Da Tripe

who tha fuk r u ghostmactravis gtfo u dunt kno anyting! and gO AWAY SPAM TROLL WPMAN! ok so Otaki i kno tha religon there is budhism or sum dum relion like they al r and da gods r buddha and then sum otha ppl. and tha story rit now is pain lef and mara waants 2 get all of tha tail beasts 2 control the world and the leadrs of the ninja vilages dont want 2 he;p so they all r workin 2gether to defet him and naruto is goin 2 fight sasuke dat culd kill them bot and he is controking da fox powr 2 try n defet sasuke C I KNO THE PLOT DUMMIE. and then who r u realabumefan KAIT EIS NOT A BETTR WRITT THAN ME SHE ISNT GOOD BUT SHE IS GOOD 4 A GIRL BUYT NOT AS GOOD AS ME LOSER. but thats sus a dum question and its a trick queston 2! japan is called JAPAN idiot! tho its also calld tha rapublic of japan 2 and theres harajuku I DONT KNO THAT BECUS OF WEN SETAFI I SWARE and theres that on eara with the big elcontric bilboards its like shibooba or someting and kyoto has dat american areaand stuff and cowboy bepop is about weird ppl on a spashehip in tha future and there bounty hunters and stuff. nen genis evialgon is bt relion and gundam is about giant robuts and 11 eyes is about a guy with 11 eyes DUH anywa i nevr seen da othr stuff bvut its only becaus i lov naruto so much i spend all my tim on it!1 C I KNO A LOT ABT JAPAN IM NOT STUPID IM SMART U PPL R THE ONES WHO R DUMB AND DID U KNO JHAPAN WAS IN WORLD WAR I AND THEY HAD NUKES DROPED ON THEM I BET U DINT! AND I KNO WHO MADAR IS IF UR TALKIN ABT HIS VOIC HE TALKS LIKE THAT NOW BECUS HE WET BACK INTIME 2 THA 1800S AND THEY TALKD LIKE THAT THEN SO NOW HE DOES 2. and now u dragonhunter fuck u fucking bitch i can call tha poslice and TEHY WILL BELVIE ME I KNO A FRIDN OF MY DAD WHO WORKS THERE HE CAN ARRST U. and who cars about squic or watevr shutup fuckr. watver u were spaming i havnt gottewn any criticues yet so there and watevr ony dumb ppl like u like harry potter so watecer! i DID TRY 2 READ THA FJRST ONE BUT IT WAS BORNING BESIDE MAGIC DOESNT EXIST SO THATS DUM! wtf is a chortle and a treacle? who da fuk writs like dat! its a deal b4ucs christnity is rong and rleigon has cuasd all bad stuff evr. D0NT U EVA THRERN MY DAD ND BROTHERS I WAS RAISD RIGHT! HAHA I BET U WOTN TALK ABT THA MTURE THING BECUS U KNO UD LOOSE! NO the other reviws suck so wcater! my charctrs fight and stufff ok its gr8 action AND wat the fuk is a prep? watevr it is im not u cant xall me that bich! I CANT KEEP WRITING U FUCKERS1 STUP FLANNING!

anyway so hey cunts did u see im on twitter now? cum and follow me! /animejake anywa ok I am so glda IM NOT GRUNDED NYMORE! THE PARNTS LET ME OUT THO MY MOM TRIED 2 STOP ME FROM NOT BEING GROUNDED MY DAD SHOWD HER WHOS BOSS! the man thats right lol! anywa katie is still gronded aftr school so nofucking for a while :( but im gunna make up 4 missed time belive me LMAO! also kartie is gfunna post chapte 2 of repair girl and she 4got 2 turn on anonamus reviws but now its on so anymous ppl can reviw tho dont flame DONT FLAME! she is very upsetr she didnt get more reviws except 4 tha 1 wich devastd her fUCK u ashole ill cum 2 ur house! anyway ya also i will b away until sundy so no new chaptrs until then.

CHAPTER 16: the trail

WTF R U doing here magora? u dont belong here! "I AM WITNESS" HE said 2 us. tha judde saidb hat the ruling wasnt vlad becus mafara objwected 2 tha ruling. "u r nut divoced anymor. nEXT CASE !"i kiled the judge he was acutlay evil and corupt so we left the courthuse in angrer "HOW THA FUCK CAN HE DO THIS!" yelled sakura but then madora came out to and so did taliana "MUAHAHAHAHAHA! U LOSE! " they ye;;ed then they blastde us with their powers and we were blowd down. "hey! u cant do that fucker!" i yelled but her didnt listen "I WILL HAVE SEX WITH SAKURA NOW!" sad madroa "NO! U WONT!" yelled but it was 2 late he started 2 fuck her and she hated it STYOP STOP NOW! I YELLED AND THEN i turned into my form and headbutds him and he fell back and was very badl hurt and talian sad " U WILL NOT HURT HIM ASSHOLES!" so she suckd mdoras cock 2 revive him and then they laughd cruely "mauahahahahaha! we shall leave now! but we will be back 4 reveng wen u least expcet it!" tey flew away and we lied on the groumd hurt so i telproted aus all back 2 the dojo. "it is nut safe 2 b here we must leve j thin" "ok i said' so i

