The Sercet Releaved!

ok ell wayevr prolbem tanr gtfo. 2 COCK SPAMMR STOP IT ALREDY! ITS MENA!



it was th next mornin nd i woke up 2 go down 2 brekfast wit tha cuncil madra an saksuke... but i walkd down lowluy agin 2 listen to them talki abt me. tey were all ther the brekfast table talkin like i thot so li lsitned "have u fond the locaton of tha sord uyet?" askd the red hoard man. "not vet. ve NEED VOAR THIM!" sad the greman women. "wat is tis dowrd nyway" ask the gra hard man so the bron haird woma anwersd "legan seays its A HUGE FUKING THING! like 18 fet long nd tha hanlde is in tha shap of a hug sexy dick but the dik supposdly is in the shap of the perso who will edn up onin it 1 day. legnd says it culd be used aginst us sum pont! so dats y we need 2 find it!" "wow well do we hav any leds even 2 wher it culd b" sakd tha gray hared man. "all we no is its suposd 2 b on a foresty iland of tha coat! but teres sevrl..." sad the bron haird woma. "ah i c well anywa AH RONAN!" sad the gray haird man as i walkd in. "ugh hey mornin u fuckrs" "vur u vistenen 2 vus" askd tha german woma "no i wanst" i sad "ok" she aid. juts ten... we got a call from da pesidnt of us on tere video monitr!

"hello pesidne!" tey all sad. "ugh wtf do u want!" i sid "its tim 2 start fase 6 hahaha!" he laffd nd they all laughed with him! "whats fase 6?" "ah well fase 6 is long but its... A SERCET SO U WONT KNO IT RIGNT NOW MUAHAHA!HAHAHAHAHA!" sad the bron haird woman. "now den u know i tink its time u saw at were doin 2 ur felow atiest good musi lovrs!" sad the red haird man so tey took me out of the forceld 2 their conetratin camp were they wur wiping them nd forcing tem 2 do slav labro! "how can u dis!" i saiad but tey all just laffd maniclly. all tha logicl ppl who lovd old not modnr music were bein forcd 2 red the bible an 2 listn 2 modrn music like lady fafa nd chit! "U GUYS RO FUKING MONSTRAS!" i scemed. "oh shvudup ju vidiot!" sad the germn woma who slappd me in da side of the hed. "yes DO SHUTUP!" yelld madra. "now its time 2 go bak in2 tha forcelfd!" "Y DO U HAV THA FORCIELF Y WONT U ASHOLS ANWER MEEP!" i scremd at them openin my mout 20' ! "huahahahaha! u will find out soon besids if we told u itd ruin the tiwsit!" "now its time 4 fase 6. ronan we have foun tha magicl driping wet stretchd out pussy medlaion nd we need u 2 help us get it!" sad the bron hared woman "as long as i get 2 use it" i sad "no! THOU WILLEST NOT USETH THY MEDLIONA!" said matahari! "THEN I WONT HELPO U GUYS!" i yelld them. "ok ten will just go will sakura atni nd nanor" sad the red hared man "NO! U CANT !" i svremd "then JELP US!" yelld the brown haird women. "HURGHHH! FINE!" so we wnr 2 find tha medlion.

we traveld bak 2 tha ladn of the mist nd went 2 tha tip of huge montin. "it shuld b hee" said tha brown haired wnmena who was un a sexy whit ng gray fur parka dress tingy. my eyes ten glowd blu nd i got a vison from tha cogr "rona! lok 2 ur left!" nd i lookd nd saw it in tha snow! "thanks cougrs ghosts ghost hed! wait were r u" "haha thats a long story but im NOT IN HEVEN becus HEVEN DOESNT EXIT DUH!" "well duh hahhaa c u ahgin?" i sad "mayb" she sad nd my vison went away. "OVR THERE!" i leped 4 tha area nd dug nd fond it! "YES!" i held it up as it glowd from da cunt. "MUAHHAHA! ITS RS 2 DESTOY!" yelld tha brown haiord woman who snatchd it from me! "NO! U CANT!" "muahaha! remembr r del!" "but u nebvr said ud desroy it!" "well watevrr fuk off" sad the bron haird woman nd ten the red haird man punchd me nd as i was geting knockd out he sad "were don wit u. well ecept 1 ting but ull find it out later!" nd wen i woke up i was... BAK AT THE DOJO!

it was some time in tha mronin i tink so i burst thru tha door nd yelld "HELLO IM HOME!" nd all tree came rushin iut! "oh ronan rona! we misdd u! s fuking gl;ad ur bak!" sad skurah "yea me 2 the cuncil jst let me go 4 sum reson!" "well thats gr8!" sad atni. "weres nanor?" i askd nd ten he ran oyt sayin "hey! im not nanor anymor i changd my name wile u were gon. its ekaj now!" "WOW! THATS A GR8 NAME! I WISH I HAD THOT OF IT FIRA!" nd we all hugged nd i squeesz atni nd skuras tits rely hard but ten all of a sudeen teh council flew in in ther chairs madra nd sasuke runing behind tem! "HELLO RONAAAAAN!" sad madra. "i thot u giys were levin me alone!" i yelld. "well remmbr we told u we had 1 ting?" sad the red haird man "vell her vit vis!" said the grmena woemn! "wen tha cock strikes 12 midnit 2night ronan u will... DESTROY THE WORLD! enkoy tha tim u have left!" sad the brain hard women nd i svcremed the sky "NOOO! I CANT CUM 2 THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"


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