Kign Sakuse

autors nots rember? kk! byut guys im so fuking exictd abt my 14TH BIRTDAY ITS SATURAY! i talkd abt it nd lots of oter stuff lat nihgt when i was hi lol. anyway ead dat at my iwitter accont /animejake. ugh but earler 2day benki nd gary made fun of me nd calld me a siexist "holywod atiest" watevr fuck u 2 azzhols hah i bet u guys like 2 fuk eachoters assholes LOL GEDDIT? anyway!teime 4 tha next chapter!


"MUAHAHAHAHAHHA! so nice of u 2 join us RONAN!" "wtf! i thot u were dead?" "Muahahaha! do u not remembr? DID KAKSHI NOT TELL U? WELL! THEN I SHAL! MUAHAHAHHHHHHHEHEH!" nd he did. "u c wen da temple expodpd in chaptr 6 it was THE COUNCIL who was behnd it! they used a bomb mad by da kibusi corpatons 2 blew ot up. but b4 it blew up tey took naruto kakasi nd me away nd chaind us up int heir headqortars. tey brinwashed nd made me even more evil/ kakshi nd naruto escapd but i stayd with them as they traind me! naruto had alredy ben brainwshd 2 much nd well u kno wat happend dere so i wont talk 2 much abt it k? NAYWAW! DO U KNOW UNTERSTAND?" "NO NO THIS IS NOT IMPOSSIBEL!" I SCREAMED "UR WORKNG WITH MADRA ARENT U 2?" "OF COURSE!" he yelld eviley! "but he is a dumbazz nd not as oowerful as me! WITH ME IN POWER I CAN CONTINU 2 RAVAGE MY FAMILY! GOURDS! TAKE HIM AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUU!" nd i was captred! but then the gards TOOK SAKUR MND BROGUTH HER 2 SASUKE! "muahahaha! i will have u as my queen slut!1!" he said. "well i will b ur quen as long as u r xtian nd we dont have sex ok?" "yes! i am asexual nd an xtian I NOW DECLARE U MY QUEEN BITCH!" nd me and kakshi were taken away! "!" i yelld as i was taken away! "kakshi what r we ginnba do?" i askd him. "i dont kno ronan i dont know." then we were piut in r cells. teh cells were full of atiests nd ppl who like 2 hav sex becus dat stuff had ben poutlawed. the gards went away nd the coogers head flew in! "RONAN! I HAVE FAITH IN U! NOT THE XTIAN FATH DUH BUT THE GOOD FAT! U R STROG ND SO IS KAKSHI 2 I GUES. U BOTH MUST BREK OUT OF HERE ND STOP THE EVIL COUNCIL FROMT AKING EVRYTING OVER1!" "I KNOW BUT HOWQ?" "i dont kno figure it outttttttttttt" he hed flaoted away nd her voiced fades ashe yelld.

da next day

"HERES UR FOOD FITHY ATIEST!" sad a gurd. he gave us nasty chinse midle esastern food tat was not good nd thai food 2 (beki liks dat shit yuk!) "Y DONT U AHEV IN ND OUT OR SOMETING GOOD?)"i fasked. "IT HAS BEEN OUTLWAED! MAUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA! NO MORE IN ND OUT 4 U!" "WATTT? HOW IS CAN THAT B TRU? WTF? RAHHHHHHH!" i scremed i was so amgry my form came out from me nd blew us out of the piston cell. "WE HAVE 2 FIND SARUKA ND STOP SASKUSE!" "gr8 idea ronan !"

we ran 2 da centr of town where A HUGE CHURCH HAD BEEN BUILT! OVE THE STATEU OF ME! WTF? "u basards! y did u do tbis WHYYYYYY?" i scremed. wewnt in2 the huge chirch nd saw madra nd sasuke seatd in frint of it in throns. sakurs was there 2 she lookd so hot fuking hot in her qeen dress. "U GIV HER BAK 2 ME NOIW! I yelled at them! "muahahaha. did u not here? she is my quuen!" siad sasuke. "yes! he is righteth!" said madora. "FINE! ILL TAKE HER BAK!" "not witout him u wont!" wat? i thot. i lookd behind me nd sas kakshi beng beaten by gards! "NO!" i yelld nd blasted them with my powrs as i went in2 my blu eys whaite dragon form! "FUK U!" i scremd nd pickd up kakshi nd put him down. "thak u ronan u r gr8 thx!" nd he ran off 2 heal his wonds. "NOW 4 U 2! MUAHAHAH!" i pickd up madra nd threw him awa but then sasuke turnd in2... A HUGE SNAKE! HE HAD CONGURD THE FROM OF ORICIMURA HE HAD ABSRPED! "NOW ITOS TIME 4 A REAL FIGHT1!" nd we crashd out of the church nd began 2 fight!

END OF CHAPTER 41 awsum hih? newxt twist coming chapter 44!

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