Tha Movi Theatr


ok so moters day was very cool but stupid 2/ i gut 2 c my real mom whos not a studip fuking bitch like my stempum. did u kno my real mom hd landon ad mattew (theyr twins tho they dont lij alike) when she was 14 nd my dad wus 17 shes realy cool she lets me smok cigs at her hose and drunk 2 my stempmom wont let me do dat becus shes stupidanwaywy a tild my real mom dat my stdpmum said it was very bad ting that i was havin sex at 13 and that i wasnt mture enuf 2 well my real mom sid dat my stepmom is jst an old hag /9my stepmom is like 41 or somting) and probbly has a raly tight pusy and is jelous LOL MOM U ROX!111!1!111111! nyway my dad MADE me by a gift 4 my stepmim ugh i hated having 2 waste miney on dat fuking bich so in just went 2 da dolloar store and got her a do,lar candle xd i bet she liks dat he s a girl afterall/ anywa benjin was sutpid nd got her som atniuqe thingz nd atickts 4 them both 2 c somting caled "da reel inspecta honda" lol fuking stupid loser vebki.

anyway 2 da flamerz: 2 =amdparadyse Us suk my story is goof so fyk da fok off. AND 2 U DRAFUNHUNKER u jst talk nd talk but u dnt kno me!1!I HV LOTS OF TALENT U DONT THO! THERES A PLOT ITS ABOUT MADRA BEING EVIL AND TRYING TO KILL RONAN! guys cannut dont u gedit if u jhav sex wif anoter dude ur gay! every1 knows dat. wo en cnt rape men guys luv sex always duh. becus beling makes u stupid dih ppl who beliv r realy stupid im tired of arging RAHHH! da cooger is an inspiratin 2 us all u jst dont getit! 2 eadiostopse y do u talk like that r u britsh or someting anywa my wrting isnt that ba i dont tytpe like tghat u dont fuking get me! nd yes i can red my story fine its hjst u flamers that cant but i hav lota o fans dat can like chompletah i bet u dont hav fans LOSER!1!111 ILL NOT TAKE THIS DOWN ITA ONE OF THE BEST FOICS ON FF OK!



as wel wlakd 2 da movie theater sakura told a joke 2 us when i say us i mean mean andthe catgirls u c) "llol guys hav u heard this 1 its gr8" ok yes "what did the flamers say 2 tha fanfic writer" "i dont kno wat sakura" "u suck" "haha but then what" she then said bak 2 me "well then the fanfic writer said bak... u guys need 2 stop smoking its bad 4 u!" "LMAO1! I getddit becus the flamers r callded flamers and flames have smoke lol dats funny!" i lughed very hottly "i knew ud luv it baby" and we kissd sexuluy then. when we got 2 da movi theater we saw dat they were doing a movi marahton of the king of shibones favoriute movieds and IM THE LKING OF SHOBOUN! they were playijng booncock shits nd so was zeitgest da movie, transmorfers 2 nd i hop they srve beer in he;; and aslo knicked up and religuloys nd gummo (thos r sum of my favrite movies they r so fking good the best moviezs o nd harminy kronine rox! he is suh a rebel like me) "hello u must may da money azzholes" said da losr who worked at da front of the theter "umm no i wont! i refus 2 suport da evil americna capitolist agendap" i said ND THEN PUNCHD THE GLASS THROUGH AND HE FELL BACK HITTING HIS HEAD WAS HURT AND we went in2 tha theater and all sat down. da catgirs weres purting hotly as the movies began 2 p;lay and everybody was so horny including me "mmm catgirls i think its time 2 fuk bitchs!1! nd we all started 2 fuk in that hetaer the catglirs had 2 poop[ and they pooped all over the floorpet and we rold around in it and began 2 fuk i whiped their pussys with mycock and rmamed them hard lime a truck"ugh u fuking take it u fuking catgirl sluts they all strated 2 shove their tails in2 sakura and i suckd on their catears it was so fuking hot but then in the mdidle of our big fuckfest a man came on the screen...!1! except he is was ind a shodwdsas (like tod in da shadows lmao i luv dat guy! hes so smartt and hates modrern music like me fuk lady gaga!1111!11!) and we culdnt realy c him but we culd tell his was very evulz!

