Rona Deyops Tha World


tha counil stood arond me lafing maniacelly. "stop ur laffin u diots!1 i overherd u! im gona b find! not killd jus nokd out1!" but tha counci kept lafing! "STOP IT!" i scrmed. "muahahha ronana did u rely ting we were as dumb as u haha fuck no! we herd u cum in r layer so we misdguded u wit fals info! U WILL DIE IN THA BLAST MUAHAHHHA!" sad the bron hared woman. "U BITHCES!1 U FUCKRS1! THIS CANT B HAPENING!" i scremed but felt amost parlized. tha concil then stapped a ting 2 my rist nd trha germa woman sad "vif zis vist vraclet vonce ve vactivat it ur destrucon of ze vorld vill begin shorly". "IS THIS WAT U SSHOLS HAD PLANND ALL ALONG?" i askd "yes rona muahahhaa we have wantd u 4 this sinc the begiunin! nd now r plan has finaly cum 2 its end! goodby fuker!" sad the bron hared woma. "LOWR THA FORCFIED MADRA ND SASUKE!" scremed tha red hared man "yes masters! we shall doeth it!" sad nadra and a puirrple forcfield stattd 2 lower around me nd i was on tha rong side! "N-!1!" i scrmd at them nd at rhe last minute zappd tha gray hard man nd tha nazi gemrn woman blidning tem 4ever by metling there theior eyes out. "VAHHH! VOOOO!" scrmed tha german woman nd tha gray hard man shreikd "GODMAMITT NOOO!" i trid 2 zap the red hare dman nd tha brown hared wman s eyes out bu tha forcelf cme down to fast so i only got tha bron hared womans right eye nd tha red haired mans letf 1. "URGGGH! GODDFUCKINGDAMMIT U MOTHERFUCKER!1 THGAT WS MY FUCKING EYE!" scm3d tha bron hared omwna. "LET ME AT IM LET ME AT HIM!" sfemd tha red hared man but the forcelf was alreyd down so tey culdnt hurt me so i stuk my tonge out at them "haha"! i laffed nd then i fell unconsons nd tey started 2 walk bak 2 their blak lether fling chars.

40 mintus latr tha concil was redy to take off on ther chars bak to konorakugare wen... SKURA ANTI ND MANDY HOWD UP! "wtf r u asholes doin here" said tha bron hared woman. she was now wearin in euy patch in her rigt eye tha red hared man one on his left nd the gray haried man nd the gormena woman both wearing supr dark sunglesses even tho it was nigt. "Wtf happend 2 u?" askd sakura. "UR HUSBAN DATS WAT! GRRR!" the coincul was abt 2 try 2 bet up sakura atni nd ekaj wen sakura pulld out a mehcanical hedband tingy wit lots of blots in it. "Wtf is that" askd the red hared man. "tell us wher ronan is nd u wont have 2 find out!" sad ekaj. "no. ve vont tell vu!" sad the gemrna woman. "then well ahve 2 use this. uts 2 get the trut out of ppl! its a mind prbe!" sad sakura. "no not the mind probe" sad the red hared man. "fine fine! hes over ther" said the bron hared omwan nd she pontied 2 ovr at the forceild. rona was behin it ouside of shoboni. "oh rona rona! u look so sexy injurd nd hurt! well save u tho dont worry! " said atni "hey look at dat! it loks like a an evilx tian bracelt with a cross... dn look!1 mecanics! it must be wat tey use to start hsi world destoing" sad ekaj. "yeah its a good ting tey didnt activat it tho nd we got her just in time!" but the coincul came walkin toward tem. "wat do u men just in time? do u thik were fuking stupid? it just takes awhile 2 take efect. we activated tha devic 30 minutes ago. the end of the word shuld begin any momet now" said the bron hard woman. sakyra atni end ekaj all gaspd in horor nd ten...

BAM SLANG BOOM SHIKOWPOP! ronan sttrded 2 float nd glow a terible blak blue glow nd his dick stated 2 get so hgard it ripped thru his pants. "ITSSSS HAPENINGGGGGG!" said the gray herdd man as he pulld bak his glases. "ves! VES! VUAGAHAA!" laffed the vil nazi germa wpman. light blated tha erth nd tons of flaming blu cum cmame from ronans dick nd swept ovr da world nd destoryvd evry1 nd ervtying excpt 4 stuff behind da forcielf nd ten once all tjha cum had been draind rona stoppd glopwin nd fell bak down. "RONAN RONAN NO!" scremd sskura b4 she contied. "U MONSTRS U MADE HIM DO TIS! NOW OPEN UP THA FRCFEIDL SO WE CAN HAVE HIM BAK! WE NOW THAN BLAST ONLI NOCKS HIM OUT HAHA!" she said skura. "u fools! we were luiying. we new he was listning. HE IS DEAD!" said the bron haird woman nd tha whol conil laughd evily. "WAT? BUT? NO PLEAE NO NO NO!" scrmed akhyra nd atni burs tinto trears screming nd crying nd ekaj had a few manly tears. "pleae at lest let us have tha body!" scrmed atni. "oh vine vine. vring in zhe vody!" said the germa woma so sasuke nd madra boht undid the forfeld nd brught in rpmans body. "sasuke y did u betryad us YYYY! U FUCKER!" scrmed sasuke "piss off" sad sasuke. "oh rona ronan rona! No!" sad atni nd skura also said some of tha same stuff they both crued and cried nd scremed nd ekaj did more manly tears all whil the concuil nd madra nd saksue were fluing away. was this tha end? was ronan dead?


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