ok heres da next hcptaer fuckin fuckjers1! and FUCK U NARUSUPERRGL! FUCK OFF U FUKIN POSER! ur nothin but i fuckin dirty skanky azz hoe. an whoeva dat reviwsor is who said COCK FUCK U IM NOT A FAGGOT. FUCK OFFFF. thx 2 tha fans 4 eadin n reviow!

chapter 8: death

i stretd 2 skream at madora he had killed tha coguger. she wua o fukin hot and now he had fukin killed da bitch wtf motherfucking ashole "MADRA U WILL NUT GET AWAY WITH THIS!" "AHAHAHAH YES I WILL U STUPID FUCKING FAG" "WTF NUBODY CALLS ME I FUCKIN FAG! U R! DEAD MEET!" i ran at him angrily and said fuck u as blue light came out of my head and it burnt him and he hurt but he screamed "u will not FUCKING WIN U FOWL IDIOCY!" i knew he mesnt bustingess but i still fought wit him i had 2 in and get veanganse 4 da couger i wuld never get her pussy again dat fuycking WHORE. all of SUDEN her bloody and dead head flew at me nd said "its ok i will b in ur heart and just think of me when u jak off n cum and things will be ok FIGHT FOR MEEEEEE" so i did i fought orimadars he was evil and mean adn we fought for hours and days ebentually he culdnt take it anymore s he left. I WILL GET U ALL screamed madara but i scrammed back I WILL GET UY BE4 U GET ME ASSHOE!" and we walked away

da couger was dead and we wer all sad so we dicded 2 fuck. da girls told me 2 piss on them so i did i soaked tdem in piss and they fuking loved dat shit it was so good they drank my piss mandy and sakura were in love wth me they loved my fukin piss. mmm dilicius they said,,. ur pee is sexy we want more so i gave thm more and hey drank so much hat there sttomacs xploded. later datday we were having sex again wen all of a sudden a huge burst of black light came in it was madori! he was so i ngry and he hyponizted mandy and sakura i was so madd he then had sex with them and mad them think he had a huigantic cock but he did it was small it wa only half inch long! i wa hung like a stall tholl. he was fuking them with his dtiny baby cock and dey wur loving it so i got a hige knife and slit his throat and his head fell off. "ronran thank u so much u saved us how can we repay u... how abt cock plz k?" so i gave it 2 them they fukin loved it it was so much didck they loved it but then i realized i had so much um inside me dat it would hert them if i cumed but it was 2 late i did and their heads exploded ecause of how much cum there was. i was devastded i didnt kno war 2 doo but it wasok i got a magican shobobi spell and made there head grew back everything was fin then all of a sudden a huge black ligt came but it was orimadra it was TALIANA!

k so dats chapter 8! whats gonna happen next? read da next cbapter post 2 fijnd
out! its aesome! and fuk of all u fucking assholes who r FLAMING ME

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