Saturway 2 Big Suckin Cok

ok ppl im tird ndREALLY f hi riht now ye ok haha loololololllllllll so dis chsptr might b a bit weord i cudnt tink of muc so it dusnt ha much 2 d wot skura mdra sasuke da coincil nd utff!

chapter 895: balahablah

'gey ronan lets go 2 ta beah" "ok fona" so we wen 2 tha bech. "m ur a secy bitc" i sad whil we walkd down da bech THEN AL OF SDUEN A HUG LABTOR CAM FRO OT OF TE OCEON ND IT HD THE FIN OF A SHRAK ND TAL OF 1 2 ND TEN IT SAD "ROWR I WILL EAT U FUCKHED!" nd he was md so me nd da coogrs hed rwent awa down farter tha bech but it flowed us "HELP I KST WAN 2 FIND MY MOMMU!" it sad "NO WE WOL NOT HE;P U GTFO !" so i thru hem in2 bak td watr ne he dint cum bak the a bunch of biko io girls cam 2 me nd sad hey ur hot lets fuk nd we did we went in2 the watr nd fuckd ther cuns we tit mmm so god i fuckd them so hrd they og so god ograms tey refilld da pceon wilt pusy juice but the ten sun fel from da sky nd gre an eye nd sad "WTF R U DONG!" nd he brfed on us nd tons of litle sakura heds wer in si barf so i fuckd the heds nd then the hed eploxed nd i was sad nd then mad but ten teh sun came 2 me nd sad "oh jake ur da bst man on erth ur technin all dese ppl lesons nd shit KEEP FITHING DA CAUS! ^_^" he was al smilin nd shit. ten he hugd ius nd left so we sam in2 teh oceon nd ten sum mermads said "hey ur hot" se we fuckd nd ten we saw a clam nd it was big nd col nd ten it ate da cogers head nd ten i went 2 the bech bak again nd we walkd nd bot in nd out nd went bak home but al fo we rod my rirdt bike in2 a hug cunt it was like a tunel so we rod bak out of it nd the cunt was part of a giann big fat beardwoman wit tattos nd percongs nd 1 eye on her hed dat was a tv nd she had a huge 10 foot tunge dat waggd ad she ssad "Y MUST U HURT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CUCKCUCKAWWWWWW" she fle away wif her cro wingz nd ten evry1 in da toon got cancr nd deid nd we left bye! BENKI SAD "HELLO RONA IM HER 2 RUIN UR FIC JAKE HAHAHAHAHA!~!" nd he sexd gayry in frnt of me nd the whol dimenson exlpoded aftr tey burpd nd then i wok up cuz it was a dream do u c? "oh coogr i luv u we shud fiht magor nd ssuske nd rescu saruka" "yes we shuld" BUT THEN THE SUN WINKD AT ME WAS IT A DREAM?

hole fuk gusy i got sum realy hard shi righ now so fuking high fuckas1! don kno wen da nex chptr wil b lol sory if dis 1 was weord anyw c u son EHCHK MY TWITA 4 MOAR INFO1!1!

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