUCKING WHORE! then Sakura came up behind me "but she is ronana except it!" "ok fine she is" "yes she is now ronan i love you you cant luv her anyrmore shes ur mom we must divorce that fucking bitch and then we can runaway firever" and we teleopried back but whe we did everything was diferent it was dark nobody was there and then we saw a calander... we were in the future! "how is this possible" i scramed "i dunt kno" said asakura then mandy cam up 2 us "oh hey guys" mandy i thought u were dead we said "when he ate me i got put back together in his stomach and then was pooped out" "oh ok" i kissed her she was so fucking hot not as hot as skura but stll she was so fuking hot. we began 2 wealk 2 tha doho it was sunny out and it was time 2 practice we were all sweaty and i had boner and sakura and mandy were gassy and farting all over the room was so gsexy smelling then i loked over and i saw mandy and sakura fuking sakura was skuging mandy with a katana it was so fucking ho mandy was bleeding but she didnt die or anything so it was ok mm yeah you takeit u ugly slut said saura 2 mandy and she fuckd her so hard that i came over there and started 2 fuck mandys ass while i fisted sakura in her pussy and ass her ass juggled as i put my arm in and shoved it up ther ei could feel her farting on my arm and i could feel the inside of her and there was poop but not munch anyway my arm was warm from the gas it was so fucking hot and i was fucking mandy virgously OH UGH YEAH FUCK MY ASS FUCK FUCK IT YEAH said mandy and then i came and it blaoted her stomach with all my cum so i gut up and stood on her stomach and she barfed all the cum up on2 sakjura so it looked like sakuyra had gotten a giant facial but she hadnt it was mandys barf god it was so sexythen mandy and sakura started 2 make out and tuch each others tits sakura sjoved her tit into mandys mouth and sqeezed it 2 milk it mandy drank all the milk and peed it out for sakura 2 drink. i gut hard agai so this time if cukd sakuta in the pussy god she luved it i could see the head of my cock bulshing out hjer stomach and so my dick went further in and went into her breast and the cum squiritng out mixed with milk and mandy drunked it.

as we walked outside next day we were takiing but then all of a sudden taliana appeared from out of nowhere and said "SON U MUST STAYU ON THE DARKSIUDE NOT WITH THESE WHORES!" "NO I CANT MOM I HAVE 2 STAY WITH THEM I LUVE THEM!" "NO YOU DONT" YES I DO" w ergued all night and the next morning we fought i through punchs at her but it was no use and then madora showd up and pickd up sakura and mandy "i haveth them with me! u join or they di!" "Ok i give up i join" and so we flew off into the night.

we strted 2 p;an our evile plan "wat she we do muahahhahaha!" yelled yalaina 2 madira "well i dont knowi think we should attack a part of the shibobi nation" "yes muahahahhaa that is good!" yelled Talanai. "we shuld attack this houze it is evil i can siense it!" i sid and they agreed "luyt us killeth them myaahahahah!" roared oricmura. there is the house madara muahahahha yelled talian 2 mafara. we swoopd down 2 it and i sid hellow 2 the man inside he said he name was Benji (HAHA ) and then i said fuck u ur r evil i sense it "u r right! die!" he trued 2 huyrt me but he was a styoid faf so he coyldbt do it riggt abd i vlew up the house and he was all dead and body parts flew everyhwere and blood was evrywhere he was dead. and then i said i have 2 piss and i did i peed all over him LOL. "myaghagagagaa" yelled me abd we fkew iff, bak at the lawyer i was sitting by our blak evil pool when talina same up and said "u r my son and i luve u now lets fuck" "i cant fuck u ur my mom" siad but then seh said "well only kind of so its ok" "oh i see ok lets fuck" we fucked in the pool. i draged her under and ucked her huge droopng loose pussy that wswayed baxk and forth when she walked i wrapped her long pussy lips around my big fucking cock and i fuckerd her hard oh yeah uh uh uh she was orgasming so hard she shitted herself and drownded "NOOO TALIANE!" i yelled i tried 2 save her bit she was died i tried 2 give her cpr but it didngt work "no u fcking dumb whore y r u dead" I SCREAMED. but then her eyes awoke "its ok i am alive" and we kiussed and then walkd 2 tha dinenr table where madra was. "we myst kill sakura and mady" he said "NOO U CANT I LUV THEM" "BUT U R EVIL NOW WE MUST!" "NOOO!" i yelled but i culdnt stop it we had 2 kill those bitches so we went 2 tha doho and they were having sex when we arrived and talnina said "omg it is so hot i mus join now" and she did and all three of them had sex. "i cant kill them i luve them and ronan" she said "NO YOU MORONIC RETARD!" yelled madara and the all of a sudden i killed Mandy! "y did u do that ronana u luved mandy!" "I HAD 2 KILL ONE OF U AND I LUVE U AND TALUINA MORE!" "i understand" and theni blasted madora with a blue light and turned into my spirit japanese dragon and stomped on him and he ran away

ha next day

it was sunny and pretty out when i woke up and walked cruely around tha house but everybodu was gun "madri has taken us help" said a note and i knew i had 2 find them so telported 2 tha layer and there they were but then taliana said that she was still evil and still working 4 madria so i punches her a telproted away with sakura. "we shuld divorce her i think" said sakura dn i agreed so we went 2 get a divorce from her. "u must get her to tha court if u want a divorce" said the man who worked at the shinibo court. so teleproted bak 2 tha layer and kidnapped her. and we went back "here she is" i said and she was there with us "why have u brought me" she asked and then we answered " we are divorcing you BITCH" said sakura. then we went in2 the court room and the hearing started the judge agreed with us n the divorce but then a man stood up and said "I OBJECTETH 2 THA RULING!" it was Madora!

END OF CHAPTER 15. i know its gr8 right now but its gonna bet even gr8er trust me fuckers! and dont flame anybdyh please this is a great story and i have lots of fans tso fuck the fuck off.

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