Rona Wins Da Tourment!

ok djuglewilamking i red sum of dat but wetf r u evn talin abt? i wuldnt want 2 hav sex wit shep nd i don hav a sitser so.../ nd HEY UR N IMPSOTR UR NOT MY MOM I TINK ACTULY ILL ASK MY REL MOM WEN I C HER NXT BUT I BET UR NOT!

anyw so its term 4 tah nxt chaptr nd its gona b a GR8 ND SPOCKING 1 ! ull nevr gues how its al gona ind in dis cha[ptr! HER ITIS


dat nexus morin i wok up nd teh cuncil came in "HELO RONA ITS MORNIN SO GTETHE FUK UP NOW ASHOLA!" "ok ok IM GETTIN up!" nd i got dresd nd teh 2 girls gaspd at mu gifanbic dick tey wisprd 2 eahoter "omg wow look at dat!" nd tey bot twistd eachoters nickels nd a littl bit of milk sqeuzd on tere shirst. so den we left teh bunk rom nd as we walkd i culd c pusy juic dripin from the graman woman nd da bruents skrits it dripd so much dat oi tripd on sum nd bangd my hed "OU GODAMIT U WHORS I KNO U FINK IM HOT BU DON FRIP SO MUHC CUNT JUIC DAT U MAKE ME RTIP!" "sorry but we cunt (joke haha) help it so fuk off N OW KEEP AWN WALIIN!" sad the bron ahired woma nd i was taken 2 a rom nd da councl opend a dor reveldin a dark borley lit plac nd teh all 2gethr kickd me in2 it wif teir legs! i land on ma face "oo wher am i" nd i stod up it turnd ot i was da sam desrt i had ben in b4! the tirercom cae on nd it was the redhoaired man"yes rona dis is wher ur final chalgne will b! exc pt now thers no quicksnd or leves nd stuf ok? insted u mus rescu 2 woman u luv! fist u mst sav entis bady from bein destoryd 4EVR nd ten us must sav SAKURA!" i gaspd! "U BRUGHT HER BAK?" "yes muahah! we did! sh is no longa n xtian nd bak 2 her sexy self but riht now she is TID 2 A TRAIN TRAK THINGY N IF U DON=T SAVOR HER A TRIN DAT LOOKS LIEK A SNACK WIL RUN HER OVA! shes got no time 2 suvive so mak ur time!" i scremd in angry "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" nd fistly ran 2 sav dem bofh!

"HOLE ON ANTI ILL SAV U 1ST! i ran 2 a rin of flams nd her body wa sin da midle of it! the ring of flamez was geting closr 2 her nd was gona swalow her nd burn her 2 a crips! "GET BAK U FUCKIN FLAMERZ!" i sad (lol bet u fuckrs dint get dat 1!) nd i strated 2 glow nd so i went in2 my blu eys whit drgaon form nd blew my blu flams out on at the regula flams so thos flams were blon awa by min. i pickd u[p entis body nd put it in my pokcet nd ten i saw whow as guinidin da flames IT WAS MADROA! "ROARRRRRRRR MODRA ROARRRR U GONA GTFO!" so i pickd him up nd thre him thre the door nd he lnded in front of teh counil "gar u sutpid fool! hes winnin!" teuy yelld at him.

aftr i had goten atni i lookd ovr nd saw THE TRAN RACIN TORWARD SAKUR! "HELPO RONA RELP! I CANT RET OUT!" nd ten i lookd ovr nd saw da evil fatass susaka was drivin tha snake train ting nd laffin evily cuz he was gona kil skura! "MUAHABAHAHA!" he clackled as teh trin got gloser nd its snake head eys glowd red wen i saw dis i GOT SO MAD I WENT IN2 A NEW FORM ID NEVR BEN IN2 B4! IT WAS BLU EUYS WHIT DRAGON BVUT A DRAKER BLU ND I WAS NOW 100 FEET TAL! "ROAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR" i raored nd pickd up teh train nd threw it far way "AHHHH! HELP WHERM I GOINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" saskue yelld as his tripl chin higld cuz hes ugly nd fat haha "HOP UR HAVIN A NIC FLIGHT FATFUCK!" i yelld at him in my deep sexy drgaon foice. ten i untid skuyra nd took atni ou of my picket nd wen bak 2 my norma size. "omg yes rona u savd me thank u1!" "im so glad ur bak 2nnormal!" i sad so we wer getin redy 2 go 2 the dor out but lookd and THER WAS A MAZE IN R WAY! "oh no how r we eva gona get out ronan!" she askd "i hav nd ide" so i wnt bak in2 my bluy eys whit drgon form nd blew a fir hole thru the mase sow e just walkd thru the hole 2 the dor. "ronan ur suh a genus!" she sad "i luv u" she sad 2 "i luv u 2" i sa dbak. nd ten we wnt thru the door nd i aounced "HAHAHA XTIAN FUCKRS I HAV FUCKIN 1! U LOS!" tey were all anty nd got out ther papr magicla fans "DATS IT RONAAAANNNNN!" tye all yeld 2gethr but then i sad "WAIT LOOK BEHIN U!" "whaaa?" tey all lookd behind tem nd i grabbd teh revivla juice they usd on saruka so i culd brin bak atni nd ten i ran wit her body njd sakura runin bejind me as we RAN OUT FO TEH CUNCILS LAYER ND IT EXPODED HUGLY! (tho the cuncil nd madra nd ssuske werent ded yet duh) nd ten i telporded me and skura nd entis body 2 tha doko nd i gav atni teh jice nd she was al like "I AM ALIV AGAIN! THANK U RONAN! ND OMG WHO IS DIS WHOT BITCH CAN U FUK HER/?" nd we all FUCKED.


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