tpelroed us 2 space were were in a dojo that floated through space it was the only sage place 2 b. in the spac we wu eally horny so we strted 2 fuck i culd see sakuras puissy it was so wet and needed 2 be fuked but then taliana showd up "MUAHAHAHAHA! I HAVE FOUND U!" but she then saw my gigantivc cock and began 2 suk it becus it was delicons "mm ur cok is so big tho ur still my enamy btw" as she licked da shift then she farted "poops!" she roared and then sakur acame 2 her ad talian grew 12 fet high again adn sakura crawled in2 her cunt and lickd it laping up the pussy jiice but then i 4got she was in there and began 2 fuck talian with my huge 3" long dick and sakura was stil in da pussy so while i fcked she was rslape d against talains cunt walls and talianas cunt flaps began 2 flap while i fucked her slaping my dick wildy and i cept fcjing and fucking and taliana moaned "o yes fuck yes fucker mmmm HUGE DICK IN ME!" my cock head ekpt slamming into sakuras stomach so hard she barfed all over my cock it was so gross byt so hot as my dick went deepr it finaly tuched talians huge cervex "OOOH AHHH OOOOO EEEE EHHH " She ograsmed so much the cunt juice was pouring from her and it nearly drownd sakura so sakura was unCUNTious (lmao) i puled out and dsakura came along witj it my dick and so then i turned sakura over and fucked her ass it was so tight i fucked her fasst and then taliana fisted saksa pussy hard then talna ppeed on sakura amd salira guzzled the piss it tasted like talina s pussy juice so it tasted like mashmellows and lemons it was so good then all of a sudden the house was faling apart in space we were being sucked in2 a black hole "OJHHHNOOO NOT LIKE THIS AHHH" th black hole suckes us in while we were still fucking we were twrjing in2 it "WTF!" yelled sakura

and then luckly i telported us out of there but we wur telported 2 a deesert "wer r we" asked them becus they weent smart. "we r in the shiboni dessert" i said. how would we get out we didnt no we walkd 4 days and whole werre walkubg taliana revleaed the most shoking secret evr "i am not taliana thre is no tilana" "wtf r u taliing about u fucking bitch?" said sakura "wat do u mean" i asked. "I... AM SAKURAS TWIN OF DARKNESS" "NOOO NOOO THIS CANT BE THIS IS IMPOSIBLE NO!" but it was 2 latw "MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" she took of her taline mask and showd her face she looked like sakura but had black hair and was pale she was evil! "this is not happening no its not it cant be nooooo" i yelled! "i always sense it" said then... madra showd up! "MUSHAHHAHAHAH! u have finaly revleadeth r master plan haveth thy talian?" he saideth. "YES THESE FOOLS FELL 4 IT MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" she said :NPOOOOOOOOO WHORE DIE! i yelled and then! nOOOOOO i yelled again but it was footile. "but u have not herd the best part of our plan: yelled mosari. "WE HAVE FOUND THE KEY 2 DISTREOYING THE WORLD! AND U R IT RONAN! U CAN DESTROY THE WORLD! NOW JOIN US!" NOOO NEVER i yelled and i stabbed him and he flew off "u will join us asshole" taliana asid. "NOTE!" i said and tried 2 kill her but she left. god that bitch was so fuking hot and she was sakurs evul twin wat could i do i didnt no

the next day we went 2 court and got a divocre from talana. we celbrated by driking and doing coaicne and fucking hard . "we will win1!" we yelled "but im so scared of u wat if u destry world!" he yelledc"sakura i kno ur scared but come down" "protect me fucker" she said and she helded me huging my huge muscley pecs and arms i was fucking rips then she rode me cowboy style and i fucked her hard her tits bounced back and forth she shoved them in my face and i drank the milk from them "mmm delucuiys", then my best friend cam over and said "RONAN U WILL NUT BELIEVE IT!" he said "taliana evil sakura twin has started a band with madara! and they are really good tho not as good as us but they challenge you!" "THIS CANOT BE!" i rmamed 2 him. but it was tlaiana was huge we were the 2 bigest bands ever and we were going to fight each other with r songs!

end of chapter 16. hey guyts im glad i got fan emails heres one:

"hey jake ur a gr8 righter love ur work! got my pussy real wet" and then there was also this one "mm fuck yeah ur damn good fucker! i want 2 touch ur muscles jake". SEE FUCKERS I HAVE FANS NO STFU!

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