STUP SHPAMMING PIRTA MAN! an watecr otaku when i said budism i meant SHITNO and yes i knew abt that oter stuff too i jst 4got k! I KNO WAT DRAFON BALL Z IS! IT WAS MY FAVRITE ANIME WEN I WUS A KID ITS GOOD. BT NOT AS GOOD AS NARTO anywayu fuck u fanficton polise u cant repirt my fanfic! im gona report u! same wit u gramr poilce!me u dont mo wat ur talkin botu thtat is from a fan her name is melisa shes hut too. watevr nerd5510 speling doest matter anywa so fuk u. STIP CALING ME TARA MY NAME IS JAKE. and unamed i kno it was world war II dats wat I said! no my dad fred wont end up in jail hes a cup and u dont kno anyting abt law so fuk off! and now 2 u dragonhitler,,,, I DUNT NEED SPELCHEK SPELING DUSNT MATTER ANYWA SI WHO GICS A FUKC AND DIS IS MY STIRY I CAN SAY WATEVR I WANTQQQQ1 AND DA SAME GOES 4 GFLAMERS I CAN RESPOND 2 U BECUS ITS MY STORY AND I CAN RAT IT WATEVER I WANT 2!11! AND 4 THA REST OF TGA STUFF THIS IS MY STORY I CAN WRIT IT HOWEVR I WANT SO FUCK U DRAGONHUMPER! lol did u get dat? haha fuck u! oh ya! and ther r lots of 13 yr olds who like 2 fuk hst go 2 yaho answrs and see we do it becus we r mature so fok uff! BUT LIKE I SDIA IF U R GOIBG 2 ASWER MY ATUORS NOTS AT LEST RED MA STORY AND TLK ABT IT! I BET U RNT EVN READING IT ITS 2 HARD 4 U 2 AND U GUYS JST DONT KNO HOW AWESOME IT IS!

ok so katie wint be updating her fic 4 a wile she says it takes her a long time 2 cum up wit stuff lol wat i dumpazz luv u tho gurl!

anyway so me my mom and dad and my borhtas mattew london and benki went on a trip 2 oregon wtf that shit was SO BORING! we wne t 2 da beach and craetr lake who cares i can fnd all dt stuff here in californa11! we also went hiking in da forst who gives a shit abt dat and we also went 2 lasen vulcano park jst a bunch of SHIT! me mattthew and landon were so fraking borded of course stupid benji liked it fucking nerd loseer. anyway im nut grunded anymore but katie still is! wft r wrong wit her parntes dey say she neds real sevre punishment 4 wat she did! FUCK U JENNA AND WATEVR HER DADS NAM IS...

anyway so heres chaptr 17!

CHAPter 17: ? note: nme dis cahpter later

so we met that night at a stadium and i began 2 sing "FUCK YEAH SUCK MY DICK FUCKING WHORE MMM MMM YEAH I WANT MORE!" then she sang her dong "OOH BABY I NEED YOU O LOVE U UR THE ONLY MAN FOR ME AND I WANGT U" it was a stupudy girly song and madera loved it becus hees a fag. "well the winner of the contest is of course robab" yelled the presentr. and evr1 chered by aliana was so angry she stabed the presentr and threw him to madra who ate him. UUUUU! JOIN US! NOW! U WILL NOT WIN! she yelled at us byut i hit her with a guitar and then started 2 fuk her with the guitar "mmm oh yea fuck me ronan mmm" she said as it slamed in2 her the pussy lips hitti g it "ohh ohh yeah" sakura came over and farted on talanas face and talan sniffed it in "oooh mmm it smells so good give me MORE" and tsakyra ate a burrito and farted so much talana almost died. everyobody int eh audience loved us and they ahd put their lighters in the air "we luv u ronan!: yelled the girls in the audience all the girls jakced off to me fucking talian and sakura farting then sakura came and queefed in my face then she openbed up her butt 2 the audince and all the girls came and sniffed sakuras farts some were wet 2. and finally taliana cummed and i slammed my guitared down and it broke in2 a miulon peces. "WE R ROCKSTARS FUCKERS!" then i punched talana and threw her away. madra went aftr her and me and i ate skuras pussy out so hgard she bled and the audiente cheered at us. i hit sakura in the eye with my cock and she looked in2 my dick as i cummed it poured on her face and then i showd my didck 2 the audience "OMG ITS SO HUGE!" "CUM ON US NOW!" and i did the whole aduence was soaked in creany cum and then sakura let one last fart out and we left the stage.

