Epoch Batle Pat 2

OK 2 THA FLAMERZ I GOT SUM MASSAGES 4 U. 2 u spade omg r u a girl bisexual omg ues u r1 well duh of curse u r lol guys cant b bi evry1 knos dat xd! dats so fuking hot ur hot i bet mmm yea. ayway my charatcers hav biug col poersonalityes so watevr. of ur an atiest and dont hate xtians ur nut a real atiest like me and richrd dawkins and crhitopher hicnens. anway wuld u pleaz PM me since ur a bi gurl becsus dtat is so fuking hot mmm i got a big boner yeah nd id luv 2 hav a treesum wit 2 girls again/ now 2 u chrompeltah: hank u 4 da gr8 review yes i ko its bvery said sadly i dont tink tye witll gut beakctogetjer yes i luv action girls and sakurs and dat cat girls will be actiony here soon . unfortunaly i cant hav ronan b asexual becus he has 2 hav sex with tha girls but dat is a very good idea so i will have a chracter cum out as asexual! thank u un gkad sumbidy understad how hard it is 2 b me. DO NOT SPAM ME LOLTROLL. ronan sucks ronan does not suck u mean person and nartupo culd nut beaty up ronan neither cuklde sakura u dont kno anyting abt my fic!1 and unnamed i wont even talk 2 u i am not hitler ur mean i work wit an anti racism fing at m school so there go away! now 2 u dargunhinter my riting is nut getong worse its geting bettr u jst dont kno good wrting wen u c it. i nevr said gay guys r bad its just gross becus im str8 ew. im pouting my atiemst in dis fic becus i wanted this fic 2 deal wit realy serous iddues like religus tyrany and im doing a good jib OK ! AND DONT U INSTUL MY RWTING IM BEGINA GOOD WRITING OK IM VERY TALENTED MY ART TEACHR SEAYS SO! anywy benki cant talk 2 u i acidently broke his computer lol and i definity wont let him us my computer hed probby look at gay porn or someting LOL. and i just lookd at dat page on my fanfictin U PPL R VERY MEAN Y WOULD U DO DIS 2 ME I AM AN INNOCET PERSON! DATS NOT FUNNY GRRR Y WULD U DO DAT!

rah now im real mad but anywy OMG HERE IS CHAPTER 25!1!


1 onf da xatiglrus punched sarkrua "NO U DONT NOT HER CUNTS!:" and i strated htiing and puncong the sexy hotass catgirls "MEOWWW HISSSS" said the lead catgirl who den leaped on me and srted 2 scratch me with her paws and hit me with her tail. "RAWR U THOUGHT U CULD WIN WELL U CANT FUCKER!" den i hearp sakura scream! "OMG RONAN HELP THE CATGIRLS OOOHHH UGGHH YESS DEYRE RAPING MY PENIS" and the catiglrs tails were going in2 sakurs steamy hotsexy fishy pussy (got it cuz theyre catgirls theyd like fish lmao) and in2 her stinky butt. "UGHH UGHHH YTESS OMG YESS UGHH HARDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"""" she yelped "MUAHAHAHA DO U C DAT!" said da main catgirl who was ontop of me "yes i do its so fuking hot" and da main catgirl could feel my huge cock rubbing agints her six tits . "wow well u8r dick is really big! mayb ill suck it b4 i kill u muahahahahaha!" so then she started 2 unzip my pants but my dick was so big dat we it came it out in knockd her hed and shel fell uncopisouns! "SSAKURA!" i ran 2 her it was really hot wat they were doing 2 her but i knew i sjukd save her so i did "we mut find madra and naruto!" i yelled and we ran thru the lair away from the catgirls who were chasing after ass. "RONAN STOP PLEASE I WONT UR GIANTIC FUCKING MONSTERA DICK!" "u doo" i said and she said "yes so i stoped and then she said "well i was half telling the truth i do want ur cock but im still gonna kill u!" and so then the ither catgirls jumped on sakura nd CUNTinued wat they were doing 2 her earlier and the main leader catgirls stsrted 2 suck my deck.

from above in da lair naruto and madra were watching wat was going on "MUAHAHAHAHAHHA! THE PLAN!1 ITS WORKING!1!" clucked mafra. "Yess ssss. it is." said a dark guy voice from behind them. "do u think dat theres any chance dat ronan will win" said another dark voice behind them tho this was a girl . "NEVERRRRRR AHAHAHAHAHA!1!" laughed magara. then both dark vocies and three more (two guys and one more woman) all lughed evilly "THE COUNCIL APPROVES! MUAHAHHAHAHA"

bak at da fight skura was being sexily raped by tha ctgirls "OOMMMM YESS UGHHH KEEP GOING U CATSLUTS!" she steamed loudly. da main catgirls was virguskly suking my huge dick "ugh i need 2 fyk it" she said so i got my cock out and shoved it in2 the pussys pussy )rofl). "UGHH YESS OOOHHHHH MMMM YESSSS UGHH UGHHH GUH " den she began to flight nd her eyes glowed green! and so did all the other catgirls! "ronan WATDS GOING ON?" asked sakura "o dpont kno" i said but then cungt juioce stated 2 rain down on us it was cumming (hope u understand tht_ from the catgirls pussys! and den dey all fell down and stopped glowing! "Wat happened" asked sakura "i dont kno" i said. then all the girls woke up1! the main catirl waled me "thank u sir 4 freeking us from our slavery. we were being kept slaveded by madra but when i gut an okrasm it freed me and all of them 2 since we r conected by pyshcic catgirl conecttions. tank u somuch tank u we r know urs" she said i wash shocked "well den. CATGIRLS CUM ON! WE HAV 2 DEFEAT MADRA AND NARUTO! LETS FUCKING GTFOH!" "yes mastr!" and they all follod me!

"NOOO!Y IS THIS HAPPENING NO! IT CANNOT NO! GRRR!" "madora naruto u shall not fail us again. u cannot give int2 the evil capatislo agender" "yes we kno. CUM NOW NARTUPO! WE MUST GO DEGEAT DEM!" "YEs WE SHALL!" and so they ran out of the room and left the council by themselves "do think he will win" said one of the councils girls "i dont fucking kno. i just dont really know" saod 1 of the guy council guys. naruto and madra were runing 2 da top of te lair dat was a million feet above the ground and sakura ronan and the catgirls were running there 2. "I CAN C HIM! THEYRE AT THEM TOP! HURRY RONAN! HURRY!" said sakura. finally we got 2 tha top of the lair it was storming outside and thunder was in da clouts. "SO U HAVE CUM 2 BE DEFEATED HASETH THY? WELL! DATD WHAT THOU SHALL GETETH! MUAHAHAHAHAH!" lighting struck the background behind mufasa. "u shuld hqv cum ronnan!1! i dont want 2 hav 2 do this BUT I WILL HAHHAH!1! I AM EVIL NOW U C!" YES I DO" OI SAOD NACK/ "CATGIRLS! ATTACKKKKKKK!" I screamed and ouyr epic batle began!


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