Filane of da Epic Laabte

RAHHH BENJI U MOTHERFUKER WFT U YUCKING ASSHOLE JST WTF1!111 ok so do u kno wat dat fuker benki did he fycking unjooked my computr and hd it somewhere b4 i culd post the finale of da epic batle!1 i cudnt find it and he didnt give it bak 2 me until tgursday! and he wuldnt let me use his compute eiter!1! nd i culdnt use my dads or STEP mom sbcus they sey they r "4 business" and ""privet" nd i culdnt use ladons or mathews (dey shere 1) becus they said tiers was down 2 but i fund out beni is gong 2 do their chores 4 a week if ttey didnt let me use their comp! I DONT BLAM LANDON ND MATHEW ITS ALL BENI HIS BRINWIASHIG TEM OR SOMETHONG HE IS THE WORST BROTER EVR UCK U BENKI!11! FOK U!

ok now 4 my oters note 2 da FLAMEZ and FANS (i luv u if ur girls and if ur guys well ur cool 2 but i dont love u becus im not gay): unnamed gtfo cunt!1 drgsongunter I DO NOT ACT LIME IM 8 U KNO NOTING ABT ME! no guys cunt b bus-sexual a gay kid shool told me so. yes im bot an atiest and dantipiest. ur being so mean i cant respond 2 eveyryting becus of it! but skura liked it so it wasnt rapde do u c dn YES HIUH DA BATLE WILL BE REALY COOL! 2 spad WTF Y DID U REJCT ME NODBOY REJUCTS JAKE FUKING TANNER FUCK U!1!1 UR EVIL ND I BET UR A CAPITOLIST PIG WHO LIKS MODRN MUSIC TOP 40 SHIOT! ronan is not percet he has a mole on his face C IS DAT PERFECT? DUS IS A VERY IMPRANT STORY TALKING ABT VERY BIG IFFUES. wekk da story is dark duh deres sex 2 dats darkj. AND YES I AM REAL NAURTO FAN I UND4RSTAND DA STORYT THIS IS BADES ON THE REAL STORY U DONT GET ANYTING! 2 momlight wolf 29 but u dont understand da rilogon is imprtant 2 da oplot u c da religon is actualy evil and its prt of an evil plan and twist u guys will nevr c cumming! 2 da awsum chrompletah ur sugestions hav been good tho nut as good as my idea so i will combine ur ideas and mine and it will b very good ull c its anoter epic twist! anywa fanny and tina will nut b geting back 2gether. i herd tina wil b moving soon 2 so yah. yes thank u my life is very hard lots of ppl do not understand wat its like 2 b as gr8 as me its very difucult. someting very surpissing will hapen 2 naruyto ull c and yes u c ronan is based somewhay off of me hes a lot like me actualy1! nd sum of dis was inspird by my life so i culd tell u guys more abt it someduy!



da cat girls ran acros da roof at madra and he started screming ad tey atacked him abd clawed him "AHHHH HELLPPP AHHHH PLEASE OH GOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM ALERIGIC 2 CATS !1"!1"!" "haha stupid modra he is so stupid lol" "yes ronan i agree!" said skunkura. "U SHULDNT HAV DONE DAT 2 MY MASTER! U WILL PAY! RONAN! IT IS TIME WE FIGHT... 2 DA DETH!1!11!" and he puled out a rely boig evil glowing swlrd! "MUHAHAHAHAHAHA" da catgirls were raping madra except guys cant get raped by girls so they werent intead they beat him with their tails. "OW OUCH OOOOOO EEE AAHHHHHH OWCHIE OWOWOW!1! STOP IT U FUKING CATBICHES!" he dreamed i ran 2 anoter tpower on da roof dat went hrigher dan da million foot tall roof naruto was runing up it and i was runing behind bum "U STOP IT RIGHT NOW U FUCKER WE HAV 2 FIGHT!" "I CANT FIGHT U! ULL BEAT ME! UR 2 POWERFUL 4 ME GO AWAY!" "DAT IS TRU BUT WE STILL MUST FIGHT1!" I YELLED! and we got 2 tha top of the tower! just then naruto got into a big mecha transforner thing! he was biggert than me1! :OH NO WAT IM I GUNNA DO! den da coogers ghost head cam 2 me "RONAN! u must fight him! u can fuking do it!" and she suckd my huge fuking cock and it have me da stregth 2 fight narutos mega mech and i transformd in2 my huge mysticla jpanese blu drgagon form "ROARRRHHHHHHH! NOW LETS FIGHT!"