wen we left the stag we went bakstage and drank ltos of beer and and alcahol nd stuff and did coke and heron n weed n stuff 2. we were so high and drunk we fel asleep and wen we woke up... we werent back stsge anyemore!1! we were in madoras layer "what hav u done!" i yelled to madari and taliane clucked " we have kidnaped u dont u see u foolish fool! " and den madore said "u r tha kee 2 destraying the wrld we must use u 4 it! " "NO U WILL NUT!" i yelled and then sakura cam 2 me "hes right! u will not use him u will hav 2 kill me 1rst!" "fine den, BITCH" said sakurs evil twin talani and she cut her head off! sakura was dead!

"BOOOOOOOOOOO!" I ylled " FUCK U AND THEN I STABBED HIM AND BLOOF BOORED FROM HIM LIKE A WATEFALL! "ahhhh owwwww oooh eeeeee ahhh!" he yelled then i look back and it turnd out sakura was ok. then he knocked us out! wen we woke up were were chained and maroda told us that we wre working 4 him now and we were we had to pick rice in fields (becus dey eat a lot of japan in rice) tehre were lots of other workes they were madroas and tilanes henchmen "muahahahhahaha he love doing his work madra is our leader and so is dat fuking hot bitch talina!" said one of them i said fuk u but ur right taline is hot. then madra came in 2 tha field room and yelled at us "RAHHHHH! U 2! WUT HAVETH U 2 DON!" he said and then pickd us by our ears and took us away 2 his office. " cum sit down" he said "ur work in tha fields has been ungood so i must fire u and then chop of ur heads and eat u." he then pickd iup a midget who workd in tha field and the midget yelled "NOOOO! HELP ME! HELP MEEEEEEE" and then mafara ATE HIM!

"NOO NOOO! RONAN DONT LET THAT HAPPEN 2 US! SAVE ME!" so then i punchd magora and he fell through the glas in his orifice that overlookd tha rice fields and then we ran otu tjat door thru the stairs and kept runing but then sakyra triped and was left behind so i ran bak 2 get her! "heelp! help! i cant get up! help me ronan! so i did and then we ran away from his layer and he started 2 chase us! U SHALL DESTROYETH THY WORKD IT IS UR DESTONY U FUCKTARD! i knew he was right i was going 2 destroy tha world soon but wen i didnt kno so we kept runing and runign and we were runing thru that woods then an evil monster showd up!

the mosnetr it was like a dragon but ugly and stupid and roared at us. "MUAHAHAHA! U HAV FALLETH IN2 THA TRAP IDIOTS!" yelled madra from behind. then mosnta roared and sakurs screamd "its ok baby ill protect u" i said as she held on 2 my pecs and big arm muscles and shit, all of a sudeen blue light shown from he and i turned in2 my dragon form and fot the fat dumb dragon who yelped in pain as i beat him 2 deth then i turned bak into my human form and said "he is dead it is ok sakura u can stop crying no" "NOOOO! MY CHILDDD! U HAVE JILLED MY CHILD! U SHALL PAY, RONAN AND SAKYURA!" so we started 2 hav 2 run again and he and taline startded 2 run after us we were runing as fast as we could and he was shooting his powers at us sakurs almost gut hit but is saved her and so did i almost got hit but i didnt so it was ok then i saw tht talian had flown over us so she landed in front of us! wee were corned! "NO! RONAN WAT WILL WE EVER DO?" asked sakura "I DONT NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" i yelled as the evul skuyra twin taliana cackeld and smiled cruely at us as she cam closer ready 2 kill. madara was behind us 2! we were fnished!



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