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ok so u jst stop spammin NOW DRAGONHUTNER or I WIL CALL DA POCILE! wat r u even talkin abt AND WTF IS A SQUIK SPEK ENGLISBH STUPID! ur just a poser fuckr and ya harry potter is stupidQ! only dumb ppl like it! its 4 little kideds i saw da movies wat da hell is u[ with it only loders like u and my brothr benjiman kike garry putter ANIME AN NARTO IS BETTA DEN WESTRN SHIT SO GO AWYWA U DUMBIE!ND I NO MY HRARCTERS NAME IS RONAM bsdises ur a christan so ur opinon dustn matter anywa i dont care wat u think11 oh yeah and my story dxosnt have plot holes THE STORY ITS ABT RONAN AND HIM LOVING SAKURA AND THER ADVENTURS AND SEXY TIMES SEE DOES THAT HAVE POT HOLES? AND HEY U JST GTFO OTAKU U DUNT KNO SHIT TROLL I AM 13 AND MY GF IS REAL SO GTH!

okkkk so anwyay i had tha wurst nigt out rembr wen i said i went out 2 vientmanes well i bopped into katie nd jer parents there and then evrybdy startd 2 talk and they found out we r having sexy so now were grounded! MY MOM SAID THAT SHE IS TAKIN AWAY MY ALLOWSNCE AND THAT IM NUT MATURE ENOG 2 HAV SEX SO NOW IM IN MY ROOM ALON DOIN NOTHING 4 THA HOLE WEKEND! she is ABUSING ME AND so is my BROTHR BENJUI HE AGRED WITH HER AND HE CAM INTO MY ROOM AND TOOK BAK HIS PLAYSTATION 3 WTF THAT IS MINE U ASSHOLE bet atleast my dad and other bros landon and mattew r being realy supportive land my dad siad that my mom was being harsh and that boys like sex ad should have it and that katie was vary attractive 2 and all my bros exceot for benji (looser) all gav me high fives SO THERE FUCK U MOM ns BENJ HAHA ALL MY FRIDNS AND INTERNT PPL R SEEING THIS I BET THEYLL CALL SOCIAL SERVICS ON U GUYS11!11

um anyway so heres tha nxt chapter its real long and itll prove 2 u fuckers im a goddamn great writer and u can all fuck iff! btw its really exciting and theings get cray!


HE RAN AT ME AND ROARED "I WILL KULL U bitch!" and then i said "NPBODY CALLS ME A FYCKING BITCH NOT U NUT ABYBDOY U FUCKING FAFF/! U R GUNN DUCK SUCKA and thjen all of a sudden I TURNED INTO MY GIGNTIC BLU EYS WHITE TDRAGON FORM AND I BLEW MY FREY BREATH AT HIM AND HEWAS BRTN 2 DEATH BUT HE GOT UP FROM IT AND SAID U LOS WTF NO U LOSE OIDIPOT I SAID and then tliana said no he is right u lose now join us on the bad side AND I DID becus my wsecret acient japense spirt inside me grew out and showd how evil it is by killing a cats (cat droOL dugs rule fuckas lol!) YES MUAHAHHA I HAVE POWER I AM EVIL HAHAHA! NO NO NO U CANT SCREAMED SAKURA AND MANDY BUT taliana tekported then away and they ldned in tha middle of the ocean I STILL LOVE THEM U CUNT! i screammed and blastd her with blackness and she blew up anyway it was tha nxt day nd everybody was being cool at madras layer we wur all smoking and shit and madora he had jst got lots of henchmwomen and they wur all sexy and lesbian and whenevr i clapped my hands they uld have sex with each other 4 me one day i gotten so harny they all sucked my dick in a row mmm its declisou master cum on us pleae i cummed and it flooded the room they all drank it