bak down at da roof sakura was jaking off 2 da catgirls "mm u goirls r sp fuking hot in ur leather shit" "MM HOW ABT WE ABOSE U?" "FUCK YEAH!" sakura replied and they began 2 whip skyra "ugh ohg ugh yes ahhh fuking hell u fuking letahet whores yeah thats fykcing right u fycking fuck me uy fucking cat sluts mmmm YESSSSS" bugt then taline showed up1! "HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! U MAY HAV GOGTTEN MADRA 4 NOW BUT U HAVENT GOT ME YET!" "NO NOT U RONAN SAVE ME!11!1!". frm da tower i heard her! "omg no sakyra! im cumming1!" "WHERE R U GONG WE MUST FIGHT U FUKING POSER CHICKEN FAG!" "U DONT CALL ME A FAG RAHH!" and we fought eachother off the tower and fell bak on2 tha roof and strted 2 roll around figtht "RONA! U CAME! HELP TALINE IS EVIL AHHHH!11" "I MUST DEGEAT NUYATO FIRST U BITCH NOW SHIT THE FUK UP1!" and i kept fight naruto were keot rolli ng around da roof. but den the catgirls atakc edc taline!

bak in da council room d council ws watching iourhuge epic batle on a scren "hmm i c this batle is very difuclt huahaha" said one of da women ho had a very sexy cooger voice. "mm dat ronan is very hot lets makeout bitch" and the two women of da concol strted 2 make ut and finger echoters cunts and pussy jouse pooled onn da flore/ "mm u whores need 2 stop nd pay attention 2 tha battkle!" said 1 of the men but then a phone ranged! it was da EVIL EXECTUVIVE OF KIBUSI CORPORTATION! (kabsu is an ven corpriton in shibone ey dont show it in da manga or anime but dey do in this story ok) "council. i have recived ur deriectons onw at 2 do if da stupid roban 1 surives da big epic batle" "yes. u will do it correct u will sbatoge the sibone movi theater right" "yes i will! " hw clucked. "good very good but den a anoter call came! it was da preisondt of the u..s! "muahahhaa i have help seteth the evil capitolist scheme in place1! amierca will rule da world becus we r evil!" evrybody laghed evily!1 "MUAHHAHAHA MUAHAHHAA MUAHAHSHASHASHASHA!1!11!A!1"

bak t da roopf "OOOGH UGH YES!" da catglirs were crawling in2 talines cunt and making her pour cum! "ooohh ahh u have defeated me nevermind i will not attack" "yes! but hurry ronan defeat naruto!" and i kept fighting him ind ragon form and finaly i knocked him out of da mega. "ROARRRRR NARUTO U R ABT 2 GET IT AHH!" and i wengt out of my form and we began 2 punch and kick but then he acidentally fell if tha croof anf lighting struck him! he was dead! "AHHHHH THIS IS BAD IM DEAD AHHHHH! and he fell miolon feet 2 his deth! da evil ronan wasdead. ervy1 chered at his defedeath! "YEDS WE WONT I KNEW WE WULD!1 saud sakura! "mm master lets leaveth!" said the sexy leadcatgirl butg den! madra and taline woke up! "RAHHH! THIS IS NOT OVER!" then a box in da building burst thru tha roof! it was a gray floating house box thing and the council was in it their voices came from inside! madara and talkine hunged on2 it as it flew away!" HOPE U ENJOY THA SURPRISE! NUAAHGAHAHAHHA!" then the lair blew up!11 BAM EXPLANG HUGE EXOLPOSIONS EVERYWHERE FOR HOURS! but we were ok and so were all the catgirls. "kets go guys ok lets go and celebrate... WITH A MOVIE AT THE SHOBINE MOVIE THEATER!"


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