The Eden of hte World Near!

ok godamit why THE FUK AM I TILL WROTING ARTURS NOTES 2 U FUFVGERS? well watevr! 2 problem tannr OH YEA WELL ILL SHOW U! I BET ILL GET TONS OF A ++++ 4 WRITIN DA TRUT IN MY PAPRS IN HI SCOOL1! i will gru up 2 b an amzin awsum person becus i alredy am DUH. i put the sex symobls in becus it maks the fic sexier/ 2 suzanne well at lest u rnt a men ashole like them but sory im gona keep wting this. sae 2 u kaoi im gona keep riting this nd theres NOTING U GAN DO 2 STOP ME HAHAHAHA! 2 ub blubrer JUST BECUS THA HANDL (ITS TGA GHANDLE BITCN NOT THA SORD GET IT RIGT OK1!) IS SHAPED LIKE A PNIS DOESNT MAEN IM GAY OK IM STR8 BUT NOT NARROW I JUS DONT LIKE 2 C GUYS MAKIN OUT OR PENISES THAT ARNT MINE OK! nd its not vain its smart nd secy. well fine watevr rothy. 2 chomeltpat WTF U TRATOR TFFF!1!1 Y WULD U DO DIS 2 ME WYYYYYYYY! I THOT U SUPORTED ME FUK FUK U FUCK URK U FUCK UR! wel at lest ur gon rona suks haha so yea! but yeh fuk u chomeplatah!



me skura nd atni and ekaj were asbotuley shoced tha day had finaly cum that id DESTRO THA WORLD! tha cincul had flown awa on there chars nd sakura and atni were so scared abt me destoyin tha world. "oh ronan u cant do dat! its just so rong nd evil!" sad skura. "but its tha olyn way i can save u guys!" tjey all began 2 cry. "oh dad ur so brave im gona be just like u wen i gro up!" "thats a boy son" i smild at him while atni nd skura cried so hard. "get ovr it sluts" i sad nd ten raved of 2 c tha council.


i walkd up 2 tha cuncils huge churc laier in tha midde of konohrgkaue nd slowly an quetly sneekd thru tha window by shatering it with a zap pwerd punch. i walked sowly hidn behin a ston circular pilar thing whil tha counsil talked "so if some1 used tha medalion wat wuld happn" askd tha gray hoerd man "well its ment 4 1 man nd 1 woman to wear 2gehter and tere bodies wuld fanish from tha erth and go in2 a secund deminsion dat looks like a glowin glodish wjhit plain where theyd have tha gr8test sex ever 4 all etrernity. or so tey say!" sad the bron hared man. "my GOD that is HORIBLE! WE MUST DEST OYU IT!" sad the red haird man. "vut ve canvot desvoy it vuntil ve kill ronan!" shoutded ha germa blond woman. "speking of wich how r we going 2 kill him is he goin 2 die in tha blast tha coms from him or do we ned 2 kill hium reslves" askjd tha red hgared nan. "good qudston well sadly he won die in tha blast hell just get nockd out so well have to kill him rselves." sa dtha bron hared woman. the cunsil ten shok hands wit eachoter nd split up so i ran out of ther rely fast nd bak 2 skura.

"SAKYRA ATNI EKAJ! I HAVE NEWS 4 U!" i hyelld 2 the, "wat is it rona!" sad sakua "yeah wat is it dad!" said akej. "wen ever i destoy tha orld ill just get noked out bi tha blast not die!" i sad "OH FUK UYES YEAH!" said sakura nd the others all jumpd up 4 joy nd huigged me (but in a father son way wit ekaj) but jst then we herd lots of yellin! "RAH RAH RAH RAH!" yelld sum angry ppl who wer holin tortchs nd those spiky tings dat framrs use! "who tha fuk r u ppl!" i yelld. "R U RPNAN BESLZUB?" askd sum ugly old hag. "yes why?" i sad. "R U GONA GONA DESTOY THA WORLD THAT ISNT PAT OF SHOBIBNI ?" skd her old limpdik huspbad. "yes who tha fuk cares!" i said bak. "WE CARE WE LIVE OUTSID SHOVBINI WE DONT WANT 2 DIE!" sad the hag. "well sory but i have to save these two sexy botchs nd my son!" "RAHHHH!" tey all statdin runnin at me tryin 2 burn us down! as we ran thru tha konogjrua villafe i tund bak at the mob nd blaste thim with my blue blak light white light powers nd tey all died.

"whew good tinking ronab!" sad sakura. ten atni chekd her phone nd tey all tree turd there baks aginst me "hmmm ronan its 8 pm... RONAN?" tey turnd bak around nd i was gone! i was being dragged away by the coinul unconsus!" wen i woke up again i noticed i was outside of the shobini natons. "Wat time is it..." i asked nd... 1 of tha counil membrs responded! "its... 11 PM! MUHAHAHHAHA!" shaid the bron haird woman. "WAT? NOOO! ITS ALMOST TIME!" i screamd. "yes ronan. IT IS ALMOST TIME! FOR YOU! TO DESTOY! THA WORRLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDD!11!" scrmed tha red haried man. i scrmed bak "FUKKKKK UUUU!" in agony as i startsd 2 feel weird nowing tha end of tha worl was nere!


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