the mnext morning n got a cll from m manger he said i had anothr concert and so i did i went on stage at this stage on top of the hollywood sing and everybody was there but they didnt kino it was an evil plot by me and taliana dn madra! "HELLO EVERYBODY WELCOME 2 THA SHOW U ALL HAVE GOOD ATSTE ANYBODY ELSE WHO ISNT HERE HAD SHIT TASTE NOW LOTS ROCK WITH R COKS OUT BITCHIES! and i began 2 sing "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH MY DICK IS LIKE A BIG FAT ROCKET AND UR PUSSYS LIKE A HOLE AND I FUCK U HARD AND IV GOT A HUGE POLE" i went in2 my guitar solo and all the gurls in tha auidncien started 2 dripp from their cunts and it started to make a pool of pusy juice below the stage so i dived in and then all the girls jumped on me and suckd my dick and i cummed and then went back ons tage and kept playing "FICKING SLUT U UGLY WHORE U HURT MY HEART U FUCKING BITCH JUST DIE!Q" i sang "THANK Y EVRBODY GOODNIT!" i said! and then i wnet 2 sign autgraphs "OMG RONAN I LUV TITTY MONSTER WE LUV U SO MUCH UR SO FUCKING HTO PLEASE AUTGRAPH R STITS" they said s i said "as long as u both kiss" oh ok were lesbians they said sexily so they fucked right in front of me and then i said take these whores bsackstage amd they did there 12 groopies and ntaliana were waiting mm yeah lets fuckn i was so hard my cock ripped through my tight pants "SO BIG" yelled one of thee skanks" and they all racd 2 me and begin 32 suck it a lot "omg it tasts so good more more nmore please give us more" so i did if cuked all off them impaling them on my cock i fuckd them so hard tha room had blood all over it oh yeah and taliana made them suck her tits and they did they suckd them hard and then she squirtdd milk and it coverd the girls and them i came right wile i was fucking them with a a spikd metal didlo that was doublde headed and went in2 their cunt nd butts at tha same time they loved it those damb hoes and then they were al stretd out so they all started 2 fart and queef when they left mmm fuck yeah ronan we luv u they said it the farts came from them and they all tuched my msucles as they left i smelled around it snellded sexy and i gut a boner and brohgbt talians haed down 2 my huge dick and gave her a facial and then talian sad "IT IS NOPW TIME ROANIN" and so it ws time and we bot went onstage

then all of a sudden a huge pice of thunder came down! it eectrocuted evrybodyu and they all died excpt 4 talana "omg i didnt mean 4 this to hapoen MUAHAHHHA" she roared " i didnt either its so sad oh well" and then Madarka showd up but then hug elighting banged the sky snd so did thunder and then...

I STABBED HIM! HE BLED ND WAS STABBED "NOOO WAHT IS THISTHIS IS NOT POSSIBLE U FREAKY MAN! he said and then he blew up in a black clody smole! "y did u do that 2 the naster ronan" "BECUS I AM A DOUBLE AGNET!" and then sakura came from behind taliana and slappd her and then they fell int2 tha muddy pussy juice pool and started 2 fight "no u dont u fucking bitch skank whore ass" they said and they rolld around "I LOV RONAN" said taliana "NO I LUV HIM!" said sakura "ILOVE U BOTH ELTS GO!" but i cant said taliana i am EVIL and so r u" but then mador showd up "u r evil its ur destiny ronan muahahahahaha" NO NO NOOOOO i telproted 2 tha dojo

th next dayafter teporting 2 tha dojo i was tord and didnt kno wat 2 do sakura was there and she said i luv u u rnt evil but i said i am kind of evil and she said ok kind of evil is esexy bvad boys r hot fuck yeah she said and then she stood up and i remebrd she hgad huge double k cup titties so i kicked her 2 see her tits jiggle got it was so hot mm yeah baby she said and we fuckd i fuckd her so ard my dicj went into her stomach and she barfd on me becuas of it it was so sexy but gross wtf bitch wyhd u do such a sexy thing i said as i hottly slaped her face she said it was becuz she luved me but then it i saw TALIANA stabding in the rain "I HATH CUM 2 KILLSAKURA! madar said! " noo i cant join i dont kno wat 2 WHY AM I SO POWERFUL AND GREAT! but then madra screamed "JAKE! U MUST KNOWETH SOMETHING! TALIANA! SHE IS THOU MOTHER!" wat how is this POSSIBLE NO i yelled and ragghhhhh i screamed!

ol sp thats chaptr 14 its realy good right OH EYAH hey thanks DANHY 4 THA REVIWW AND GO AWAY FLAMERS

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