Aremica Talks Ovr Shimobi!

ok prolbem tanner listn im not kiling any1 there jst gong 2 jail xcept 4 modrn musicans tey all die in the story. religon is evil becius its casued evry war evr nd is rong nd has kill bilions! modrn music is bad becus i dont like it nd evry1 in modrn music has no talent! at lest u got tha second part right tho becus u c ronans cum is super porfweul like him so it culd do dat OK DO U C ND/ now 2 U GIBGOB! om listn im not ratics agins germands but germny has don lots of evil stuf!1 tey usd 2 b rely xtian nd the nazis eer xtian nd racist becus xtinaity cased rcaism! besids germas r white u cant b racit 2 whits duh besids im whit so HOW CULD I B RACIT 2 OTER WITES DONT U KNO SHIT? NUP I GUES NOT!


now 4 tha story!


"u ppl r fuking monstrs1!1" i scremd at tem but tha bron hoared woma cam up 2 me nd sad "yea well u look lik i poopd out pinweel!" "Wtf das dat evn men?" "ur 2 stupiod 2 kno hahahahhaah!" nd tha councl nd tha us persodient laufhed

me as if i was dumb BUT IM NOT STUPID OK FUCKS? vyt teb tha bron harird woma becan 2 sing "TOMORR 2DAY ALWSY ANOTER WAY!" but i slappd her so sh would stop she was singin a horibl synthesixr song 2 try 2 kbock me out! "FUCK U BITCH!" i ran 2 my rom in teir hedquarts nd punchd tha wlls and broke mirors nd stuff. ten i remmbrd i had 2 fignt 4 skura so i mannd up nd got redy 2 go down bak 2 help tem but not b4 a rote sakura a luv poem it gos like dis: "roses r red violas r blu iv got a hug fuking dik nd hey u natsy slut i fucin luv u!" nd i sent it 2 her nowin shed luv it. (when skrua got tha lettr it was so hot she luvd it so muc she crid like the litle bitch she is ten she shovd it in2 her cunt nd jakcd herself off wit it!) ten i wen down staird 2 tha cuncil. "ok u ashols wats on ur scedule 4 2DAY?" "were gona help bild fatsfod resturants! tat rnt in n out remembr?" "oh yeah jes wtf anya ill hepl i guess." i sad nd so we elft 2 go buld tha fast good resturnats.

all of shobini had goten fast rooof restrnats put in tem nd evry1 was bein forcd 2 eat them ahgin so ow ervy1 was gettin FAT AGAIN! i was horrifd. "god wtf! look all dese ugly fat whors now! ill nevr b abl 2 fuc these bithcs!" "zhat is tha voint vronan ,muahahahahhaa" saud tha germa woma. then she cot a gall on her cumotuneactr watc nd it was the us prsodent! "heli coubcikl its TIME 4 FASE 2 MYAHAHAHA!" "YES! MUAHAHAH" tey all laffed 2geter! "WAT IS FASE 2?" u askd "we r gona paint all of tha buldins WIT THE AMERICAN FLAG!" sad the red haird man nd ten the germa woman sad "und ten vee vill vo vase hee!" "wats fgase 3?" "u shall vind vout svoon!" she said nd tey all lahged 2gehter agin! so tha cincul recitd someting from tha bible nd all of a suden i was parlyzied by the words nd tha whole of soboni was now painted redwhite nd blu wit stars nd stropds! "NOW 4 FASE 3! AHAHAHAHAHHEEHEHEH!" nd tha germa woman recitd from the bible agin nd i was paruzued again! ten all of a suden nazi flags were evry1hwere! "myahahahahha!" she laughed. "IT IS NOW TIM 4 FASE 4!" "AND WHAS FASE 4?" "we r goin 2... reles all tha modrn music fans! nd tha xtians! from tha jails! nd every1 else will be killd! includin ppl of oter races nd gays!" "no u cant do that! i men ew guys having sex wit eachoter is so gross nd i dont like it becus IM STR8 but u cant kill tem! ND THE MODEN MUSIC WTF? NO!" "YESSSSSSSSSS!" siad tha bron haired woman! nd tey all laufhed evily!

all of tha jails opend nd tha xtians came out nd so did the modern music fans nd modern misuc statd 2 balre all across the city nd it hurt me so much i was so wek becus of it ten they started 2 roun up evry1 who wasnt a fat xtian capitlist nd white nd put tem in concrtarion camps 2 kill evry21. "all 4 r utopia nd for americ! huahahahhaa!" "no! tose r my ppl will i evr c dem agin?" "o ves! u vill! vont wory... vey jost vont vant 2 C U VEN U C DEM AGIN! HAHAHAHA!" laffed nd said the german woman. "what do u men?" "ull z!" she sad. tey al laffed agin nd then huge scren was erected in font of tha giant new nazi curch in shoboni squar nd on tha scren was the us pesident reciting bible qots!" "this is HORIBLE Y AM I HEPLING U!" "well u WANT SKURA ATNI ND NANOR 2 LIVE AFTR THA END RIGT?" sad tha bron hared woma "YES! but wait wat end?" "muahahahhaha aull c! its cumming soon!" so ten tha coincul went up 2 tha ginat scren nd sad "now that tha firt 4 fases have been c omplete wat abotu fase 5 nd 6 nd 7 mr prsendt." "we shal begin fase 5... NOW!" "YESS MUAHAHAHA1! U R A GOOD PAWN 4 R PLANS MR PESIDNET!" "INDEED I AM MUAHAHAH1!" nd tey lafed 2gether as all fo asuden a force field was put arund tere evil utopya. "y do u need a forcfeld?" i askd. "muahhaha! rona! ull find out very soon tha dend of tha nex chaptr in fact! MUAHAHAHHAA!" kaughed tha brown haird woma nd we went bak 2 tha hedwqurts.

later dat nigt i thot evry1 had went 2 bed but i was sneking arund tha hedwuarts nd... tha council was talkin! "hmm it seems its ben locatd!" sad the gray hired man."yes yes shuld we go get it now?" sad the red haired man. "NO! we must find out how 2 destoy it firts! nd of cours, we muts also wait 4... u no... muahahahahah!" siad the bron haired woman "oh yes VE THOO VOW! VUAHAHAHAHAH!" laffed tha germa woman. "but what abot rona... will it kill him 1nc it hapns?" askd tha red haird man. "no sadly. we mus kill him 4 ourselvs! but onc hes out of way we can brainwash skura atni nd nanor, nd we can have all tha new shobobi citzens that r left star 2 fuk once tere married so tey will have babies becus SEX IS ONLI 4 AFTR MARRIAG ND 4 MAKIN BABIE MUAHAHAHAHA!" laffed tha brown haird woman nd tey all alffed with her! i was in shok! what as going 2 happn? how wuld it happn? C THA NEXT CHAPTR WERE WELL GET CLOSE 2 THA TRUTH ND THA END!

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