"HELLO RONAN AND SAKURA1!1 ND THA SEXY LEATHER PUSSYS! I HAVE A MESSGE 4 U ALL! I AM HEAD OF DA KIBUSI CORPRITATON ND I AM EVIL AND DO NOT LIKE U ALL! ME AND MaDArA ARE IN LEEGUE AS WELL AS... THE PRSIDENT OF THE U.S.A. AND THE I- I CANNOT MENTION THEIR NAME 2 U ALL YET. BUT I WIL SAY DAT U AM IN LUGE WIF 2 ORGINASZTIONS THAT ARE MUCH BIGGR THAN ANY OF U! U WILL NEVR BELIE WHO THEY R! NOW ON2 MY PLAN 4 U! DIE!" and then stha sceen blew da fuk up and we had 2 run out very slowy as da theatr blew up hugely but then when we wrr eoutside i realizde dat most of the catgirls wre sitll inside! "NOOOOO! YYYYYY! WTF!" the main catgirl cam out "yes i am so sad 150 catgirls died and now only me and 9 othrs r left its very horribke! their names or katie (hey baby luv u ya fuking skanky ass bitchwore!), tina (giurl u be hot 2!), lezbiana (got it guys haha!), tashimahasu, moshitaniba, gojinamashi, candy, yosan-gweezu, nd sexita. my name is actuly zoshiyanahasu-itakamajiduonisaabozai-equanidafutara but most ppl call me becky" "well becky u r very hot nd so r all ur catgirl minuons!1! now lets go home 2 da doko!"

so we went home 2 da doko and all da catgirls got setled int2 their new home bit then i got a vision from tha cooger! "RONAN! DARK AND MYSTERIOSO TIMES LAID AGEAD! U MUST FACE THEM WITH BRAVREY AND SEXYNESS! SO MUST DAT BITCH SAKURA! OH RONAN BTW IM VERY HORNY LETS FUCK!" so da coogers ghost head flew downstairs and flew int2 sakuras leaking steamy pussy. "OOH~! OOH! AHHHEEEEEEEEE!" sakura scremaed as da cooger licked her pusy and went inside her body all around and den sakyras stomach got swoleb like it was pregent da voogerts head was in there. "oooh god ahh I HAVE 2 FUCKING POOP!" and then she turned around and her buttyhole opend and tthe coogers head fl;ew out and landed on my dick and then i fucked sakuras butt with the coogers head still on my dick while the cooger lickd tha sindised of sakuyras butt. finaly skaura cummed as the catgirls watchd behind hius and jerked their cocks sexily UGH UGH IM CUMMING!" yeld sakurad and just then the cooger revealed that being insid some1 while they cumd was the sceret 2 her returning 23 earth she wuld fuse herself with sakuras bodybutt as salura cummed and they became 1!1! "I HAVE BECOME A PART OF U SAKURA!" the cogers head was betwen sakuras buttcheeks whenevr da cooger needed 2 talk 2 us. "omg thats gr8 ur back!" and then we WENT 2 BED!

bak at da council

"the movie theatr plan did not work!n how is this possible!" "i dont not know" said the had of kibusi corp responding 21 of da female council workes den one of the male council mebrs said " the plan was ful prof! it shuldve works! it was perfect yet failed HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE! U HAVD AILED US !1 TO DEATH WITH U!" na dhead kibusi corpariton was killed. "your councles guys mayeth i beeth of essistence" said madara who was week nd wounded and lkying on da ground in da black council box room. "Well u have fauiled us b4 but ur all we got left now! u and taline... AFTER RONAN AND SAKUR AND THE CATGIRLS! THEY SHALL DIEEEEEEEEE!"


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