ok swhatever fuck u UNNAMED haha u cant evin get an accunt u fukin looser! i bet u dont even FUKING KNO ANYTHING ABOUT SHIT SO FUCK U! I AM BADASS U DONT KNO ANYTHING SO FUC OVV OK! u fukin bitch fuker arr DUNT U FUCKIN DISS KATI.! AND WHOEVA SAD DAT SHE DOESNT EXIST FUCK OFF U DONT KNO SIT SHESS MY GF SO FUCK U. AND FUK U SPANISH PERSON! ok so anyway my weekdn was sutper sitty agaian got my pranets r so fuckin stupid losers tey dont kno anying like all u fukin flamers u kno what dey made ne do they made me go to death valley park GOID SO FUCKING BORING WHO GIVES A FUCK! it wus hoit and didnt fuking matter it was JUST A DESSSERT AND ROCKS what a bunch if shit.!1!11! fuck u mom and dad u fcking suk! AND HEY STOP SPAMMIN WITH COCK U FUKIN FAGG oh and yeah this chapter is kind of scary so i dont want no pussy fuking girls complainin about it u fucking pussy hores!

ok so heres da next chapter and its my longest yet its gr8 k


we wur in da hungle still and it was rainin so we kept walkin thu the junkle but den i remembrd i had a teleportion powe r so i used that and we were in msdaras layer. "wat r u doing here u stupid morons! doth shant not be here!" he said all da gurls were scared but i wasnt becuz i was a man and men dont get scared but gurls do the girls were cryin and screamin theu were so horrifed they ddint kno what 2 du so i blasted madora and he fell over "what hath u done" he said i "will killest thou!" he roared "u will die tonigt fucker fag and i will fuk ur bitches cunts!" den all of a sudden TALIANA! cam oit " i will fucketh there pussys 2! we will both fuck the cussies!" the girls fainted those stupid dumb whores so our baggle began i culdnt not belivethat TALIANA hd bertrand us! but she said "ronan i still luv u nd want 2 fyuk ur big gigantic cock eventhoguh it scartes me" she said sexily and so i walked iup 2 her and puled out my cock and she suked it we fucked so hard she screamed by dick was so fuking big how xould she handl dis shit it was so fuking big this fuking whore hurt wtf. and then i pulled out da sord of takahura abd vegan 2 fight madara he screamed he was so scared my sword was so huge and he didnt hav 1. i sliced his head off but it grew back and hgis other haed flew at me sayibg "i will get u fuckhead and shall kill thy !" and his head flew bak onto his body as badara began 2 fight me again he was so mad and angry ND SEXY taliana svreamed dont u kill him u fucking loser bitch or i will kill u madaro !" "u betrying bitch how the fuck do uy dare do this shit 2 me i will kill u u fucking cunt skank"

a s i ran over though his layer i stabed him with my sword and blod as weverywhere and he flew away. our fight is over but the battle has jusy negim u cunt1!1" and he flew aay. TALINA LOoked at me sexily i want 2 fuk u she said snad we fuked becus we won da batle but then her eyes grew bla "i hav e secret ppwr nobody knows about except u i will use it and we will defeat madraa 4 good he will die!" i also had a ppwr i said we can fight 3ghther 2 dafet him he will be murder dby us! den all of a sudden i began 2 float and blu light sorrounded me and al of a sudden a voice came and said "u r the chosen 1 2 efeat madara along with taliana and it is also fortild that sakura taliana and mandy will mary u and u will fuk da pussy all day" as i floted the blu light blinded taliana she was blinded FOREVER "i luv u ronan but i cant see u wat have u done i still loveu though ok" she said and we WENT HOME

mandy and sakura were jealous of me and talian but then taliane cam in2 tha room and said wat r u talking about u fuking sluts and ron!an? U WILL NOT TAKE HIM HE IS MIND I NEED AND DEPEND ON HIM ALLWAYS! "o yeah well bitch i bet i can fukin kick ur ass " oh i bet u cat WHORE said taliana dn then it was raining and they went outside and fought and so did mandy it was muddy and their shirts got wet showing thwier giant fuing tits nad milking nipples it wa so i hot i jhacked off 2it and came in the mud and they roled in it so they rolled in my com and they were so horny from the fight mud and cum was in their clits and then taliana said i luv u mandy and sakur u want 2 fuk and they did Teliana put mandy and skaura in her pussy and used them as a didle and then she asked them 2 put spiked anal beads in2 her nd they said yes they fuker her with tha anal beads and she poured cum from ger cubnt and they took a shower in it because she is 2 feet tall and then sakura nd many both came and talana drank the cum from their pusseyes she sqeezed it out of them it was do sgood it tasted like strawbreys. iim yr cum tasts good u fukin whores and then they all fell in2 tha mud but i was hrd again so i cumd on them again and they luved it. they groped my huge musled and sad "o ur so sexy ur a man a real mnean nut a fuking fag or a girl mmm ur cock is huge and u have such giant muslces nd ur very smart please we luv u" and then... TALAINA TOOK OUT A RING AND PRO[OSED! "rona i luve y and sakura and mandy lets gegt maried" WTF TALANA MEN R SUPOSD 23 PROPMSE NOT FUKIN DUMB BITCHES! she was so sad and cryed all night and day and they all did becus i said no but tha next morning i said yes and gave them my owb ribg and thre out ralianas. we wur gong to get maried but then all of a sudden madara showed up but then he left and we started 2 plan r weddung

ok so THAT WAS CHGAPTER TNE I KNO IT WAS SCARY AND DIFEREWNT AN RRALY ORIGINAL BUT DONT FLAME FUCKER DONT FUCKING FLAME11! THANKS KATIE 4 THA IDEAS AND 4 THAT FUCKIN HOT BITCH TALIABA GUYT I WANT 2 FUKING FUCK HER BIG TIGHT PSUSY! and hey everybody i might make a poll here so u betta all fuin vote if ai fucking do ok fucking fafs? good haha i knew u would and tanks fans 4 all tha luv and suport u guys send me in messgaes!

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